Some things remain timeless as is the case with Skweee. To my ears this vastly underrated genre aka Scandinavian Electro-Funk still sounds fresh, much fresher than many genres that have come and gone since its inception.

Here’s a great mix I came across on Soundcloud via a repost by one of the originators in the Skweee scene Randy Barracuda. This takes in a lot of classic Skweee material and indeed the mix dates back to 6 years ago.

This mix demonstrates so much unrecognized potential in this brilliant genre. It’s a shame much more of this stuff is still not being made. Saying that you only have to go back to our most recent release by Center of the Universe which showcased a Transnational element to the genre.

Download link: www.mediafire.com/?numwowwz1m1

A mix by Allenheimer


Daniel Savio – Diamond Sutra
Rigas den Andre – Lines, Lines, Lines
Joxaren – The Lack-O-Motion
The Munchies – Double Whopper
Wankers United – Superfunky
Eero Johannes – Natt I Spårvagnen
Melkeveien vs. Nio – Tirsdag
Beem – Ducker
Rigas den Andre – Juicy Juice
Flying Lotus – GNG BNG
Easy – Hamada
Rabbi Bananas – New York Diamond District
Rabbi Bananas – Israel
Randy Barracuda – Rick James Is Dead
Randy Barracuda & Mesak – Adult Games
PJVM – Rubard Dream
Melkeveien – Melkeveien ft. Sagtann
Beem – The Famous
Eero Johannes – Leisi Elli
Randy Barracuda – Duck Butter
Eero Johannes – Katt Witt 700 Watts
Randy Barracuda – Shock the Plankton
Randy Barracuda – Love Axe/Heavy Metal


Most tracks can be found on these awesome releases:

Daniel Savio – Dirty Bomb (Flogsta Danshall)
Randy Barracuda – Randy Barracuda (Flogsta Danshall)
Rigas den Andre – Guilty Feet No Rhythm (Flogsta Danshall)
Various Artists – Skweee Tooth (Ramp Recordings/Flogsta Danshall)
Various Artists – Museum of Future Sound (Flogsta Danshall)
Various Artists – Museum of Future Sound 2 (Flogsta Danshall)
Randy Barracuda & Mesak – Adult Games (Harmönia)
Various Artists – International Skw*** (Harmönia)
Various Artists – International Skweee Vol. 2 (Harmönia)
Various Artists – Skandinavian Skweee Vol. 1 (Harmönia)
Various Artists – Skandinavian Skweee Vol. 2 (Harmönia)
Eero Johannes – Eero Johannes (Planet Mu)
Flying Lotus – Los Angeles (Warp)
Various Artists – Dødpop Vol. 1 (Dødpop)
Beem – The Future (Self-released)



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