Artwork – 100% Prince Tribute


Loving this Prince Mix by Artwork that aired on Rinse last week. It’s been beautiful seeing all the tributes pouring in from the most respected artists and producers worldwide and my twitter feed has been Purple all week, just wish it would 4ever remain Purple but that’s already beginning to fade as the days go by since his untimely demise.

Also wish that this sort of appreciation had occurred much, much more whilst he was still alive.

The great thing about this and any other Prince Mix for me is that it doesn’t just focus on all the tunes everybody who has a passing flirtation with Prince already knows. It includes a lot of his lesser known material from the late 70’s and early 80’s which I think is far more interesting when you’re a Prince nut.

Props 2 artwork for such a groovy mix. How long it stays up is anybody’s guess and so catch it while you can:

Sci-Fi Mix : Space Dimension Controller


Great Sci-Fi mix here that dropped on The Wire.

Starts off with some dialogue about the cult 80’s movie “Escape from New York” and carries on in that vein taking along the way cues from Sci-Fi soundtracks and music inspired by such and penultimately with a f**cked up version of the Love theme from Bladerunner. This is an interesting 40 minutes floating in deep space.

Here’s what The Wire said:

As his moniker might suggest, there has long been a science fiction element to the work of Space Dimension Controller – otherwise known as Belfast based producer and DJ Jack Hamill. His full-length debut Unidentified Flying Oscillator (Acroplane Recordings, 2009) hinted as much, while its follow-up Welcome To Mikrosector-50 (R&S, 2013) was a fully fledged interstellar concept album following the attempts of galactic swashbuckler Mr 8040 to return to his home planet.

Hamill’s new album Orange Melamine features material recorded in early 2008 – when Hamill was only 18 – onto a batch of unopened and degraded 1970s pyral cassette tapes. “A lot of the drum sounds were created from scratch in some granular programs and putting them onto the tapes really changed the sound of them,” he says. “Every track in each track was recorded separately onto one of these tapes at double speed and 200 per cent pitch, then the tape was recorded back into the DAW at half speed. Looking back at it now, I can’t believe how patient I was when making this album. It really took a long time.”

Note: Space Dimension Controller mysteriously declined to provide a tracklist for his exclusive 40 minute foray into deep space…




Prince's Final Piano & Microphone Show : Live at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta


A recording of the Beautiful One’s final show has surfaced on the internet.

I was in 2 minds about sticking this up given his hatred for this kind of thing but Prince needs to be heard, this is magical and heart-breaking.  He even does my personal all time favourite Prince track “Girl” which holds a lot of sentimental value to me.  As far as I’m aware he has rarely performed this track before.  The quality of recording isn’t brilliant but any Prince is better than no Prince.

Here’s what the uploader says:

Dearly Beloved: Fans mourn and reflect on Prince’s last concert in Atlanta…ncert-in-atla-82233

No one imagined that it would be the last time Prince would perform, when they saw him during his stop in Atlanta last week, April 14, 2016, after a 12 year hiatus. Prince’s “Piano and a Microphone” tour was a flawless display of his artistry. Like the show’s title suggests, it was just him, his piano and a purple strobe light beaming down as he played. The backdrop was a screen with illustrations of various images of the artist that dissolved into a collage of his various looks and album covers through the decades.

Prince was a vibrant example of genius who negotiated both God and sex into his music as never seen before. His songs were a blend of prayer and foreplay. He made spirituality and sex coexist – as they should.

Prince was magical.

Prince was a free man.

Fans witnessed this display of freedom when he played his last two shows at 7pm and 10pm at The Fox Theatre, downtown Atlanta. Both were sold out. He poured his heart out in an intimate setting with no band and no backup singers – only his free Black-self donning a natural Afro.

“The setting was intimate and it was an amazing event,” commented Marla Pruitt, a motivational speaker and accountability coach.

“The opportunity to see him live and performing alone was life changing. The image of him sitting at the piano will be forever embedded in my brain,” she said.

That evening, as he played a 90 minute medley of songs from his iconic catalog, he discussed, love, relationships and social issues. He also reminded the crowd that #BlackLivesMatter. Throughout the show he made several references to his pending memoir about his life. Upon hearing the news of his passing, fans expressed disbelief.

