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Before we start this months musical intake, here’s is a little ‘aparté’ on a solar powered festival organised by good friends of La Selva and great tropical lovers and promoters, in which we will have the pleasure of mixing with many of the artists who we often mention on this blog:

FESTIVAL TROPICAL CAMP (Tierra Candela & Guacamayo Tropical)

trop camp full fly

“Tropical Camp is a gathering in a beautiful natural spot where tropical music and environmental conscience meet.”

And it’s exactly what it says on the box: Wapapura’s solar powered sound system, a wicked line up, in a great natural environment & surroundings: get involved ! Tickets are flying and they are still really cheap! If you need more info check out their webpage and watch how it all went on last year


And now, down to the music, with loads of great releases, compilations, mixtapes and videos that came out along the past month. We never stop to be surprised and this is what is great about what is happening musically at the moment, with new ideas rising from the past with a stop in the future on the way.


KAYGEE selected:

 Kechifla (La Niña) Inti Ziman Revisited Ocho Y Media

Every month there are a few tunes that go round and round in repeat in my speakers, and in May, this was one of them. It has all the ingredients perfectly blended together into one wicked latin bass banger ! The electronic beat and melody are really potent and go really well with all the shakers, cowbells, percussions, trumpets….as well as with that beautiful vocal ! I really look forward to this one being released!


Mr. Toé – Ícaro Marirí (Viaje Andino 1 – Regional Label)

“Welcome to the most outstanding musical reunion of contemporary artists coming from Latin America and related diaspora with “Viaje Andino”, a two volume soundtrack presented by Regional label and Arte Usable.”

Now that’s been played in and out for the past week over and over again, they couldn’t have described it in a better way; this is indeed an “outstanding” musical journey straight into the Andes! Propper jungle business ! Every tune is amazing; but to try and represent the whole lot, I chose to bring to your attention Mr Toé’s ‘Ícaro Marirí’. It might have a little more of an electronic approach to the journey, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy how deep, organic and truthful it sounds, with a lovely subtle slow-housey groove & bassline; and that vocal is the cherry on the cake ! Make sure you check out the whole double-compilation on

You’ll also find a tune from the Viaje Andino 2 selected by The Silly Tang below.


Kraut – Especias EP (Shika Shika)

Big ups to Shika Shika for this release. I had never heard of Kraut, and was really pleased to discover his debut EP: Especias. The whole EP (previewed in the above link) is an amazing journey across different musical worlds and continents, and starts with a particularly great one straight into the Andes, with the tune ‘Selva’. You can really enjoy how clear all the instruments sound; you can feel their texture. Listen to the whole EP on bandcamp:


El Milagro Verde – AQHATA TOMANI

This is brand new to me and I freckin’ love it. This is the first tune to El Milagro Verde’s first EP ‘San Lunes’. It’s some wicked “huayno cumbia electro” as he calls it. Heavy guiros and shakers, powerful melodies, strong kick, spaced out echoes….let me say no more, hit play and enjoy !


Lulacruza – Orcas Remixed Vol. 5

orcas vol 5

Stream and download on:

It’s always a pleasure o discover a new volume of Lulacruza’s Orcas remix album. They are once more all different, innovative, surprising, elegant,….whilst keeping Lulcruza’s deep essence. Vol. 5 includes 4 names which I didn’t know and had the pleasure of discovering thanks to this release: KR3TURE, Roscius, Srikalogy and Psilosamples


Moonanga – Modular Cumbia Bounce (Live Extract of Psychedelokumbia)

Great friends of La Selva: Moonanga ! This live extract is taken from a new duo they are creating, combining one nutty guitarist & beat maker with his lovely accordionist. Their musical story is too long to go into right now, but for now, here is their stop into South American influences.


And while we’re on the live business, here’s a great video of Chancha Via Circuito & Tremor performing ‘Manoteo en menor (Tremor Remix)’ together:


With so many great mixtapes seeing the light recently, I thought I would share with you some of the ones which I have had the pleasure to listen to this past month:

P.r.Λ.Λ.H – Mixtape – Festival Nomade

Great festival, great producer and great session ! He has a slow, deep & downtempo approach with the “base of the cumbia and the power of various percussion and melodies”. This is a powerful scenic journey into the depths of South America.


Métron Musik Mixtape – 024 – Vruno

This series of mixtapes always delivers quality, and for their 24th instalment, they present to us Vruno. This is another artist who really makes me travel. I particularly enjoy how he marries both electronic and organic worlds. You can feel all the influences of his roots brought subtly into newer berlin sounds. I really enjoy this fusion.


Dj Antü – Kalakuta Sur Color 3 – RSR – Genève

In a completely different vibe, DJ Antü, who is now based in Lyon just uploaded this wicked little mix recorded live a few weeks ago! Bringing back the classics in a more traditional approach, it’s a great and sunny mix, ready for the summer to come; I just wish it was a little longer to keep on dancing !


La Sardina – Caribe Psicodélico

This is fresher than fresh ! Brand new selektah just landed in Madrid. This mix is a a wonderful psychedelic journey into traditional Caribbean rhythms. Straight back to the roots, and to the dancefloor. Enjoy !


