Volume 6 of the ArabTronix series takes in a heavy dose of R’N’B slow jamz from Arabia, North Africa, Turkey and includes some vintage American cutz from Aaliyah who sampled a many Middle Eastern classic.

Zhe Pechorin – Delhi Dance


Another dark broody and haunting Tribal track from Zhe, an artist with heaps of substance and credibility and her sounds 100% match up to that. Here’s what she says about it, this is deeep man in more ways than one:

“In a temporal nature, where everything is frozen, first you’ll see is that connection between things that do not exist. . .

But if you start to feel that desperate situation of distance, loneliness and absurd, like for real, than you will start to feel that deep inside you exists Delhi Dance. Because Delhi Dance is a contact, connection, sense, meaning and beauty, it’s in your heart and you’ll be able to dance it only if you are doing it with the whole world around you, in that unique, first and in the same time last moment. You need to be present. The most important thing is to be here and now, connected.

This track is my dance

P.S. “Delhi Dance” is my favorite play of Ivan Vyrypaev, russian playwright, screenwriter, film director and actor. You can watch it in film, too.”

Rogelio Huerta : Eel Sessions


It’s been a long time since we had any Rogelio Huerta on this blog after covering him some years ago and also releasing one of his EP’s for free some time back. Alongside Javier Estrada, he is one of the leading lights in the Prehispanico scene.

As we stated back in 2011 about Prehispanico with a post about Javier:

Prehispanic means before the arrival of Columbus. So in his music Javier wants to “recreate” the jungle vibe and the blood rituals of the Aztec people.

Coming back to Rogelio, he has dropped this amazing mix for The Big Eel and it takes me back to what I loved so much about Prehispanico in the first place. Some amazing tunage on this and also some suggestions for the future progression of this amazing, overlooked and most underrated of genres.

Here’s what the Big Eel say:

Rogelio Huerta is a young artist that’s made himself known in Monterrey (Mexico) as a night Dj and worldwide as a producer of Guarachero and “Tribal Pre-hispanico”, a genre reminiscent of the Mayan and Aztec cultures, giving it a modern twist. This led him to be featured on Mad Decent and Generation Bass back in 2012 after releasing some tracks and his free EP “IMPERIO”.

This mix he sent us is a recording of his last Dj performance and we can only wonder what kind of crazy shit goes on in those parties he plays in. It’s a fun listen anyway so hop on it.

Josif Marius & Joxaren : Nuntă de valoare


Awesome new EP of Romanian music from Swedish Skweee pioneer Joxaren just dropped.

It focuses on Tallava or Talava, an oriental-sounding music genre originating in Kosovo but also popular in Albania and in the Albanian-speaking communities in the Republic of Macedonia. It is identified as part of the wider Pop-folk genre of the Southeastern Europe, which includes Chalga from Bulgaria, Skiladiko from Greece, Manele from Romania and Turbo-folk from Serbia.

The EP includes an original and 3 awesome remixes from our dude Center of the Universe and a romping Sebastian Gudding remix amongst others.

SPECIAL LIMITED SUPPORT DEAL: For the first two weeks after release, all earnings from the sales of this EP on Bandcamp will be donated to the singer and his family in Pitești, Romania. This will support basic needs such as firewood, roofing and school material for their children. Donate as much as you wish.



Seriously Hot Mix here from our boy Streamer taking in all of his recent remixes, edits and originals.

This mix travels from Africa to the Middle East and goes to some weird and interesting places in between. It also takes in some tracks from the recent “Walking with Camels Remixed” EP. Covers Voodoo, Gqom, Footwork, Afro House, Samba, Dubstep, Neurofunk and Arab Bass. So much quality in this.

Whilst you’re at it download some of the tracks that feature in the mix:

Streamer – Walking with Camels Remixed [Free for 24 Hours Only]


We return with Streamer and a Remix EP focusing on his “Walking with Camels” EP which we released last Christmas. We loved that EP so much that we just needed a follow up and what better way than to get a bunch of our favourite producers to put a twist on the EP.

The original Walking with Camels sounds like a precious, classic and unmissable (they don’t make it like they used to) 70s recording featuring some tracks in the tricky measures of 6/8 and 5/8.

In parts, the EP sounded like the lost Middle Eastern Jazz recordings of Idris Mohammed, Byrd and M Jarre jamming together on a modern electronic Psychedelic Orchestral Dub tip… a sonic, cinematic Desert Wave soundtrack for an imaginary movie yet to be made –

For the Remixes EP, this world was turned upside down and inside out, deconstructed and reconstructed for the club environment. Most of the remixers opted for Last Sacrifice as the track to remix. It is a track that gets under your skin and refuses to leave and there never seems to be enough of it, always leaving you yearning for more

The 12 tracks on the Ep/Album feature an array of genre styles from current hot fave Gqom (Gome) through to 80’s Synthwave, Grime, Tribal, Vogue/Ballroom, Techno, Wobble, Neuro Funk, DnB, Acid, Jungle and Skweee.