“It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the legendary, iconic performer, Prince Rogers Nelson, has died at his Paisley Park residence this morning at the age of 57,” said his publicist Yvette Noel-Schure.

On social media the sentiments poured out across the virtual world.

@FrankWrenn: “One week ago today, I was excited to see Prince perform at the Fox. No one could know that his Atlanta performance would be his last”

@IamRickyChin: “Prince did Marley’s waiting in vain in his last performance. Piano only.”

While fans were told not to snap photos or record videos some were able to capture a few images and shared them online during the show and then again one week later with their expressions of grief.

Actress Holly Robinson Peete tweeted, “In Atlanta now where Prince performed his last show. My heart is shattered. Cannot process.”

One of Prince’s final tweets immediately after his Atlanta performance reads: I am #transformed

We too are transformed “your Royal Highness.” So are we!


• When Will B Paid
• The Max
• Black Sweat
• Girl
• I Would Die 4 U
• Baby, I’m a Star
• Ballad of Dorothy Parker
• Dark
• B-side Song (Indifference)
• I Love U But I Don’t Trust U
• Little Red Corvette
• It was a non-stop onslaught of songs;
• Dirty Mind
• Linus and Lucy (The Peanuts theme)
• back to Little Red Corvette
• Nothing Compares 2 U

Encore 1

• Cream
• Black Muse
• How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore

Encore 2

• Waiting In Vain (Bob Marley)
• If I Was Ur Girlfriend
• back to Waiting In Vain
• back to If I Was Ur Girlfriend

Encore 3

• Sometimes It Snows In April
• Purple Rain (the crowd goes nuts)
• The Beautiful Ones
• back to Purple Rain
• Diamonds & Pearls
• back to Purple Rain



Nguzunguzu Drop Perfect Lullaby Vol. 3 & Buy Perfect Lullaby Edits


Nguzunguzu are massive and have been one of the most respected production teams in Dance Underground circles for some years but mainstream success has thus far inexplicably eluded them. I’m quite sure it won’t stay that way for too long. I certainly hope so anyway.

Their new Perfect Lullaby Mixtape, Volume 3 dropped a few days ago. Slept on it as I’ve been too consumed with trying to overcome the demise of my beloved Purple One. I rarely ever get emotional about these things in public but this one is really unavoidable and I can’t help it.

Anyway, the Perfect Lullaby is the best Mixtape series of the past 5 years, it’s simply GENIUS. They kicked off with the first volume in 2011, at least a few years before the Zouk, Tarraxo, Kizomba interest had hit the dance underground and so they were way, way ahead with that.

Volume 2 dropped in 2014 and now 2 years later we have Volume 3. It fills me with great pride to see many artists on this mixtape who we have either featured/been introduced on the Generation Bass blog and also released on our digi label. Artists like, Dj Paparazzi, Nindja, Willy G, Dj Express and Dj Bebedera.

The new mixtape follows the trend of the past 2, gorgeous, glorious and gigantic mind-blowing and beautiful Tarraxinha, Zouk & Kizomba tracks and edits fused with American RnB. Many of the edits are by the production duo and it’s always a delight to hear Asma’s voice in these recordings, she has such a humourous twang to it.

This is the mixtape of the year, beautifully put together and absolutely ESSENTIAL listening.


