It happens only a few times in a lifetime that you come across somebody who expresses elements of life and contemporary reality in a way that resonates with your own thoughts in such way that you instantly recognise a soulmate. Meet Giek_1, the Amsterdam based multi-talent with roots in theatre and this year the new kid on the block in the Dutch club underground.

Supported on the blog before as the lead singer of the synthpop formation Lucifer’s Dream, she now takes her visions a step further with internet persona Giek_1. Giek_1 fuses the sensibility of contemporary y2k and retro-cyberpunk nostalgia with a sincere and emotional reflection on contemporary internet culture.

Her debut video and leading track of the upcoming EP at 9G records next week, is an ambiguous, emotional song about webcam sex. Whether taken litterally or as a metaphor for our almost erotically intimate entanglement with technology, URL is a heartcry of sincere passion. Carried by the tender yet powerful melodic composition of Pitchphase, Giek_1 shows how to find beauty in a dystopian world. And that is something we all desperately yearn for.



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