1. Streamer – Walking With Camels (Ballroom Version)

Streamer turns the EP Title track into a Vogue/Ballroom Bass blitz in the desert. Arab Ha! never sounded quite like this before demonstrating that Streamer is a true Master At Work!

2. Streamer – Last Sacrifice (Bandish Projekt Feat. Aishwarya Joshi)

Bandish Projekt created a spine-tingling remix of The Last Sacrifice featuring Hindi vocals on a 5/8 Dubstep excursion.

3. Streamer – Searching For Ketama (Gqom Burn Riddim)

For his first remix of Searching for Ketama (there are 3 in all), Streamer looked to South African Gqom (Gome) for this remix. Commercial and accessible and already supported by BBC Radio 1 and Toddla T amongst others.

4. Streamer – The Last Sacrifice (Insane Fennel Apocalypse Remix)

Insane Fennel added to the ritual and gave The Last Sacrifice an Apocalyptic Wall of Bass Re-rub. first premiered on the Mad Decent Blog.

5. Streamer – Midnight Express (Neuro Version)

Streamer, who it seems can turn his hand to almost any genre style and pull it off with aplomb, gave Midnight Express a Neuro-Funk, DnB, Jungle make-over turning it into something completely MAD!

6. Streamer -The Last Sacrifice (Sarantis Remix)

Sarantis turns The Last Sacrifice into a Grime epic.

7. Streamer – The Last Sacrifice

Sanmon transformed the sacrificial ritual into a Techno behemoth.

8. Streamer – Searching For Ketama (Golden Version)

Streamer’s 2nd remix of Searching for Ketama finds him giving it a Ketama Gold sheen with a harder hitting vibe, taking it way down to 80 BPM.

9. Streamer – The Last Sacrifice (Zhe Pechorin Remix)

Zhe Pechorin gives The Last Sacrifice a new deep-tribal, slow-grind make-over.

10. Streamer- Bedouin (Center Of The Universe Remix)

Our friend Centre of the Universe was bold enough to tackle Bedouin producing an other-worldly remix that sounds like we could have landed on the moon, way before Neil Armstrong did!

11. Streamer – Searching For Ketama (DesertWave Version)

For streamer’s 3rd and final version of Ketama, he covered an idea I had in my mind for a Bladerunner version in the form of a DesertWave remix harking back to 80’s Synthwave sensibilities.

12. Streamer- Midnight Express (Drvg Cvltvre’s Acid Kool Aid Mix)

We close this Ep/Album with Drvg Cvltvre tapping into early Pink Floyd for inspiration combined with his affinity for Acid and he teases us with a slow bulding mellow monster.

Steve Green










Prince "Rally For Peace" Baltimore Mix


I think this is one of my first blog posts since I heard of the passing of The Beautiful One. Haven’t wanted to listen to any music, feels like the end of a beautiful era.

But anyhow here is a mix direct from one of Prince’s Dj’s Dj Dudley D who says as follows:

In May 2015 during the “Dance Rally For Peace” party at Paisley Park I played a couple of Prince tracks right before and after he performed that were appropriate for the climate in the country and theme of the party. The next day I received a message that Prince wanted me to make a 30 min mix of his music that was “relevant to the times that are happening in our country at the moment.” After going back and forth with him and changing some things it ended up being twice as long he was happy. If you were not at the Baltimore concert you would not of heard this. I have posted it on Sound Cloud for all to listen. Share and enjoy.

Prince played this mix before his May 10th 2015 “Rally For Peace” concert in Baltimore.

Track List
Dear Mr Man
Sign O The Times
Undisputed (Moneyapolis Mix)
New World
The Future
We March
Act Of God
Family Name
When Will We Be Paid
Lovesign (Shock G’s Silky Remix)
Colonized Mind

Artwork – 100% Prince Tribute


Loving this Prince Mix by Artwork that aired on Rinse last week. It’s been beautiful seeing all the tributes pouring in from the most respected artists and producers worldwide and my twitter feed has been Purple all week, just wish it would 4ever remain Purple but that’s already beginning to fade as the days go by since his untimely demise.

Also wish that this sort of appreciation had occurred much, much more whilst he was still alive.

The great thing about this and any other Prince Mix for me is that it doesn’t just focus on all the tunes everybody who has a passing flirtation with Prince already knows. It includes a lot of his lesser known material from the late 70’s and early 80’s which I think is far more interesting when you’re a Prince nut.

Props 2 artwork for such a groovy mix. How long it stays up is anybody’s guess and so catch it while you can: