gb lowlandsComprised of some of the worlds finest digital and analog crate diggers, we offer the opportunity to bring the award winning GENERATION BASS sound to a party near you! Besides being a top notch blog and snatching up awards and nominations for our trans global music expertise left and right, we are of course also music lovers and dj’s. Depending on location and budget, you have the chance to have us play simple set, host  a full night, or even have us invite some artists from our label and go all out. The GBSS will be performing in different set-ups, trying to match the geographical location of the party with the geographical locations of our bloggers and dj’s. Expect some true next level fire on the dance floor, the newest cuts from the GB blog, mixed with classics. A whirlwind blend of cumbia, tarraxo, kuduro, electro chaabi, moombahton, all sorts of bass sounds and new genres we haven’t even defined yet. It will be dance floor oriented and it will be truly globally rhythmic music.

SDP 2We’ve been playing and hosting events all over the globe, including at big events and festivals like Roskilde (Denmark), Incubate (Holland), Miami (USA) and Lowlands (Holland) and have ripped up clubs all over the Northern hemisphere, from Moscow to London, From Berlin to Rome. Get ready for a night that will feature some of the best new music styles around. Dj’s playing for the GBSS are DJ UMB, SONIDO DEL PRINCIPE/DRVG CVLTVRE, ZANADA, TIGER FEATHER and S X M B R A – Artists involved with GBSS and that could be invited are featured on the blog under ‘artists’.

Contact us with your offers via: GENERATIONBASSBOOKING <at> GMAIL <dot> <com>


GB roskilde 2


  1. hi, I am looking to join the NOVA group. To see what is their condition can be programmed at our festival for All in all (Tout Pour Tous )France.

  2. Hello my name is Shamari Rockca and I am an afrofuturism music producer and I am looking to connect with other afrofuturists of the world. I also currently have a band and we are looking to perform in Europe. Feel free to contact me through my website or email us here at
    [email protected]. We are currently living in Berlin, Germany and we have an upcoming album release for summer 2016.
    Thanks and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

  3. My name is Phenomenon, from Guatamala Quetzaltenango.. i saw one of the album on your site (BALAM AKPU) I have produced for a couple of those artist. also have produced for many artist not just in Quetzaltenango, but around Guatemala and out side of Guatemala in latin America. this is just one of my basic websites i have. i can also send you new music within a month that are native sounds with hip hop.. thank you for your time..

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