Best Headphones For Audiobooks

Audiobooks are great and they are very helpful. If you are too busy and you don’t have the time to read books, listening to audiobooks is a very great solution. You should know that audio quality is not a huge issue for people that listen to audiobooks. The best headphones for listening to audiobooks are the most comfortable ones and the ones that have great noise canceling.

However, if the environment is quiet, you can use any headphones, but if you want to listen to audiobooks in loud environments too, you should take a look at our top 5 picks, and see which headphones are the best for you.

The Top 5 Best Headphones For Audiobooks

5. Avantree Audition

Avantree Audition are great headphones for audiobooks. If you want to get a pair of great headphones maybe Avantree Audition would not be the first model that pops into your head, because there are more popular brands like Sennheiser or Bose. But you should know that these headphones have a very nice sound quality, are very comfortable for long hours of usage, and also the noise isolation on these is just amazing. They have a brilliant balance between quality and price and I can say that they outperform some high-end headphones that are much more pricier than these.

The design of the Avantree Audition is pretty simple and minimalistic, and I think that they look great. They have easy to reach controls and also the headphones are pretty lightweight. You can enjoy long hours of listening to audiobooks on the Avantree Audition. They have the aptX Low Latency Codec technology, which minimizes the lag. Another great thing about these headphones is the NFC because it allows you to connect the Avantree Audition to a Bluetooth enabled device for just a few seconds.

The headband on the Avantree Audition is adjustable and also the soft protein leather ea pads are very comfortable. Something else that you should know is that you can use the Avantree Audition in wired mode by plugging a 3.5mm line output. They are available in brown & black, and red & black. No matter which color you choose they provide great durability and are made of durable reinforced metal. The best thing about these headphones is the battery life. You get up to 40 hours of wireless usage which is excellent. You can enjoy long hours of audiobooks if you are traveling without a problem because the Avantree Audition has plenty of features that might help you a lot.

4. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Another great pair of headphones for audiobooks are the SENSO Bluetooth headphones. The reason why they are great for listening to audiobooks is that they have a very stable ear hook, are very portable, and they provide great noise cancellation. Usually, they are aimed at people who are looking for sports headphones, but they can also be a perfect choice for those who are looking for a decent pair of headphones for audiobooks. The design of these headphones is pretty great, as well as the built quality, because they are made of high-quality materials and they can last you for years without a problem.

Now, when it comes to the design of these headphones they have a nice looking sporty aesthetic. They weight around 0.0 lbs and also are pretty comfortable for long hours of usage. I also noticed that the earbuds are pretty flexible and thick. They have a matte finish which looks great and the red highlights of the logo give the headphones more of a premium look. You should also know that they come with four silicone tips and also with a pair of memory foam tips. This means that choosing the ones that fit you best, won’t be a problem for you.

The sound quality is not a big deal if you are looking for audiobooks headphones but the sound quality of the SENSO Bluetooth headphones is just great. I noticed that there is a multi-purpose button on the right earbud, which can be used to answer and end calls or play and pause tracks. The battery life can last up to 8 hours, which is not bad. They have plenty of more features, for instance, they are IPX7 waterproof and sweatproof. If you want some sporty headphones to listen to your audiobooks, make sure to check the SENSO Bluetooth headphones.

3. Bose SoundSport Wireless In-Ear Headphones

As you may know, Bose is one of the best headphone manufacturers in the market. The Bose SoundSport earbuds are one of the best when it comes to audiobooks. These earbuds come in 4 colors you can choose from. They are water and sweat resistant because they are clothed in a hydrophobic material for keeping the moisture out. Also, they are very comfortable and thin, and they can sit pretty well on the ears. They may not be aimed at audiobooks listeners, but you can be sure that they are one of the best when it comes to headphones for audiobooks.

They are Bluetooth and NFC enabled for getting a fast and clean connection to appropriate compatible devices. The range average is about 30 feet and this is great because it won’t produce any skipping. With the remote and the microphone, you can control volume, change tracks or take calls very fast and easily. Also with the Bose Connect App, you can switch between multiple devices which is another great feature. You can also use it in your home with the USB cable plugged into your PC.

