Awesome new EP of Romanian music from Swedish Skweee pioneer Joxaren just dropped.

It focuses on Tallava or Talava, an oriental-sounding music genre originating in Kosovo but also popular in Albania and in the Albanian-speaking communities in the Republic of Macedonia. It is identified as part of the wider Pop-folk genre of the Southeastern Europe, which includes Chalga from Bulgaria, Skiladiko from Greece, Manele from Romania and Turbo-folk from Serbia.

The EP includes an original and 3 awesome remixes from our dude Center of the Universe and a romping Sebastian Gudding remix amongst others.

SPECIAL LIMITED SUPPORT DEAL: For the first two weeks after release, all earnings from the sales of this EP on Bandcamp will be donated to the singer and his family in Pitești, Romania. This will support basic needs such as firewood, roofing and school material for their children. Donate as much as you wish.

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