Meeting internet friends for the first time irl is one of the most inspiring experiences that I’ve been blessed with several times this year. People with whom you’ve built up an emotional connection entirely online – in the confined solitude of your phone or laptop – can at the same time make a significant difference to your life and remain trapped in the realm where your dreams reside, feeling unreal. How much more inspiring it must be if  you’ve not only shared thoughts and feelings, but also have shared and shaped your musical expression and artistic direction together.

This is the heartbreaking story of the duo Dead Stare, one of Generation Bass’ long term favourites, who formed in the chaotic aftermath of global bass’ heydays and developed a unique blend of afro-latin percussion, techno, hardcore and energetic EDM, separated by the vast distance that separates Hungary from the American South-Westcoast.

Their sound, going against most of the current trends in the reshaping landscape of music scenes and movements, is fuelled by Gergö’s precarious health situation. The young producer from Györ, underrated outsider in Hungary’s successful global bass scene, is struggeling with a brain tumour and epilepsia and a lack of adequate treatment in his country. Hungary, where Europe’s descent into political darkness is most visible, eerily reflects Trump’s dystopian America that forms the background of Dead Stare’s other half, the Mexican American musical activist Edgar a.k.a. DJ Broken Record.

Since he first did his story two years ago, the situation has only gotten worse. The tumor is growing, and adequate treatment remains so far out of sight that Gergö may be running out of time without ever having met Edgar.

Gergö’s humbleness is inspiring. He always refused financial support for anything. “The only thing I need is hugs.” In my interview with him last year, he was not very worried yet about his chances to get to Santa Rosa to unite with Edgar in 2017, but a year has passed so far and it still hasn’t happened. At the same time the situation is getting so precarious that it is important to take steps now.

That’s why Edgar decided this month to launch a crowdfunding campaign to bring the two friends together in Santa Rosa.

At Generation Bass we care about Dead Stare and we know that many people in the scene do. You can help too by donating to and sharing this campaign with other people who are passionate about supporting Gergö and his music.

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