Moving on we have the battery life. You can get up to 6 hours, but this depends on how you use them. The fact that they can last up to 6 hours is bad for audiobook listeners because sometimes you may need more than 6 hours. Anyway, when it comes to the sound quality, Bose’s volume optimized EQ, gives an amazing frequency response and it makes it stay balanced at any volume. If you want durable and light headphones that might help you with listening to your favorite audiobooks, make sure to see what Bose has to offer with these headphones.

2. Powerbeats Pro

Moving on we have the Powerbeats Pro. These headphones have a very amazing sound quality, great design, and excellent built quality. They are one of the best headphones when it comes to listening to audiobooks, because noise reduction is brilliant, and also they feel very comfortable for long hours of usage. They have plenty of more great features that you should check out and see if they are the ones that you need. Another thing that I should mention is the amazing battery life which is great for those who are looking for headphones that are great for listening to audiobooks.

As I said, they have a very nice design and sit comfortably on the side of your ear. They Powerbeats Pro come in four different colors and also they come with four different sized ear tips, this means that choosing the best fit for you will be very easy. The sound quality, on the other hand, is just excellent. This is not something that you need, but they really provide excellent sound quality and you can enjoy listening to music with these headphones.

They have the Apple H1 chip and Bluetooth 5.0 connection these are great because it makes them faster. The only disadvantage that these headphones have is the case. The case of the Powerbeats Pro is very large and you will need a bag to carry it because it won’t fit in your pocket. You can get up to 24 hours of battery life and this is just brilliant. They are well suited for listening to audiobooks, make sure to check them out.

1. MPow 059

As our top pick, we have the MPow 059. These are average headphones and they don’t have many flashy features but the thing is that they are the best when it comes to audiobooks.  They block enough noise for commuting and have a great audio reproduction. MPow 059 may feel a little bit cheap, but they are the best for long hours of listening to audiobooks, thanks to the efficient control scheme, great battery life, and good noise isolation. They have many more features that might be very helpful, you just have to check them out and see if they are the ones that you need.

The design is pretty simple and looks good. They have a bit large ear cups, ad since the MPow 059 are wireless, all the controls and the buttons sit on the right ear cup. The two-tone red and black design looks very stylish, but the other color schemes look great too. They feel very comfortable and the ear cups are well padded. You should also know that the headband doesn’t exert too much pressure on the head. Also, these headphones are portable thanks to their foldable design. Anyway, you should know that they still take a fair bit of space in your bag.

I noticed that these headphones are decently built despite feeling cheap. The plastic coating over the headband feels susceptible to cracking, but the design overall if reinforced with a metal frame. The sound quality is pretty impressive for headphones that come at a very low price. If you use them wirelessly you can get up to 20 hours in a single charge which is good enough. What I like the most about these headphones are the memory protein ear cushions that simulate human skin texture. They are one of the best headphones when it comes to audiobooks and you should definitely check them out.

What To Look For In A Pair Of Headphones For Audiobooks

listening to audiobook


The reason why you need the most comfortable headphones for audiobooks, it’s because usually, people listen to audiobooks for very long periods. That’s why poor quality headphones might be painful and cause you a lot of damage. There are plenty of comfortable headphones that you should check out. However, when it comes to comfort, it is impossible to judge, because it is a personal preference and it depends on the shape of your ears.

Noise Reduction

Another important thing that you should check out is the noise reduction. audiobooks are a great option for people that are too busy to read. It is all great until there is no noise reduction because ambient noises attack in many forms, and they make you lose concentration. The thing is that you should not turn the volume to fix this, but instead, you should look for headphones that offer great noise reduction.

Frequency Response

You should know that our brains use the lower bass frequency ranges to interpret speech, that is because we can deal with losing the high-frequency overtones pretty well. The frequency response is the measure of the output spectrum of a device in response to a stimulus.


The best headphones for audiobooks, I would say that are the ones that are the most comfortable for you. The thing is that audiobooks don’t require special functions other than being comfortable and to have a bit of noise reduction, but in order to determine which headphones are the best for you make sure to check out our list and see if you can find the headphones that you were looking for.