Dj Sissyfus is behind the brilliant Center Of the Universe who hail from Norway. You should recall we released his brilliant Transnational Skweee EP “Never Mind The Boreks” last month.

He has now dropped this MEGA mixtape incorporating the sort of material he plays out as a DJ. This takes in all manner of Transnational sounds from Skwee through to Arabic Pop, Indian, Persian, Albanian and Gamelan vibes and Electronic material.

Awesome mixtape which includes a Balkanized “Twin Peaks” which even out weirds David Lynch!

Booking: Sissyfus (at)!

1. Mesak – FAT Bellydancer
2. HOXARËN – Gabimet Paguhen
3. Ion din Dorobanți – mi-e pofta
4. Kanttoricoco – Haram Abi
5. DJ Delay – Baga Cumbia
6. Fløøød – Walms
7. Lazercrotch – Mar Mozul Mar
8. Zafer Dilek – Ateüine Yandćm
9. J Dilla – ?
10. Mohamed Hamaki – Fe Hodn Eneik
11. BHLB – Gamelan Rework
12. X.A.CUTE – Be One
13. Tøyen – India Pindia
14. Googoosh – Talagh (Alek Lee Edit)
15. Catani – balkan twin peaks

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