Best Headphones For iPad

When it comes to buying headphones, you must know that buying them is a very personal purchase. However, knowing where to start looking and see which ones are the best for the iPad can be very helpful. The reason why people need headphones for their iPad is because they listen to music and watch videos. That’s why you need a good pair of headphones. I made a list based on my personal research about which headphones are best for the iPad that you should check out.

The Top 5 Best Headphones For iPad

5. Powerbeats Pro

One of the best headphones by Dr.Dre, are the Powerbeats Pro. These headphones have a very stylish design, great built quality, and amazing sound quality. They are among the best in-ear wireless headphones for iPad. They have plenty of great features that you might want to take a look at. Something else that you should know is that the battery life is amazing on these in-ear headphones.

The first thing that you will notice, is the interesting design of these headphones. They are considered sports headphones, but you can use them on different occasions. The Powerbeats Pro are very comfortable and they sit nice and tight to the side of your ear. Another great feature of these headphones is that they have bendable ear hooks, which is amazing. Powerbeats Pro come in four different colors and they come with four different sized ear tips too.

However, the main feature of the Powerbeats Pro is their sound quality. It is just amazing. They can produce rich and great bass levels, great mids, and also the lows are astonishing. Also, you should know that the vocals feel so realistic and great. I personally enjoyed the quality of the sound on these ones, and I am sure that you will not be disappointed too. Thanks to the Apple H1 chip and the Bluetooth 5.0 connection the overall performance and connectivity are perfect on the Powerbeats Pro.

Their only disadvantage is that they have a large charging case. This means that if you don’t use a bag you won’t be able to carry it. However, the battery life is great and it can last you up to 24 hours, which means that you don’t have to worry about the charging case. The Powerbeats Pro are one of the best headphones in the market nowadays, they are a great choice if you want to use them with your iPad. Make sure to check them out.

4. AKG Y50

Moving on, we have the AKG Y50. These are great low-cost portable headphones, that are perfect for your iPad. The AKG Y50 have a bold look, great isolation, and the sound quality is pretty great too. The only thing that in my opinion, they should have worked more is the bass. I think that the boosted bass could be subtler, anything else sounds and looks great.

Design-wise, these headphones look great and the built quality is solid. They have an interesting look, thanks to the big AKG logo on the glossy aluminum caps that sit on the ear cups. In my opinion, if the AKG logo was a bit smaller would be better, but they still somehow look cool. Towards the top of the headband, it flattens out which make the headphones look more unique and eye-catching.

They use large leather-topped pads that can fit any head instantly. They offer a 3.5-6.3mm headphone adapter, which means that you can unplug from your phone or other smart devices, and go right into your home studio. This makes them great for entry-level DJs too. On the other hand, the sound quality is just astonishing. I noticed that there is equilibrium between the vocals and the song’s clap beats, which is great.

I also noticed that the noise reduction was pretty effective, because I was able to notice the musician breathing between verses, and I certainly didn’t expect that! Also, the treble is very detailed and smooth, it really offers sounds that are very easy and satisfying on the ear. If you want to buy headphones for your iPad, that comes at a very reasonable price and have a brilliant sound quality you should take a look at AKG Y50, and see if they are the ones you were looking for.

3. Razer Hammerhead

As you may know, Razer is one of the best gaming headphones producers. The Razer Hammerhead are one of the best headphones that Razer has ever made. They are not only great for gaming, but you can also use them for your iPad, for running sessions, and more. They provide great sound quality with lots of details, but their only disadvantage is that they are expensive. However, if the price is not a big deal for you, then you should definitely see what the Razer Hammerhead have to offer.

First, I would like to mention that they are one of the most durable buds on the market. They can last you for years without a problem. When it comes to the design, they look pretty nice. They kinda look like the Apple AirPods, and in my opinion, that’s great. They are not filled with RGB lightning, like other Razer gaming headphones, but that is not a big deal.

The controls are pretty easy, and you can use them to answer calls or skip media forward and backward. They have amazing audio quality and they offer pretty clear sounds. If you want to turn on Game Mode, you have to tap the earbuds three times then hold your finger for two seconds, it is a bit confusing, but you can get used to it after some time. There are plenty of sound options, but the best one is the default EQ setting.

