Zidonian X, the new moniker of the industrial/EBM producer-DJ formerly known as Aztlan Zidonia, joined forces with multi-talent Giek, one half of the performing arts duo Kots, forming a fresh music project focused on preparing humanity for the coming spiritual transformation as well as bridging the boundaries of synthpop, minimal wave, shoegaze and dreampop into an accessible sound.

It is the connection of mutual recognition, both originating from a place far away from earth, a shared deep compassion for this planet’s future, as well as a passion to push music forward, that drove the two together. Giek as a songwriter and stage performer with experience in many areas of music, Zidonian as a longstanding producer-DJ in the Dutch industrial scene. The result is a melodic, mellow yet dark edged melancholic-futuristic sound, accompanied by poetic lyrics about dreams, love and introspection.

Interestingly, both with their message of an extraterrestrial wisdom that promotes harmony and balance between nature and technology and with their unique, modest electronic sound, they powerfully transcend indie culture’s escapist romantisation of anti-technological pureness just as well as the avant-garde’s fetish for plastified hi-tech futurism. At the same time, with their accessible pop touch, they just as easily break with the underground’s often artificial, obsessive countercultural attitude.

At generation bass we’re always passionate about live electronic acts and an enthusiastic new project like this shows that good times are just around the corner.

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Music video to the EP’s leading track ‘Remember’

Some live show fragments

Radio show with an in-depth interview



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