The Holy Fix first came to my attention via the cosmic, progressive & psychedelic Technodelia EP release on the Bucharest based P-Balans label.  The ‘Black Rubber” track by The Holy Fix on that release just totally blew my mind and I went searching for more stuff by him but couldn’t find anything until now.

A wonderful 2 hour mix described as “Mindgames for Clubfloors and Living Rooms.” 

Taking in everything from Deep Disco, Dub, Acid and Psychedelia, this is a blistering and totally captivating 2 hour journey.

The Holy Fix will get you there, bass driven, heavily dubbed and truly psyched out. Music for tormented souls and deep introspections. Stay tuned for upcoming releases.

I, for one, will most definitely be keeping an eye on this dude and I’m salivating at the mouth at the prospect of what this dude is going to be dropping in the coming year, it’s going to be MIND-BLOWING.

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