It’s been a long time since we had any Rogelio Huerta on this blog after covering him some years ago and also releasing one of his EP’s for free some time back. Alongside Javier Estrada, he is one of the leading lights in the Prehispanico scene.

As we stated back in 2011 about Prehispanico with a post about Javier:

Prehispanic means before the arrival of Columbus. So in his music Javier wants to “recreate” the jungle vibe and the blood rituals of the Aztec people.

Coming back to Rogelio, he has dropped this amazing mix for The Big Eel and it takes me back to what I loved so much about Prehispanico in the first place. Some amazing tunage on this and also some suggestions for the future progression of this amazing, overlooked and most underrated of genres.

Here’s what the Big Eel say:

Rogelio Huerta is a young artist that’s made himself known in Monterrey (Mexico) as a night Dj and worldwide as a producer of Guarachero and “Tribal Pre-hispanico”, a genre reminiscent of the Mayan and Aztec cultures, giving it a modern twist. This led him to be featured on Mad Decent and Generation Bass back in 2012 after releasing some tracks and his free EP “IMPERIO”.

This mix he sent us is a recording of his last Dj performance and we can only wonder what kind of crazy shit goes on in those parties he plays in. It’s a fun listen anyway so hop on it.

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