Art of Noise- Moments in Love (MA tarraxo remix)
JB- Wifey ghetto zouk remix (ice twinz vocal edit)
Nindja- Una Mattina (reedition)
Drake x Dinamarca- 10 Elásticos
Spice- Snake Charmer
Anju Blaxx- Punjabi Riddim
Willy G- Angela
Dotorado Pro- African Scream kizomba
Hitmakerchinx- No matter what day say
Master Pi- kizomba nva era
Nindja- In the Air Tonight
Willy G/ Janet Jackson- No Sleep Tarraxa Xui Xui (Ma Mash up)
Dj Silva Vs. Neuza & Mika Mendes- Cinderela Remexe
Rvssian- Customer care
Dj Express- Drunk n Fuck Kizomba remix
Mr. Shada- Evolution (kk chop)
Dj BeBeDeRa/ Keyshia Cole- Massacre Guetto Zouk/ Changed my mind (MA edit)
Dj Express- Zoukstep samp
Dj BeBeDeRa/Bryson Tiller- Invencoes Malaises Exchange (Ma mash up)
El Xowan- Secreto Prohibido
Dj Paparazzi- Me Tarraxa Assim
Dj Paparazzi- Mi Ma Bo
Dj Dotorado ft Dj Babaz Fox- Tarraxo ki kuia
Dj dotorado ft dj babaz fox -tarraxo ki kuia vs trey songz oh nana
Uknown – Skynet kizomba vs mila j my main (NA edit)
Dotorado – me da? so? do quadradinho
Dj Willy G – Perfeito
Vybz Kartel – im sprung remix
Jeremih ft Ty Dolla Sign – Impatient (Florentino remix)
Arcangel De La Ghetto Sin Mucha Demora vs Dj Lilocox Tarraxo Electrico (rmx de DJ Maboku)
Elji Beatzkilla – Tarraxa Umm (refixed)
Nindja – Venha
Mariah Carey – boy i need you (NA tarracho edit)
Khaos – One Fuck
Rich Gang – Milk Marie (NA tarracho edit)
Yaviah – Sensual Bebe (NA tarracha edit)
Jhene Aiko – Worthy Kizomba – (Ma mash)
Bobby V – Take Control (NA Tarracha edit)
Deejay Gamboa – Nha Rainha 2015
Dj Bebedera – Tarracho Viva el Puerto Rico
Dotorado – Indian
Deejay Gamboa – Ana Kkkkkk
Tarracho Inc- Bittersweet Kizomba

Nguzunguzu have also announced a 12″ release of ‘Perfect Lullaby Edits’, courtesy of UNO NYC’s imprint NORELATION.



Perfect Lullaby Edits 12”
(NORELATION, May 15th)

A1. Yuki Koshimoto Tarrachi Exxelent
A2. Ashanti Salez
B1. He Is In My Harp
B2. I Run It / Swagger Barefoot


Dj Sissyfus – Børek På Oslo S


Dj Sissyfus is behind the brilliant Center Of the Universe who hail from Norway. You should recall we released his brilliant Transnational Skweee EP “Never Mind The Boreks” last month.

He has now dropped this MEGA mixtape incorporating the sort of material he plays out as a DJ. This takes in all manner of Transnational sounds from Skwee through to Arabic Pop, Indian, Persian, Albanian and Gamelan vibes and Electronic material.

Awesome mixtape which includes a Balkanized “Twin Peaks” which even out weirds David Lynch!

Booking: Sissyfus (at)!

1. Mesak – FAT Bellydancer
2. HOXARËN – Gabimet Paguhen
3. Ion din Dorobanți – mi-e pofta
4. Kanttoricoco – Haram Abi
5. DJ Delay – Baga Cumbia
6. Fløøød – Walms
7. Lazercrotch – Mar Mozul Mar
8. Zafer Dilek – Ateüine Yandćm
9. J Dilla – ?
10. Mohamed Hamaki – Fe Hodn Eneik
11. BHLB – Gamelan Rework
12. X.A.CUTE – Be One
13. Tøyen – India Pindia
14. Googoosh – Talagh (Alek Lee Edit)
15. Catani – balkan twin peaks

Khidja : 'Old Blue Opium Marzipan Mix'


Bucharest production duo, Khidja, who specialize in a psychedelic club sound incorporating sounds from all over have been on my radar for a while. I’ve dropped some of their tracks on my Desert Wave mixtape series and they are one of the more interesting production outfits out there making a “thinking man’s” club music that contains a progressive retro feel whilst sounding as though it’s come from the future.

Here’s an awesome, deep trippy mix they’ve laid down recently which provides an intro to their kind of vibe.


Sergio Ruiz (aka Stay Puft) and Enrique Gervilla (aka Broken Lip) founded BSN Posse in 2011 in order to share their common musical tastes and obsessions. Their music draws heavily from electronic bass music genres of the 21st century: Footwork, Grime, Jungle… without forgetting about soul, funk and hip-hop roots. The result of this blend is a high voltage sound recipe that can be appreciated in their vast catalog of EPs and album on Slime Recordings (UK), Car Crash Set (USA), Freshmoon (USA), Hyperboloid Records (RU)…
They have played at festivals such as Sónar (2014) , BAM (2014), ElectroSplash (2015) or MUTEK (2016) and have collaborated with RBMA or Boiler Room amongst others.



Art by Tropi Delia


Welcome to SEXXY SATURDAY CUMBIA April Edition with la Selva!

