We’ve given you so many presents over the past 6 years and here’s our latest for Xmas 2015.

Streamer: Walking With Camels EP – Free Download

All tracks by Streamer. Feat:
Tracks 1 & 3 Aleksandar Grujic (Keys from Serbia )
Tracks 1 & 3 Christoph Scherbaum (Guitars from Switzerland)
Track 1 Yrjänä Rankka (Bass from Finland)

For this EP, Streamer has taken a leaf from the book of famous French composer Maurice Jarre who scored orchestral soundtracks with a Middle Eastern vibe for world famous movies like “Lawrence of Arabia” and “The man who would be King”.

Streamer takes the blueprint from the soundtracks of such movies to create an EP filled with nostalgia from the era of yesteryear but with a modern Psychedelic Orchestral Dub blend fitting for today. Over the 4 tracks, Streamer scores a sonic, cinematic Desert Wave soundtrack for an imagined movie yet to be made. You can feel the dust and the heat emanating from the desert where the nomads wander searching for the meaning of life. Here, life is simple but complex, harder yet easier and brutal but beautiful and Streamer’s soundtrack underscores all of this.

Have a Happy Middle Eastern Christmas!

Streamer Bio:

Gary Shepherd (UK, in exile in Amsterdam) More known for his compositions in Dance/theatre for the internationally acclaimed choreograph Nicole Beutler. Dropping productions for imaginary films yet unmade. Also Host / DJ, Paradiso, BAU, NB Projects. Amsterdam.



This awesome release is now free for a limited time, grab it now!

In Serbia, there is a custom of firing manual weapons in the air as a gesture of extreme happiness – like birth of a child or marriage.

These weapaons can be guns, pistols or machine guns – AK-47 is quite common in Serbia because one version of that weapon is actually made in Serbia.

So Neki took that machine gun sample and played it at every gig either as Neki or ShazaLaKazoo – in his moments of extreme happiness. After he had used the sample a billion of times live – he decided to pay tribute to that sample and made a track around it – with synths and snares resembling it and this is it.

Featuring remixes by America’s Bad Ass Bass Guru Banginclude and a South African Post-Apocalyptic banger by Maramza.


“The AK-47 (also known as the Kalashnikov, AK, or in Russian slang, Kalash) is a selective-fire (semi-automatic and automatic), gas-operated 7.62×39mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

In the U.S. and Western Europe the AK-47 is stereotypically regarded as the weapon of choice of insurgents, gangsters and terrorists. Conversely, throughout the developing world, the AK-47 can be positively attributed with revolutionaries against foreign occupation, imperialism, or colonialism.

It is believed that AK-47s have caused more deaths than artillery fire, airstrikes and rocket attacks combined. An estimated quarter of a million people are gunned down by bullets from Kalashnikovs every year.”


Neki is no stranger to Generation Bass, as well as being one of our frequent bloggers on all things Balkan Bass; he has had a personal link to UMB for coming up to 10 years now from their association with Balkan Bass giants Shazalakazoo.

Apart from Shazalakazoo, Neki has made quite a name for himself as a producer in the bass scene following his forays into Moombahton, Zouk and many other bass genres, now finding himself sitting pretty and high above the pack for his innovative and unique takes on these genres.

The world needs more Neki!


We’ve been digging South African beat merchant Maramza for quite a while too. Coming to our attention back in 2010 with his “Richard the Third” dubstep material which stood up in terms of high quality. Latterly he has been making a huge name for himself in the Gqom scene.

Maramza is the tapeworm inside your head, straight out of South Africa, a producer of global future bass music.

Beginning his life as Richard the Third over a decade ago producing hip-hop for the likes of Hymphatic Thabs, the late Mischif, Tumi Molekane and plenty more, then going on to be an indie-electro and dubstep DJ playing around SA at clubs like Tokyo Star in Melville and Discoteque at the Assembly, his view of music was drastically changed when he began working with Spoek Mathambo, producing his debut album and touring with him around the world.

Maramza is Richard’s Tyler Durden, pushing him away from his serious underground roots to f*$k with the more hype kwaai sounds of Mzansi bass, gqom and hip-hop.

The results are a mashup of the two worlds, and has seen him release music through Bombaada and Naas, collaborate with artists such as the lovely Moonchild and remix the likes of PHfat, Sibot, Riky Rick and Okmulumkoolkat. His sets mirror his production ethos, a throw-down of bass, hip-hop and house, with a distinctly kwaai sound.

In terms of the remix he did for this release, Maramza says:

“….the deep voice and machine gun samples just got me in an apocalyptic mood. Also I’ve been playing Fallout 4 and thinking a lot about the crumbling of civilisation and how the sooner it happens, the better, even though it will be violent. Musically I’ve been listening to a lot of the darker Gqom, the less melodic stuff, as well as old 90’s industrial music and it all just ended up meshed into one.”


