I think this is one of my first blog posts since I heard of the passing of The Beautiful One. Haven’t wanted to listen to any music, feels like the end of a beautiful era.

But anyhow here is a mix direct from one of Prince’s Dj’s Dj Dudley D who says as follows:

In May 2015 during the “Dance Rally For Peace” party at Paisley Park I played a couple of Prince tracks right before and after he performed that were appropriate for the climate in the country and theme of the party. The next day I received a message that Prince wanted me to make a 30 min mix of his music that was “relevant to the times that are happening in our country at the moment.” After going back and forth with him and changing some things it ended up being twice as long he was happy. If you were not at the Baltimore concert you would not of heard this. I have posted it on Sound Cloud for all to listen. Share and enjoy.

Prince played this mix before his May 10th 2015 “Rally For Peace” concert in Baltimore.

Track List
Dear Mr Man
Sign O The Times
Undisputed (Moneyapolis Mix)
New World
The Future
We March
Act Of God
Family Name
When Will We Be Paid
Lovesign (Shock G’s Silky Remix)
Colonized Mind

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