It´s almost summer here in Madrid and many other places, so people are getting up and ready to get it on! This calls for an excellent cumbia tracklist to bob along to, so here we go with this month´s selection.


THE SILLY TANG selected:

iLLBiLLY HiTEC ft. Sonido Satanas – Suena

The first track of this month´s Sexy Saturday cumbia is a total hit by absolute hit makers. I have had the pleasure of meeting Sonido Satanas and trust me these guys are the tits. It has also been a while following Illbilly Hitec and all I have for their productions is love and respect. They always produce amazing drum work, and this banger really shows mutual work between the two gangs.


Chucko – Cumbia Pal Body (Original Mix) [ClubSocialTropical]

An excellent Ep brought to us by Club Social Tropical. A very ragga orientated cumbia which drops into a wobble bass. For sure, a dancefloor killer and very tight post production. I had not come across these guys yet, so watch out they are on fire!


Meia-lua – Lord Breu (PRAGATECNO djs)

This is the 2nd time I post on this particular producer and I love the lineal but potent work he does. Lord Bleu ! Oh lord have mercy ! This is a grower and for a sure a very Dj friendly track. For anyone who loves progressive type music this is for you. Real nice track siir ?


Candeleros – Chicha y Wanton (Live Sala Juglar) (Tierra Candela)

Oye oye esos Candeleros ! Our mates Los Candeleros have put up this live version of their first hit single Chicha y Wanton. I particularly like this version as it ends on a sublime dubby outro. Big ups guys lovely live work.


Dazed Dog – Lao Lao

I absolutely love this type of crossbreed music making. Here we have a tight Chilean type intro that breaks into the weirdest and nicest bassline. Dazed dog made this tune free download, so I would suggest to jump on the occasion and grab a bargain banger !


Niggas In Paris Feat YEYO PEREZ (Remix ADRIAN ZA) (Kumbale)

Our brother from Pacha Mama familia, the one and only Secta Selecta brings the hit of this month for me. Featuring our good friend Yeyo Perez, this tune condenses two worlds. The world of Cumbia and the world of Rap music so well. I truly recommend you grab yourself a copy of this marvellous Ep.


Winick – No Comprendo

Our Russian friend Mr Winick loves his darker styles, and this is how we started chatting to each other. On this Ep he presents a proper hybrid of Cumbia which, in all honesty, could just be translated as Russian cumbia styling. Lovely production and very interesting ideas. Check it out !


Taiwan MC – What A Joy (Baja Frequencia remix) (Chinese Man Records)

Here we have the latest remix by the French southerners Baja Frequencia. It’s so hot, it’s very hard to handle ! Trust me daddy! From day one I loved almost all their productions and tracks, and they have gone all out for this DiskoDub Ep remix. Oh what a joy it is to hear this track on repeat 😉


Los Pirañas – Festival Festina Lente discos en *matik-matik*

To finish this month´s selection I wanted to include this live by Los Pirañas. Amazing group which could remind us of The Meridian brothers – or even Los Candeleros. I love the way their band sounds tight but at the same time very laid back. And the entire guitar part just takes me on many journeys ?



KAYGEE selected:

Lascivio Bohemia – Afro Andes EP (Edmoon Records)

EP of the month ?! EP of the year ?! If you haven’t heard it, get on it now ! I have had it on repeat for the past 3 weeks, at home, in my car, and when we play out ! Amazing ! I think the great thing about this ep is found in the length and progression of each tune: they never stop evolving, developing and surprising you until the end with new rhythms and broken beats. It’s a powerful experimental electronic trip into the deepness of the Andes ! add some stunning vocals, some Afro touches and a hint of bass and you’re there ! I could go on and on about this EP, I love it, so I simply recommend you hit play and enjoy the while lot. Big ups Edmoon Records & Lascivio Bohemia for this release !


Matanza – Existencia

Ok so this is clearly moving away from the traditional Cumbia, but I am sure a lot of you will enjoy these beautiful sounds as much as I did. Great new tune from Matanza: progressive, organic & tribal journey ! The vocals and the instruments are perfectly accommodated into this deep electronic surrounding. The production is so tight, as always. And to top it off, a remix by Nicola Cruz: proper crunchy business ! (that cowbell is wicked). You can feel his touch adding to the groove whilst keeping the original essence of the tune ! I’m a big fan ! This was announced as the first extract of Matanza’s forthcoming album “Existencia”, so keep your ears open for more sounds !


