Another dark broody and haunting Tribal track from Zhe, an artist with heaps of substance and credibility and her sounds 100% match up to that. Here’s what she says about it, this is deeep man in more ways than one:

“In a temporal nature, where everything is frozen, first you’ll see is that connection between things that do not exist. . .

But if you start to feel that desperate situation of distance, loneliness and absurd, like for real, than you will start to feel that deep inside you exists Delhi Dance. Because Delhi Dance is a contact, connection, sense, meaning and beauty, it’s in your heart and you’ll be able to dance it only if you are doing it with the whole world around you, in that unique, first and in the same time last moment. You need to be present. The most important thing is to be here and now, connected.

This track is my dance

P.S. “Delhi Dance” is my favorite play of Ivan Vyrypaev, russian playwright, screenwriter, film director and actor. You can watch it in film, too.”

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