Sergio Ruiz (aka Stay Puft) and Enrique Gervilla (aka Broken Lip) founded BSN Posse in 2011 in order to share their common musical tastes and obsessions. Their music draws heavily from electronic bass music genres of the 21st century: Footwork, Grime, Jungle… without forgetting about soul, funk and hip-hop roots. The result of this blend is a high voltage sound recipe that can be appreciated in their vast catalog of EPs and album on Slime Recordings (UK), Car Crash Set (USA), Freshmoon (USA), Hyperboloid Records (RU)…
They have played at festivals such as Sónar (2014) , BAM (2014), ElectroSplash (2015) or MUTEK (2016) and have collaborated with RBMA or Boiler Room amongst others.

EQ Why…. Chicago Rules!

With releases on Duck N’ Cover Records and Booty Tune, and recently launching his own record label Equalized, @eqwhy is making big steps both in Chicago and throughout the world. And now we are proud to welcome him to the biggest Footwork label in the UK, @goodstreetrecords.

Rewind back to 2001-2002 when EQ Why started producing and DJing… long before social media, when real work got put in… and you can hear how that era has influenced his current sound – tracks made for the Footwork circle. Hunt out the videos online and you’ll find dancers at Chicago’s Battlegroundz battling to the tracks on this EP.

The raw, syncopated energy in these five tracks is unmistakeably @eqwhy. The conga rolls and tight percussion is an important element of his sound, and has been done expertly in this release. Upbeat tracks such as ‘Swingin Wit Dis’ and ‘SouthWest’ are contrasted with darker, more in-your-face tracks such as ‘My Brothers Keeper’ and ‘Get High’.

An EP full of heat, produced by one of the biggest producers in the game, and released by one of the most comprehensive and relentless labels in the scene. A real power move for both, pushing the Juke / Footwork sound hard in 2016.