Since Hernan Ambrogi, a.k.a. Makina, left Amsterdam to move back to his home country Argentina, he hasn’t sit still. After four years of silence as a producer, spent to focus more on live projects, he is back with a breathtaking, sophisticated EP that fuses moving soundscapes and hypnotising drums with acoustic bandoneons, traditional percussion and mesmerising folkloric guitars.

The album is described as a journey into the inner world, a place where intimacy reaches its most intense form, a reflection on who we are from the perspective of an inhabitant of Buenos Aires. The music truly resonates with the cover design, showing the overwhelming vastness of the ocean. The inner world is much like the Atlantic on the shores of Buenos Aires, always just around the corner, yet truly realising it’s depths and howling magnificence can be frightening. And like the waves in port into the South American continent, our whirling inner world carries the testimonies of the histories that shaped us, including the suppressed ones, the restless waves that keep beating against at our convulsively fortified quays when we are alone. How else could I but immediately bring to mind Moro‘s San Benito EP, which uses the exact same metaphor, not for personal introspection but to confront Argentina as a whole with a gruesome chapter in its history: the systematic erasure of the African part of its national identity. Makina, in his own way, reconnects the indigenous with the African heritage, by means of cumbia and dembow influenced techno breaks, undeniably sharing in African origin.

Beyond that, the emotion breathing throughout the album is one of passionate connection. The inner world manifests itself as a resevoir of glowing sparks, wandering like lonely fireflies in a barren void, longing to be drawn into a tender tango with sparks from other inner worlds. This intimate sharing is the essence of poetry, expressed so touchingly by the Argentinian folk singer Atahualpa Yupangui in the track ‘La Universalidad del Ser’: the art of communicating existence itself, on all levels: intellectual, emotional and bodily. In that way, the introspective meditation evolves into a tantric dance of love-making.

The acoustic instruments were recorded by Makina himself, together with an international group of collaborating artists in Buenos Aires and in Amsterdam.



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