Banginclude is America’s Bad Ass Bass Guru!

He has had a long Generation Bass connection too stretching back to our New Wave of Moombahton compilation back in 2011 when he contributed a track that stood out amongst the sea of mediocre material around at that time. He has gone on from strength to strength and really found his footing with his experimentations into the Tarraxo genre and all its various offspring’s.

He creates Big Room Bad Ass Bass and soon he’ll be taking over America first and then the rest of the world!



Sarantis returns with Karami Part 2.

The 2nd EP kicks off with some Apocalyptic Arabian vybz in the form of “Timewarp”! This is a cinematic Middle Eastern Grime driven track that features the vox of one of our favourite Lebanese singers. It also samples one of the most famous/legendary pieces of music ever that 99% of bellydance beginners will first encounter.

Track 2 is “Desertbound” into North African territory, This soaks in some more Grime, Footwork and heavy Bass flava’s and takes samples from 2 very famous Algerian vocalists whom are both Queens in their own right, and one is Queen of the strings and the other of the desert Rai. This track takes on a slightly animated Kung Fu vibe with shades of the Far East/Orient making a strange presence felt from out of nowhere.

For the next one we venture back into the heart of 80’s Lebanon, one of the golden periods of music from that country and certainly one of our most favourite periods ever for the dreamy number “Spinning”. This is a gorgeous track that makes you feel like you’re floating in the heavens with the angels. Once again this is soundtrack material!

Track 4 is up next and for this we go to Turkey to take inspiration from their 70’s Psychedelic Rock scene. Sarantis draws on that inspiration to create “Trade”, some blistering Juke/Footwork that will blow your mind and your socks off

Finally, the 2nd EP closes with “Didra” which veers away from North Africa and the Middle East into the Indian subcontinent. On this track, Sarantis takes samples from a famous compilation which he recorded into Cubase. He fucked so much with the samples that he can’t now tell which one was the original.

Grab it now for freee:


5 years ago, we released our first Footwork EP called “Freaktion” by Middle Eastern artist Sabbo who used the American RnB scene as a major influence for the sounds on that EP.

4 years on, this time we take from Chicago, USA and go to the Middle East (via Greece & Leeds) with Sarantis for our next EP that features Footwork with some Trap, Dubstep and Grime thrown in for good measure. This new EP soaks in flavours from the Middle East region for a mind-blowing and ground-breaking collision of sounds.

It all started when Sarantis sent us a Syrian inspired Footwork track. We were mind-blown and so we asked for an EP. We shared some of our knowledge & tastes on the wealth of Middle Eastern music with him to provide some stimulation. He used some of that inspiration and came up with 3 additional tracks within 48 hours and so we then had the first EP – Karami Part 1.

Sarantis uses some of the same formulas on the first EP and now returns with Karami Part 2 which is prising open the floodgates for a Middle Eastern Footwork/Grime/Juke explosion.


Sarantis is from Leeds has been making beats since 2002. He started with a grime release in 2005, featuring local talent Tauraus on vocals, establishing Senseless Records and following with a grimey dancehall /dubstep second release, these kind of mash ups would become a signature of trax to come by Sarantis, with mighty Warrior Queen on the vocals. More than money featuring Warrior Queen got a lot of support from djs such as Skream, Mary Anne Hobbes, Starkey, and Taso who put it in his Fabric set. After a break for a couple of years Sarantis came back with a new sound ,but without forgetting his past , making 160 bpm trax . Releases on Senseless Records, Loose Squares, Modern Ruin, Booty Call followed based around the same Chicago influenced sound, but also grime and dancehall tracks came with it. Still on the dancehall, grime and rap sound, there will be feature collaborations coming out with artists as Gala P, Crawler, and Dialect. Other vocalists Sarantis has worked with are Parly B, Dialect, Bunnington Judah, Bongo Chilli, and he has released on Black Acre, Terminal Dusk labels as well. He has support from a lot of DJs all over the world.



Recently there appears to be a proliferation of these anonymous Middle Eastern labels cropping up with a bag of Nu Arab, Future Arab or Arabtronix flavours, whatever you’d like to call it. For me it’s a hugely welcome development as I’ve been craving an Arab renaissance since the humble beginnings of this blog, having specialized in this kind of music for the past 10+ years. It kinda died back in 2008/2009 with little new developments occurring until the past few years.

I have no idea who this label is, where it is based and who is behind it and I’m a little short of time to fully investigate but it’s got some interesting vibes. I just hope it’s not someone playing blackface.


art work-new

You can catch the brilliant Machines In Heaven live at the Sunday Circus 8th Birthday celebrations in Glasgow this Sunday. MiH are on early doors at this show, around 5.30 for an experimental set and so make sure get there early. Read more about the event below.

