Chuck Upbeat`s Far Eastern fascination continues! Now he unleashed a full album – a must if you like Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese or Korean traditional music, all wrapped in global bass vybez. A must even if you don`t. Check out why:



That`s what he said about the release:

“Welcome to the gorgeous world of Oriental sounds!

Oriental music is a true fire! If you have never tried this before, go and listen to it! It started from Howie Lee and his Chinese Beats and followed by many producers from all over Far East. And right now my own production.

8 tracks consisting of sounds from China, Japan, Vietnam, Korea. Incredible, gorgeous, fresh and absolutely sick sound, you’ve got to have balls to play this shit in clubs!

This is my style of Oriental Bass music, no compromises, no fake, just real sound coming from the culture – Gagaku, Pansori, Xam, Xian music and what not!”

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