Lulacruza – Orcas Remixed Vol. 4 (Black Swan Sounds)

For those of you who read this blog on a monthly basis, you will know that it’s a pleasure for me every month to discover 4 new remixes of Lulacruza’s Orcas album (now on Vol 4 of remixes) The first one this month, in Montoya’s hands: boooom ! Proper deep underwater bass business ! So thick and profound ! I can’t wait to hear it on a big sound. That’s another wicked version of ‘Uno Resuena’ to enjoy ! Following a similar chilled vibe, but with less bass, hehe, there’s EVHA remix of ‘Lagunita’: it sounds acoustic and pure ! Really nice. As for Feathericci’s downtempo version of ‘El Agua Abarca’, I really enjoyed the progression in this one – with a nice housey drop half way through. Finally and with a different approach to the others, you can also enjoy a groove to Duke Mushroom’s electro/club remix of ‘Comandante’.


Santos – [10/2/1950]-[23/3/1994]

So this new Santos tune appeared a few weeks ago ! Hell YES ! It’s some kind of Psychedelic tropical spaced out experience ! It’s amazing ! The echoes, the highs, the space business, the fat bass, everything builds up to these amazing ‘Santos synths’ !


San Ignacio – Lo único que hay es el Amor Remixes (Sub Klub Recodrs)

I just about missed it when it came out last month: a really interesting release by San Ignacio, spreading the love, with 3 remixes. The tunes are all really different from one another, but really work together as a release. They go from San Ignacio’s deep eletrobass tropical vibe, to Relo’s chilled touch, to Black Mandingo’s tropical disco twist, finishing with a great dubby remix by Señor Chancho. Nice one !


Saudade – Bonga & Cesária Évora (Thomscat Remix)

I don’t really know how to classify this but that doesn’t matter, it’s a lovely remix, with a wicked progressive gentle beat slowly taking you all the way ! Lovin’ the vibes, even though I think this deserves to be enjoyed on a sunny beach, maybe in or very close to a hammock.


El Búho – The Day Is Mine (special mashup)

It seems that there’s always new tunes from El Buho to share with you guys, he never stops, so hear we go for this time, with a nice chilled ‘owl bass’ mashup, or more precisely: “A Saturday inspired mashup of a wonderful arpeggic 90s harp sample with some ghostly-sweet vocals, a bit more harp and a some swirling bass 🙂 “ as he says. I’m pretty sure this one would fit right in with the previous hammock possibility I just mentioned.


Cumbia de las Flores – Nochi & Jleon (Video Oficial) (Caballito)

You remember when we mentioned the wicked remix EP of Nochi & Jleon’s Cumbia de las Flores released on Cabaillito ? well here’s a brand new video for our pleasure. I’ve said it before but I really like seeing the visual aspect of things taking shape with today’s sounds ! It adds yet another approach and experience to the whole thing. And it’s true, we all love visuals


On another note, it seems that ZZK are launching something new, and it’s looking tasty: AYA RECORDS.

Please take a look and spread the word. Their work with ZZk has been and still is incredible & revolutionary, and i’m really looking forward to see what they have in the pipeline with this project. There are already 3 sounds that you can discover on their page: Mateo Kingman, Evha & Rio Mira.


Sauvage FM – Cumbia Tierrabomba feat. W (Studio Version) (Vlad)

Oh yes, and to finish off, here’s the badman Sauvage FM ft. W in a wicked studio version of ‘CUmbia Tierrabomba’ ! Big ups to these guys and what they bring to that part of France !


COCONUTAH selected:

Cholazo sound system – Cholazo

This is a stunning introduction to Cholazo sound system from Chile. A nice slice of psychedelic cumbia fully complete with swirling guitars, flutes, chopped up vocal samples, and a nice steady backing groove. The progression of instruments hits the spot and keeps the tune vibing right up until the very last beat, and contrasts with the more electronic drums. Boom tune!


