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As we get deeper into Summer 2016, here is this month´s Cumbia selection by la Selva – festival edition.


The Silly Tang selected:

Cumbia De Las Estrellitas (Real Cumbia Activa X Plastic Toy Sounds) – Contoneo Tropical (Taciano Records)

To start this very varied and quality month of July I wanted to include one of my favourite producers out there at the moment ¡ The all mighty Real Cumbia Activa. He has brought some ill remixes to the dancefloor and this one is not an exception. A bit trippier than his normal releases, he has gone properly in on the cow bell and vocal effects. A real hit ¡


Sonido Mamalón – Bachabé Kó(Antes Que Nada)

This 2nd selection has come to my attention because it really flirts with the cumbia dub elements I love. The folklore added to it just adds to its roots effect on the ear. Real summer chilling track.


Kraut – Marimba (Shika Shika)

This Dutch producer has brought out a Brand new fresh ep called Especials EP. It is very varied and the production sounds very German. It has a techno style of lineal sounding Groove. I recommend you go discover this producer ¡


Alvaro Llerena Martinez – Mis Amores (Bigote Remix)

Here he is again, the grime King of cumbia making us feel the weight of his mighty kicks ¡ This song originally from the master Alvaro Llerena Martinez has had a slick refix by my good friend Mr Bigote ¡


Malphino – Lalango (Names You Can Trust)

I selected this track to off course to introduce you to Malphino which production is so nice, acoustic sounding and psychedelic to its roots. I also wanted to present this fabulous label called “ Names you can’t trust. “ It has brought out a few vinyl so far and the whole of it has this trippy finish and musical excellence. Please check it out as bringing out a vinyl is a lot of effort, and this label needs all our back up J


Nixtamal – Chinga de Mixtape

Yes I like finding out new producers from France ¡ I have come accross this producer on the new “Cumbia Libertad” vynil compilation and was stunned by his track on it. Here we have a selection of tunes mixed by this cumbia veteran J


Sonido Todomono – Cundé Cundé Cumbé (Alto Perú Remix) – La Niña Emilia

LOVE THIS ¡ Proper summer business right here. Don’t look any further for your ice tea and hammock musical treats ¡ Very folkloric release and real energetic vibes on this tune. Please go check out more of Sonsonete Todomono love the work especially for these very hot summer evenings ¡



Now this group I have been fan for years ¡ Grupo Ju-Juy ¡ Real proper cumbia band they always deliver a semi psychedelic sound and original cumbia grooves. On this track especially we can hear that guitarist going straight to the jungle ¡


Mashup Mexico – Sonora Dinamita – Las Brujas (Cumbia Edit )

I’m new to Mashup-Mexico but I really do think they have great potential. This versión brings us back a old track by Sonora Dinamita and it is also free to grab J Run Run Run ¡


2 games 1 boy – Acid Cumlib (OPL3 via Adlib Tracker II)

This has come out just in time for this month selection ¡ Our good mate and all around nuttah 2 games 1 boy has brought us this track on his analog toes ¡ Very trippy but deep production this tune goes in ¡ Free DL also so run grab it quick ¡


KayGee selected:

SOL 041 – Summer Sol (SolSelectas)

So i don’t know where to start with this compilation?! I’m listening to it again as I’m writing this and still can’t believe how incredible all of these tunes are!! The track list itself, including artists like El Buho, Matanza, Rodrigo Gallardo, Spaniol, Peter Power who are amongst the ones i know, was looking tasty! Every track is a beauty; a perfect blend (and I insist on perfect) between the artists’ organic origins and newer electronic surroundings, creating one immense trip around the world, “going from South American mid tempo, to Shamanic downtempo, to Middle Eastern deep house, to Latin tribal house, to Playa tech, to Ambient cumbia dub.”



ÍCAROS(Cantos espirituales del Amazonas) (KONN®)

Here’s another trip, and this one goes deep into the Peruvian amazon, with powerful shamanic chants, recorded by Mr Toé during one of his journeys. He joined efforts here with 3 other great producers (Inti Che, Rodrigo Gallardo, King Coya.) for a project which first came to life in the Nomade Festival in Chile, and then came to us through this EP! I admire how they all manage to keep the original shamanic vibe of the recordings and bring it to the dancefloor in such a smooth way. Big EP!


Wenceslada – Niebla Versiones (Regional Label)

So many great EPs this month! So good to see, and hear! Now this one comes straight from the great Chilean Regional Label, with 6 amazing versions of Wenceslada’s ‘Niebla’ EP, which was also released on Regional about 6 months ago. Barda, Guazú (who i had the pleasure of discovering in this EP), RumboTumba, Doma Tornados, Montoya & Rafael Aragon bring to us 6 completely different approaches to the original tunes, ranging in rhythms & bpms for us to enjoy as a whole; with a special mention to the badman tropical trooper they call Rafael Aragon, who hit the spot with these drums. I always enjoy Rafa’s chilled tunes.


Kike Pinto – Pachamama Pachakamaq (El Búho Edit)

Now simply sit back, press play and enjoy!! It had been a while since we had had the pleasure of hearing one of El Búho’s edits, and this one is just as flavorous as expected. The edit is actually incredible; check out the original tune and see how he has superbly brought his sounds to it, with great space and quality in the production, enhancing the effect of each individual sound, taking you with them on the way.


