A compilation very reminiscent of Muslimgazue and latterly Mutamassik has just dropped on Tobago Tracks label.

It’s been curated by Club Chai resident 8ulentina who you should be familiar with by now if you’ve been checking in on the blog this past 6 months. It features an all femme crew and includes fellow resident Club Chai Foozool and some of our other faves DJ Haram and Maieli.

As 8ulentina told Dummy Mag where the compilation has premiered they “wanted to curate something that centers a feminine perspective within the non western diaspora.”  They further go on to say that the compilation “approaches sound/noise experimentation and diaspora narratives from an expansive yet dismissive perspective. The producers on this compilation dismiss borders and boundaries set by western standards. It’s a sonic dialogue highlighting difference within the diaspora in resistance to generalisations and false notions of solidarity. The compilation engages with the internet and technology as tools for survival, platforms for our creative work and ways to connect and alter our respective sonic archives.”

Head over there to read the rest of the interview.

It’s an experimental compilation that kinda deconstructs club sounds and it ends up sounding like a soundtrack to an art house movie set in the non-western world.  It’s pretty jarring and thought-provoking and amounts to a bunch of sketches over the course of the compilation.  The only fully formed track is the one by Maieli that takes in Bollywood & Deepak Ram vibes underpinned by a Missy rap and that one is a personal highlight for me as I’m a sucker for melody. The Nargiz track is another stand-out for me with its epic Egyptian strings.

Although the compilation is not specific to any one geographical location, its primary sound is Middle Eastern with shades of Armenia, Turkey, India and American RnB thrown in too.

It demonstrates a great deal of promise to come from the featured producers and I love the way it turns expected sound collages of the non-western world on to its head and makes western listeners re-think their preconceptions.

As stated at the outset a huge debt is probably owed to producers like Muslimgauze and Mutamassik.  I think it would have been so fitting if the latter had also been featured on the compilation being both femme and one of the originators of this kind of expansive noise experimentation focusing on non-western samples and vocals.

Overall, a huge heads up, will be on constant rotation at UMB Towers for the forseeable future and watch out for all of these artists who are set to make a mark in the future progression of Transnational vybz in more ways than one.  Full support from the GB crew!

For those in the USA who are interested to hear more of this kind of sound and other crazy off-shoots be sure to check out Club Chai!

You can grab it all for just over a fiver, that’s around 60p per track!


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