Totally blown away by this forthcoming release on a new label from Bucharest named P-Balans which sets out to combine cosmic, progressive & psychedelic sounds with a Techno backdrop.

It’s from the amazing minds who are behind the Future Nuggets label and this is their new imprint. Here’s what they say about it:

“P-Balans is a new imprint in the Future Nuggets emerging constellation. A technodelia ramification within the Bucharest electronic scene that will host rising names like Khidja and Borusiade while introducing new characters like The Holy Fix and Utopus. Keeping the same strategies of fusion and diffusion as Future Nuggets, P-Balans will explore the space traversal to techno, entering and exiting the dark halls of the club through multiple doors.”

This whole EP opens up a brand new world of cosmic journeying and I’m vibing to this kind of sound big time!

You can hear some snippets from the impending release which is what I imagine Pink Floyd would sound like if they ever dare to foray into the dance world full-time:

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