Best Headphones For Hip-Hop

Regardless of whether you are having a problem with your late-night work schedule, taking an uninteresting flight, or wish to party hard, music can be your friend in need.

Nevertheless, to take pleasure in genuine music, specifically the intense beats ones like hip hop or rap, you require to be geared up with the best devices like the very best headphones you can get. There are likewise best headphones for metal and rock, but various functions require to be kept an eye out for when purchasing one for those specific categories of music.

The fundamental instruments utilized in the manufacturing of hip-hop music are the drums, sequencer, and synthesizers. And there are cadenced lyrics that need to come clear through your headphones.

The Top 5 Best Headphones For Hip-Hop Music

5. Skullcandy ROC Nation Aviator

Skullcandy understands the best components of a stunning set of headphone. Design or sounds, all the functions concerning this Skullcandy earphone are a wonder. This earphone includes a turtle shell pattern and elastic ear plates that provide it with a stylish appearance. It can be found in a charming shade of golden brown, with a little bit of translucence into its plastic body. The top, bottom, and surfaces of the plates are covered up in silvery chrome, emphasizing the visual worth of the earphone.

The headpiece is comprised of synthetic leather with velvety touches inside and the ear pads have foams covered in black leather. The headband and the ear cups are signed up with by a silvery chrome square with a black-and-chrome skull. You can choose in between white, dark, crimson, and jade.

Not just do they look great, but these Skullcandy ROC NATION Aviator over-ear headphones are likewise comfy on your ears. You can fold them up while taking a trip and they come comfy and exceptionally light-weighted. So, if you require over-the-ear headphone, then this is the ideal option.

The Skullcandy ROC NATION Aviator use complete, warm noise with an excellent level of precision. When we concentrate on the spec, it appears that the business has valued bass over all the other specs.

The sound signature is terrific towards the mid-range, and it generates a well-balanced treble likewise. The low end provides a great kick, but the highs do not have a little clearness. Due to the big metal building and construction and big ear cups installs, it gets simpler to utilize these phones while taking a trip.

Nevertheless, we wish to caution you that even with a closed ear cup, the earphone uses little sound seclusion. Still, if you are searching for a beautiful earphone with style and style, then right here you have your temptation.

4. SMS Audio Street

This headphone uses on-ear functions of headphones that are tough, comfy, and offers a good quality of voice. Those who get to strike the health club every day ought to enjoy using this product. The primary emphasis of the whole production was making it comfy and strong for outside use.

If music motivates you in exercising, then SMS Audio Street by 50 Cent must remain in your bag. There is a variance of intense shades with dark in this earphone, plus you get a lot of choices together. The IPX4 ranking offers optimum resistance to water and sweat, that makes it best for running and working out.

The heads are covered with rubber to decrease scratches and breaking. For this reason, you can go anywhere you desire. Foam cushions on the head are indicated to provide you with the best oval fit.

SMS Audio includes 40mm audio chauffeur with passive sound control. The headset offers reasonably effective and clear noise. Mids and highs, both beyond expectation and for us, there was nothing concrete to grumble about.

The high-end of the frequency variety is fine-tuned a bit to preserve the sense of meaning, leading to a toned noise signature. Vocals in the tracks do not have a little bit of treble, but there is a major bass-heavy mix.

3. Beyerdynamic DT 770

In case you are trying to find a headset with exceptional noise-cancellation and banging bass, then Beyerdynamic DT 770 is one terrific option to search for. These comfy over-ear cans are created to sit easily on your head. We will not state that these are the headsets with the very best devices and functions you can picture, but these are worth attempting. The closed-back style is difficult to get nowadays, and that’s what makes these headsets distinct.

The noise does not leave the headset and will not even cut you off the surrounding. You can remain aware of your environments while delighting in the music by Eminem. The built-up is rather huge, but they are constantly workable to be brought outdoors. Nevertheless, do not anticipate these headsets to fold, merely bring them in the pouch that can be found in the package.

After a very long time of use, the white paint on the ear cups may fade, exposing the plastic below, so manage them carefully. The business declares that every part of this headset is exchangeable, which benefits long term use. Nevertheless, the cable television at the headset end is not detachable, but the design enables it to switch it from one side to another.

DT 770 works very well even in the noisiest environments, and it can likewise be thought about among the very best headsets for bass. The kick of drums and basslines hum is perfectly heard through these headsets. This is likewise the drummer’s option headset for tape-recording drums.

The highs and mids are ethereal, and you are most likely to get an extremely natural noise of the tune. With its effective bass, you are not most likely to miss out on any sound, seat-creak, and page-turn. The vocals are exceptionally clear, but whenever we contrast them with ATHM 50, it feels a slightly recessed.

2. Audio-Technica ATH-M50

This headphone is considered ideal for all kinds of songs and when it concerns hip-hop, it’s simply the best choice we can think about. They are planning to use the bass fans a good bump without really subduing the remainder of the music.