As I said, their only disadvantage may be the price, they are not very expensive but they are not cheap either. Everything else is top-notch. The USB C connector and the Custom-tuned DAC are great for higher resolution audio output. Also, the highly durable aluminum chassis and the flat cables make these headphones very durable. I almost forgot to mention that the bi-flange ear tips are great for passive noise isolation. Everything about these headphones is great, make sure to check them out.

2. Sony XB950B1

The Sony XB950B1 are amazing headphones that have a very long battery life, fantastic ergonomic and a long connection range. As we know Sony is one of the most popular headphone manufacturers in the market, they never disappoint. These headphones come in a simple, but great layout. There is only one thing that I don’t like about these headphones and that is that when you turn on the Bass Effect you get ridiculously thunderous bass, besides that everything else is perfect.

The first thing that I noticed and loved, was the unboxing part. The unboxing is very easy and there is no chance of damaging the product when unboxing. First, you see the audio goodies inside and I must say that I really liked the interior of the box. Overall the design is very attractive and comfortable. They are available in blue, red, and black models. These headphones have a brushed metallic sheen on the headband and earcups.

The padding of these headphones is very comfortable. Some people find the earcups a bit small for their ears, but overall they are comfortable. Also, the headband adjustor has detents, they allow you to get a precise ear-to-ear fit. On the right ear’s outer panel, you will find dedicated controls for volume up and down, and also a multifunction button that can control call management and playback.

When it comes to performance, the Sony XB950B1 headphones do a pretty good job. The sound quality is just amazing. Something that you should know about listening with the included cable is that it can be used in passive mode. This means that the Bass Effect button is not just for wireless listening but for wired listening too. I love it how Sony has made these headphones sound without distorting wildly.

1. Apple AirPods Pro

One of the best headphones for the iPad are the Apple AirPods Pro. They are one of the most popular and premium headphones in the market. The only thing that you should be worried about these headphones is the price. They are expensive, but if you can afford them you should consider taking a look at the Apple Airpods Pro. Also, something else that you should know is that it may take you some time to controlling them with the touch-sensitive ridge on each stem.

The first thing that caught my eye, was the clean and beautiful look of these headphones. They have a very classy and premium design. They are much more comfortable and fit better than the classic AirPods. The best thing is that you can squeeze the capacitive force sensor, which is a small ridge in each of the buds, and the noise canceling/transparency mode will be activated. However, you can also activate this simply by telling Siri to do that, but if there is too much noise it may not work.

The sound quality is amazing on the AirPods Pro. The bass is very powerful, as well as the treble. The vocals sound very clean and rich. I also noticed that these headphones are ideal for making calls too, thanks to the built-in microphones in each bud. They have many more great features that you should check out.

Something else that I love about these headphones is the battery life. They can last up to 24 hours of listening when fully charged, and that is amazing. However, you should know that they may last you only three and a half hours if you use them as a hands-free microphone for calls. If you have an iPhone 11 Pro, or a new Macbook, you won’t need the charging block, if not, then there is a USB-C cable that you can use. Overall, I can say that they are one of the best headphones for iPad, make sure to check them out and see if these are the headphones you were looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you need special headphones for iPad?

First, you should know that the latest iPad Pro models do not have a standard headphone jack, but other iPad models do. There are plenty of headphones you can use for an iPad, and no, you don't need special headphones for iPad, but make sure to buy the headphones that fit you best.

How do you connect headphones to an iPad?

First, you open the Settings, go to General, and then Bluetooth. Turn on your Bluetooth and place your Bluetooth headset into pairing mode. When you see the device name, tap to pair and connect, and you are good to go.

Why are headphones not working on iPad?

If your headphones are not working on iPad, check for debris in the headphone port on your iPad. You should also check your connector, headphone cable and the earbuds for damage. Also if your iPad has a case, make sure to remove the case to get a firm connection.


As you may know, any headphones should work with your iPad, but not all are best suited for them. You can take a look at the list up above and choose the ones that you like most. All of the top 5 picks are great choices. No matter the purpose, watching movies or listening to music. Make sure to check them out because, in my opinion, these headphones will give you an amazing experience.