To get you into the mood, you can check out this exclusive, a brilliant remix of the MiH track “Displacer” lovingly re-worked by Nightwave.

You can grab the full release HERE.

Here’s more about the event:

Petrichor (live) (Soma)
Affi Koman
Machines In Heaven (Experimental set) 5.30PM START


TICKETS SCOTLAND: 0141 204 5151

Michael Mayer, boss and co-founder of Cologne’s seminal Kompakt label (celebrating 20 years this year)- Always distinctive and yet wildly multi-faceted, Kompakt has, throughout its continuing evolution, represented mind blowing big room techno, leftfield pop experimentation and chin-stroking shoegaze. As a DJ Mayer is known for weaving together long and story telling sets of house and techno from across the ages, he is also a super producer and remixer with an enviable and often referenced back catalogue. An integral part in the way that techno has developed in recent years, It’s safe to say he loves being challenged and regardless of the pressure is never putting less than 100% of his heart and soul into everything he does.

Several acts will be joining Michael Mayer at the Old Fruitmarket, first up performing live for a second time at Sunday Circus is the talent that is Simon Stoke’s AKA Petrichor, one of Soma’s rapidly rising stars. People in Glasgow have been buzzing about Simon’s music for years and quite rightly so. Simon’s just released his new album ‘Mångata’ to outstanding reviews (including an album of the month (8/10) in Mixmag). As always on the line up, our own connoisseur Tricky. Showing such a high level of skill in warming up over the years, Tricky can adapt his sound effortlessly delivering some outstanding sets to our crowd and showing why he’s one of Glasgow’s finest. Completing the line up, we are delighted to have Glasgow band Machines In Heaven who will perform an experimental warm up set. Their sound has been described as “an intriguing collision of varied influences, with nods to everything from shoegaze to Prince and Aphex twin” and their recent remix EP “Displacer” features reworkings by The Revenge, Nightwave and Telethon (James from Errors). Plenty to be excited about 🙂

Dj Satelite – Connected To The World EP (Feat. Dj Marfox) : Free Download


Some of us have known for some time that Angola is one of the most interesting musical countries in the dance world. This is the Motherland of some of the most interesting riddims & sounds to have gripped the Western dance world in recent years. A country that has given birth to so much greatness, Kuduro, Tarraxinha, Tarraxo, Semba, Fodencia, Kizomba and Future Tarraxo!

It is with the greatest honour that we are now able to release an EP by one of her sons, the incredible Dj Satelite.

Dj Satelite presents an EP consisting of 3 blistering tracks.

The first track on the EP, “Lisbuanda” is collaboration with one of the sons of the New Wave of Portugal, the legendary Dj Marfox. Marfox is the guy, who like a pied piper, has an army of young producers in Portugal following in his path. He was the first to take out three letters of his name and replace it with the word ‘fox’ and set a trend that many followed in Portugal and there are now so many “foxes” including one in the UK (my younger brother).

This first track is a blistering dance floor bomb and a future classic in the making. The idea was to mix the riddims and drum patterns of Angola (Satellite) with the Synthesizer sound of Lisbon (Marfox), a meeting of minds and Kuduros from Angola to Lisbon. This track should come with a health & safety warning for the dance floor!

The 2 remaining tracks are by Dj Satelite alone and one’s a vocal mix and the other is an instrumental of the same track “Estraçalho”. Satelite says that these tracks were inspired by a fan of his music, Alvinho Boa Morte.

Both tracks are downright funky gems that are going to cause serious heat on the dance floors around the world. Stripped down Angolan Funk at its very best!

Zhe Pechorin – Synesthesia EP


Generation Bass brings back the scorching hot new talent of Zhe Pechorin a.k.a. Anđelina Mićić straight out of Belgrade, Serbia into the fast paced international Generation Bass community for her 3rd EP on our label.

After the tribal percussive excursions of her 1st EP “Smiling Tribes” and the otherworldly 2nd offering “Black Soul”, now on her 3rd EP, we have her experimentations into the phenomenon known as “Synethesia”.

Synesthesia, is a condition in which a person’s senses are joined:

“Synaesthesia is a curious condition where there is a mingling of the senses due to cross-wiring in the brain. Hearing a musical note for example might cause a person with synesthesia to see a particular colour; C is red, F sharp is blue. Or perhaps the number 2 is always green and 5 always blue. Other people may taste spoken words, for example, on hearing the word ‘table’ they might taste apricots, whereas ‘book’ tastes like tomato soup”

So it is this condition that has inspired this 3rd EP.

This EP continues in the Zhe Pechorin tradition to captivate you with its driving percussion, hypnotic synths, and compelling drums.

