We covered the first volume a few years ago and sadly we slept on the second volume which came out about a year ago.

“Future Nuggets was constructed by a group of Romanian producers, diggers and musicians in their search for a local psychedelic scene informed by the past but made for the times to come. Whether we unearth a jewel directly from the past or we manufacture our own present-day hybrids, we aim to explore the same universal sound skins and global grooves that have accompanied, seduced and finally formed our sonic psychic.”

The second volume is really spaced out, cosmic, psychedelic stuff which would beautifully augment the score for the forthcoming Bladerunner sequel.

I’m really loving a lot of this and here’s what they say about it.

Future Nuggets unveils its second compilation “Sounds of the unheard from Romania”. We bring to the surface another collection of intense tracks gathered from the contemporary margins of the international world, the deep south-east.

The border area has been as fertile as ever, the cross influences around the Danube ebbed to the shores of Bucharest and merged into a body with many names.  This is a new beginning in many ways but as always in the Outernational realm, the future is never reliable. Although the vaults of the periphery are endless they are out of sync with the music industry of today, so future archeologists are in for a treat with this record and others soon to be launched by Future Nuggets .

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