And before I pass on to my partner in crime Silly Tang, here are a few interesting videos which I believe you might enjoy, starting with Sidirum, one of the artists who will be at the Tropical Camp Fest, who has just released a wicked new video for his track ‘Intercambio’:


Make sure you also check out Rolando Bruno’s new video for his tune ‘Mi Chilota’, featuring……


And on another note, here’s an interesting interview with Grant C Dull (El G) from ZZK Records:



 THE SILLY TANG selected:

Caballo & Chuck Upbeat – Mirale Esa Nalga (Latino Resiste)

Here we have another month of pure magic and craziness within the cumbiaaaa world! This hit comes from the hands of two big producers: Chuck Upbeat and Caballo on Latino Resiste. Its more of a Reggaeton dancefloor killer than a typical cumbia but such a good track ! Some of it will remind you of this style that Happy Colours has.


Shushupe – Flor del Diablo (Viaje Andino 2 – Regional Label)

Regional once again has brought us a sweet compilation full of wonders. This original and down tempo track is a real smooth piece of niceness. Shushupe a producer which I had never come across delivers a real traditional and at the same time dubby cumbia !


$ele¢tor Gui†a ¥€ – Mis Ñerys – Ratekas ($ele¢tor Guita Dinero Remix)

New kid on the block; no one knows where he comes from or where he lives but all we know he loves money and the gangster attitude. He must be such a rude boy! On this cumbia he brings us exactly these vibes. Half normal half juke styling I really like the moodiness of this release.


G-Flux – Cocaina (Hawaii Bonsaï Records)

First of all a huge big ups to Hawaii Bonsai records for bringing this excellent compilation out on vynil. A format not very frequently used amongst the tropical labels but which is always respected for the amount of work it takes. A little example of the goodness of this compilation is this track by G-Flux. A track called Cocaina where the use of synth and harps is so tight and so relaxing. Big up every time to the G-Flux!


Maki & Beni – Shangó

A new producer to my ears but such a talented artist. Maki brings us this subtle and energetic cumbia. A very dark and aquatic sound which blends perfectly with this type of electronic cumbia. A lot of real good music on this soundcloud so run go tell your friends !


El Cifickzer – Kumbia De La Derrochona (La Malamaña)

Very traditional sounding I really dig this man´s production and tastes. Very simple and at the same very effective cumbia piece by Dj Cifickzer ! Go check his productions as he is bringing a lot of stuff out at the moment.


G – Flux – Moviembre (Sumohair Remix)

Sumohair does it again! Broken rhythms, ragga delights and even a bit of Sublime ! This track is excellent for a crowd worker and also very intricate to mix as the beats are arranged in a mad very interesting way. Really dig Sumohair´s new releases!


Sargento Garcia – Personne Ne Me Stoppe – Dub Mix

The all mighty Sargento Garcia is working on his new project/Album which will consist on a very dubbed out cumbia style. This work is to watch out because it will be an instant hit by the legend!


COCONUTAH selected:

Turbo Sonidero – Killa Kumbias

This is heavy bass orientated cumbia with Killa Kumbias, a new release from Turbo Sonidero on Terror Negro Records. Turbo Sonidero always brings a deep and dark touch with moody synths and stomping guiro rhythms. The album as a whole has a nice psychedelic nu-cumbia feel and, between synths, accordions and others, there are some awesome swirling melodies to be listened to. Special mention goes to Cartagena de Indias.


HNRY – La Fiebre

Another very original electro cumbia production by HNRY, la Fiebre is a very inspired track that blends the old, the new, and whatever inbetween to great effect. The tune is covered in some nicely sequenced samples, and is full a tiny details that seem to further push this crazy mix together. Big tune!


Santi & Tuğçe – Doña Antonia (Frente Bolivarista)

Awesome cumbia from Santi & Tuğçe on their debut album el Regreso del gallito, this tune is definetitly “sensual, mystical, and up-tempo”. Beautiful guitars combine with spacey synths and an awesome vocal from the Turkish singer to take you on a oneway trip to paraguay, while stunning percs and guiro will shake bodies on the dancefloor! Check out the rest of the album which is equally as good and, as always, a heavy release from Frente bolivar.


Fat Joe – ATWU (SpydaT.E.K. & Quality Cumbia Remix)

A tasty number by SpydaT.E.K. & Quality Cumbia, this has the balls to combine some nice gangsta rap vocals with a tasty cumbia drop. The mix really works and will definitely work in the club. As the contrast between elements hits you like a pleasant surprise, the beats will take your legs for a boogie 🙂


Capibara – Gonzo [Jhon Montoya RICARICA]

This is a luscious sounding track by Jhon Montoya, it has an awesome traditional groove that will get everybody into it. The first couple of minutes are very catchy but relatively soft, with some cut up, pitched up, and tastefully arranged vocals. There is then a great surprise drop, when a heavier beat kicks in for the dancefloor!


Latido Regional #38 (KayGee)

Killer selection this mix from our one and only KayGee, as he takes us on a journey all over Latin America to sample its deepest organic flavours as well as its most recent electronic treats. The mix flows very naturally and seems to hit the spot at almost every tune. Big up KayGee!


Thanks again to all the producers who share their music with us, and to all of you who take a moment to read a bit of sexxyness on a monthly basis !

We hope you enjoyed the selection! See you next month for more crazy cumbias!

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