Johnny Thrash – Acordeón Galáctico (Tribilin Sound Remix)

You recognise that guiro?These shakers? That progression? Tribilin Sound en la casa! This guy never stops; he’s probably already released a few other tunes since this one came out. It’s always so smooth, so progressive, with the whole tune slowly but surely shaping up, in a repetitive yet catchy and groovy way. Big ups!


Panther Panther! – Midnight Ritual (Tropical Twista Records – 2016)

Aie aie aie ! This is banging ! Shout out to Tropical Twista Records for this release. I didn’t know Panther Panther before, but had the pleasure of discovering their work in this new EP. They describe it as a “high-energy, bass-heavy soundtrack to further space exploration in times of darkness”, and I think if you add a few potent shakers and bells to that you get it! Really cool approach to the whole thing.


Lascivio Bohemia – Le Hot Versions

lascivio bohemia - le hot versions

Here are 6 wicked versions of true classics, released independently by Lascivio Bohemia. His sounds are incredible. He always surprises me and gets me grooving to different rhythms and new sounds. In this case, I personally find his remix of Carlos Vibes’ ‘Rosa’ simply fantastic!


Negro Dub – 10 Years of Electrocumbia (ZZK Records)


And to keep on with the whole version/remix thing, please say hello to ZZK Records latest free release with Negro Dub, here to celebrate the occasion with a whole lot of remixes! The track list is actually very surprising, with Negro Dub remixing tunes from Lito Barrientos to David Guetta, stopping by Stromae and then onto Andres Landero. The final result is actually pretty cool and will surely be enjoyed all along the summer.


Perro Agradecido Cumbia – Detektiv

So let’s switch frequencies and go for some live band business, with Perro Agradecido Cumbia who have been uploading all the tracks of “Ánima en pena” over the past month, and brought to us the 7th instalment a few days ago. Proper psychadelic synths and heavy shakers & cowbells rinsing the place; straight from Mexico.



Orkesta Mendoza – Cumbia Volcadora (feat. Camilo Lara) (Glitterbeat Records)

Another great piece of live music shaping up is el Orkesta Mendoza’s new album, to be released in October; and here’s a little extract! Absolute banger ! The tripped out vocals & sirens, these heavy winds, the synths, with that groovy guitar riff….the whole lot. I love it.


Music is usually orientated to our ears, but can also be appreciated with and through different supports & projects. Here are two projects that currently represent this and I think have their place here:

El Búho – Dj Set · Viveylate Radio 1×09

More info on Viveylate here:




And because it would be rude of me not to share some of the mixtapes which came out this month with you in case you missed them, here are a few:

Amuleto Mixtape – Sistema Beat Andino (Edmoon Records)

sistema beat andino

Click here to stream:


UCR #025 by Barrio Lindo (Urban Cosmonaut Radio)


Eduardo Zambrano – ¡TAS TAS TAS TAS! mixtape


Dengue Dengue Dengue – Clash DJ Mix



Coconutah selected:

Lascivio bohemia – Ópalo

Brand new release from Lascivio Bohemia, this takes into deep tribal cumbia territory with some fast guiros and some tasty tribal percussion, warped vocals and an asian sounding guitar. Sprinklings of trippy pads finish of the journey as the listener is drawn into a dubbed out, strange sounding world that stays with you after the music stops.


Arrebalero – Valle de chalco

Arrebalero delights up with some hard hitting, stomping, synth heavy electrocumbia with this new track, Valle de Chalco. Layers of synths come together seamlessly to take you into a Robo-cumbia world, whilst the pulsing beat ensures your legs keep moving. Check it out!


Pablo Pachacutik – Cumbia Birlocha (Kumbale)

Pablo Pachacutik hits up with a new EP on prolific Berlin based tropical bass label, Kumbale. These are some original remixes as old school folclore tunes are mashed up into their future sounding versions – there are defnitely some nice trap / IDM flavours shining through on this EP.


Syztema – Madre Tierra (Prehispanic Mix) (La Restistencia Recs)

Not strictly cumbia by the book as this has a strong tribal feel to it, the heavy guiros in this track definetily make it worthy of a mention in this month´s edition. This is a great dancefloor track – check how its relentless beat will get everybody shaking. Psychedelic flute licks top the tune off and give it some added crazyness. Big in the game!


Insane Ambient – Cumbia insana

Insane ambient is a “chill-psy” project from Brazil. Here, they have gracefully left us with some deep, deep cumbia chill vibes. This is a very ambient, melodic track, and really hits the right spot with a very progressive atmosphere.


TURBOMEX – Aroma De Pecado (Orihuela MSS Remix) (Caballito Netlabel)

Caballito Netlabel always brings something different and this time does not disappoint, with a release by TURBOMEX; cumbia hip hop from mexico, this is quite varied within the cumbia genre, going from very traditional accordeons to more recent, more digital dub vibes. Special mention to the Orihuela MSS remix, adding some heavy sonidero beats.


We hope you enjoyed the selection as always! Have a great cumbialistic summer and let the guiros hit you hard! See you next month for some more cumbia bangers.

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