Arrabalero – Llorando-en-monclova

The flavour of the month is definitely twisted and psychedelic as we follow on with a huge tune by Arrabalero. This is hypnotic cumbia trance and really takes you on a trip between the spacey synths, the rebajado vocals and the huge drum mix. You end up cumbia-lobotomised and slighty confused 🙂


Latin bass Mexico Records Volume 5


Another wonderful compilation from Latin bass Mexico Records, expect a variety of different flavours spread over 4 volumes. There´s enough music here to have a full blown rave and there some real nice cuts over the compilations. Check it out, get on the download and rave out! In the meantime, here are some choice cuts:


The Silly tang feat Itus – No Surrender

Huge tune from the Silly Tang featuring Itus, this is a cumbialist dub bomb ready to explode at any time. The intro is hypnotic, with a mix of trippy sounds, beautiful cwind instruments and drums that create an awesome cumbia atmosphere. When some bass drops you´ll feel it, this goes deep down into the deeper regions of bass with an awesome dubby flavour. Temazo!


Tropical Yisus – Volando

Volando by Tropical Yisus is definitely another trippy number. This is fast, body shaking tribal cumbia that will set the dancefloor alight. A pounding bass rides the rhythm whilst eery FX and noises stimulate the listener´s brain in strange places. Check it out!


Jhon montoya – Cumbia de red

Jhon montoya is on full form and as usual his music is very beautiful, and blessed with a sweet organic touch – Cumbia de red combines layers of guitar / charango riffs and solos with deep synths and some soft druims to great effect.


Thank you for reading – we hope you enjoyed the selection and look forward to next month´s even sunnier edition.


la selva LA design

FDM – Riddims from the Gods Vol.1 [Epic Cinematic Dancehall]


FDM is the new moniker of the Brooklyn based multi-talented broad oriented musician who has been an extraordinary hiphop artist for many years, delivering beats as well as vocals and lyrics. Additionally, he designs cover art and directs music videos, both for his own music and for others.

Under the alternative project name Immortal Instruments, he has been experimenting with dancehall riddims since back in 2009, many of which were  used at battles and one even caught the attention of Vybz Kartel and Popcaan. Now he rebranded his dancehall project into FDM, kicking off with an incredibly innovative pack of riddims dedicated to the Greek pantheon of gods.

‘Riddims From the Gods’ combines elements of epic cinematic music with earth shattering dancehall beats, hypnotising sci-fi synths and ingeniously selected samples from RnB & pop. The powerful style that results from it is an intense emotionally gripping experience from beginning to end. And this is only Volume 1…

>> BUY HERE <<


Follow FDM (Epic B):




Dj Doraemon – Apocalypse EP [FREE]

Dj Doraemon-t500x500

This artist from Portugal first caught our attention way back in about 2013 when he was about 15 years of age. His productions range from Tarraxo, Afro Beat and Kuduro through to Kizomba.

For this EP we’ve chosen some of his most brutal of tracks in a dark dystopian apocalyptic vein.

When we first heard these tracks, they just blew our minds with their immense power and unique sound. The tracks exhibit a raw, unpolished demo-like quality which we would not change for the world. They also demonstrate a maturity way beyond the 15 years of age of the producer when he made some of these tracks.

The brutal beauty of these tracks is further mythologized by the fact that pre-masters or wavs just don’t exist anymore as Dj Doraemon’s computer crashed and he also did not back up any of his stuff.

So we are left with just the unmastered MP3’s in 160kbps! You must think we’re mad but this fact didn’t deter us from releasing this EP because this is essential music that needs to be heard and which we must have on our label regardless of quality and bit rate. It also ties in with the way in which a lot of underground artists of African heritage actually drop their tracks without giving a f**k as to bit rate. Now that might mean an epic fail on a great sound system but paradoxically this is the real deal in many ways!

Over the 5 tracks Dj Doraemon creates distorted polyrhythmic beats interspersed with gun shots, sirens, bells that toll for thee, animated voices, crash cymbals, screams, groans and static interference. There’s a naiveté and doom laden atmospherics to create bleak yet enthralling imagery.

3 of the tracks belong to the Tarraxo genre whilst the latter 3 to Kuduro. This is a name to watch out for in the future but we couldn’t wait and so here he is in all of his rawness!

Dj Doraemon aka Ivan Lima is from Cova Da Moura, Lisboa, Portugal. He is now 18 years of age but started producing at the age of 10 after he saw a friend working in FL Studio 4. He feels he has developed his own style and vibe but also acknowledges that he so much more to learn.