Loving this Prince Mix by Artwork that aired on Rinse last week. It’s been beautiful seeing all the tributes pouring in from the most respected artists and producers worldwide and my twitter feed has been Purple all week, just wish it would 4ever remain Purple but that’s already beginning to fade as the days go by since his untimely demise.

Also wish that this sort of appreciation had occurred much, much more whilst he was still alive.

The great thing about this and any other Prince Mix for me is that it doesn’t just focus on all the tunes everybody who has a passing flirtation with Prince already knows. It includes a lot of his lesser known material from the late 70’s and early 80’s which I think is far more interesting when you’re a Prince nut.

Props 2 artwork for such a groovy mix. How long it stays up is anybody’s guess and so catch it while you can:

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