The ATM-M50 is an over-ear earphone that uses convenience with its reasonably rugged outside. When we speak about the style, it is smooth and lovely. You will discover the ear cups to be extremely flexible as it could be rotated at an overall 180 degrees.

The left ear cup causes a wire that is long-lasting and supplies total insulation. Some might discover the headphones to be a little hefty, but if you do not mind it, then prepare yourself for an excellent fit that will not break down throughout the years.

The bulky and cushioned ear cups could be folded flat for storage function, and it will not even inhabit many areas. It features basic and squashy cases, which do not do much besides keeping the dirt away.

When it concerns sound quality, we need to concur that these are the very best audio quality that you might request for listed below $200. These headphones have a little bit of distortion level, which avoids any crackling or fuzz contributed to your music.

With a closed-back style, it responds well to the bass, keeping all of the music inside. The bass is strong and neat and assists all degrees of the frequency with equivalent attention. The mid-variety here is kept well.

As the headphones bear closed cups, it obstructs the majority of the environmental distractions with its noise cancellation functions. You will certainly delight in crystal clear sound bass for prolonged hours without in fact injuring your ears.

1. Ultrasone HFI-580 Stereo Headphones

In a crystal clear and portable parcel of Ultrasone HFI-580 Closed-Back Stereo Headphones, you get clear-cut audio and crisp bass. Listed below $200 you get among the very best hip-hop headphones.

It’s an extremely light design that includes cushioned ear cups to produce a seal around the ear. As far the appearance is worried, it can be found in a chunky piece with thick cable televisions around.

The user does not like it much for outside usage because of its old-fashioned style, but it has excellent development. Nevertheless, the good idea we observed about HFI-580 is that it can be folded quickly to be put in your traveling bag.

The effective bass coming through the Ultrasone HFI-580 Closed-Back Stereo Headphones uses audio clearness and exceptional characteristics.

This closed earphone style is among the most searched for earphone amongst drummers, guitar players, and bass gamers. Developed for high performance, the 50mm Mylar produces outstanding sound pressure, which likewise includes a high input level.

HFI-580 supplies lowered electromagnetic radiations in addition to the more secure volume levels.

We value the closed style of the headphones that results in a decrease in outdoor sound. Considered that it is a closed style, you will not need to stress over any sound disruption.

What to watch out for when purchasing?


As talked about previously, this is probably the most essential part of a great Rap headphone but isn’t completion all be all. There comes a point where excessive bass leads to surfeit, and we wish to prevent that at all costs these days.

Great mid-range

We do not understand about you, but we wish to have the ability to hear every single micro detail going on, along with having the ability to determine vocals and musical instruments much better. Hip-Hop isn’t everything about the bass. There are lots of artists who include a lot of various noises in their music. The Roots enters your mind as a group who have constantly positioned a heavy focus on live instrumentation and subtle experimentation. A great mid-range will go a long way in exposing the subtlety taking place behind the scenes that you might have missed out on before with various other low-grade pet dog food canisters (headsets).


Treble is necessary as well. We all want that sparkle at the top that provides the music with some additional taste, enthusiasm, and total enjoyment. Sensational!

Musical Instrument Separation and Soundstage

Soundstage identifies the area and atmosphere of noise, as developed by the headphones. That is, it identifies the viewed area and measurements of the sound field itself. Their characteristics are not intrinsic to the audio material, the headphones need to ‘produce’ them instead of ‘recreate’ them. They figure out whether the noise is viewed to be originating from inside or in front of the head, how open and large the soundstage is, just how much the headphones acoustically connect with the atmosphere, and how powerful the phantom core is.

Convenience and Resilience

This type of feature goes without stating, but we like to be able to use our headphones for a prolonged amount of time. That stated we are a bit more flexible of convenience than some. Unless the headphone is especially bad, we can let it move a bit and simply relegate ourselves to regular pause. An instance of a headphone that we just cannot advise because of convenience is the Grado SR325e. When it ends up being unpleasant to use, that’s a deal-breaker.

Important Questions to Ask Yourself

How is their comfort level?

Music is expected to be enjoyable. It is very important to make certain your headphones have adequate cushioning and use the ideal size to comfortably cover your ears

Are they easy to carry around and portable?

A significant element of purchasing headphones is mobility. Nobody wishes to purchase headphones that are inconvenient and wind up taking a huge storage area in your bag. Another issue with some headphones is that they are not portable and do not fold. This implies that there is a greater possibility of them recovering cost if the tiniest pressure is used on them. If you’re more of a tourist. You certainly need to think about purchasing headphones that fold and quickly pack into your bags.

How is their resilience?

The choice of headphones is entirely dependent on your requirements. If you’re buying headphones to take a trip then you require very robust and durable headphones. But on the other hand; for indoor usage provided that you’re cautious any headphones will get the job done.


Discovering the finest audio quality headphones is challenging. Nevertheless, we hope that our purchasing guide will point you in the best instructions. Now you can purchase your hip hop headphones with self-confidence. Ensure to keep all criteria in mind. Now, best of luck on purchasing the very best headphones for hip hop music!