All 3 tracks follow a similar theme, dark, hypnotic, minimalist post club hues that lull you into a Cinematic world bringing to mind the dystopian soundscapes of Burial, Âme, Nico Jaar and Bladerunner without ever trying to emulate, duplicate or imitate them.  Zhe pays lip service to the same themes in her own, unique and beautiful way.

Zhe Pechorin delivers with style, grace and poise, sounds and riddims that many could only dream of creating. Be prepared to hear a lot more from this brilliant new artist.

“Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, and the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand which plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul”

– Wassily Kandinsky whose artwork graces the cover and who is credited with painting one of the first purely abstract works and who first likened painting to composing music.

Grab her new EP for free for a limited time only:

Grab the rest of her catalogue on Generation Bass:



Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1991, Zhe later moved to Moscow where she lived for 11 years and attended primary and music school. Later she moved to Belgrade, Serbia to graduate from her high school where she studied hospitality and tourism. Currently she resides in Belgrade where she studies Faculty of Philology (Russian, Portuguese and Czech languages).

Her percussive music speaks melodically as well as harmonically while driving her songs like traditional percussion usual tends to do.

Expect to encounter the name Zhe Pechorin a lot more often in the near future as she will surely captivate a global audience.





This week, the great producer Dj Chernobyl send me this amazing release from label Vlad(a french label working in a new model of industry music. They have good releases talking about frech, indie, gheto and folg music. Few of this release is for free download, take a listen here). The EP, Pusha, is a mix of Balkan music with baile funk – which I always thought it was a great combination, but never had a great hit to push the genre to next level. Detail: With Chernobyl, this production is signed by BxPx, giving the east europen accent to track.

Listening to all 4 tracks, the original and 3 remixes, I asked him for a free download track, because there was a amazing material to post here to GB readers. And guess what, WE HAD IT!

It was hard to choose one track for this post. Dj Edgar created a amazing funk vibe mixing his own and unique style to produce and sample to remix it. Solo go ahead and explore the essence of balkan using a lot of akkordeon and giving a new face and rhythm to remix. The Tegaro remix, is that kind of music you can hear in a movie chase scene where the good guy is behind the bad guy and something explose and there is cars and bikes and….you know rigth?!

Well, as you can imaginated, I choose the Dj Edgar remix. (to download, click here and save as)


But you can purchase all the EP too in the link below. You, as a lot or readers, know how hard is the music business, and it’s so hard to receive for a remix or production. So help the next, is the first step to help you, right? Maybe with a digital purchase or with the physical CD. You can choose, but choose one.




We’ve released a fair bit of music inspired by the Middle East and North Africa in our 4 years as a label. Here’s a playlist of all our releases so you can check them out and maybe you’ll stumble across stuff you might have missed in the past.

There’s a whole load more to come into the future!

Cairo Liberation Front : Remix Collection Vol 1 Free Download

CLF artwork

If you can imagine the Stone Roses on a psychedelic trip somewhere in Cairo via Netherlands, Brazil, Greece and Sudan, it’ll provide you with a snapshot of the sound on the new Cairo Liberation Front EP.  In addition to the Psychedelic Indie-Rock/Electro Chaabi fusion, you also get Hip Hop and Baile Funk!

We premiered it on Okayafrica yesterday.  You can now grab it here.

Cairo Liberation Front Remix Collection Vol 1.

In just two years the Dutch DJ- collective Cairo Liberation Front has helped to make the world familiar with the existence of Electro-Cha3bi, a fascinating music genre originating from the popular neighbourhoods of Cairo.

After the release of their first mixtape, with only the best tunes of the underground of Egypt, worldwide media such as the New York Times and The Guardian featured them. With their notorious live reputation they played multiple live shows at big festivals and clubs all over Europe.

Quickly the collective were seen as the European Ambassadors of the Electro Cha3bi genre, also known as “Mahraganat”. In early 2014 they got asked by leading Dutch hip hop label Top Notch if they could remix the hyped single “Oeh Na Na” by Bijlmer rap group SBMG. This request opened up the floodgates and the collective started to get further requests to work on more electro-cha3bi remixes helping to spread the sound all across Europe and the States.

They worked together with baile funk superstar MC Maromba, made a remix for the fresh new talent from Greece, Polygrains, and they also collaborated with DFA/City Slang for a remix of Sinkane’s “New Name” off his latest album “Mean Love”.

This collection consists of previously released remixes, but the opener is a new one; this psychedelic tune is based on Al Lover’s collaboration with Trouble in Mind’s Morgan Delt.
Get ready for the new wave of Egyptian wedding rave!


1. Al Lover feat. Morgan Delt “Super Strength” (Power Plants) [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]
2. Sinkane “New Name” [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]
3. Polygrains “More” [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]
4. SBMG “Oeh Na Na” [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]
5. MC Maromba feat. MC R1 – “Joga o Bumbum Mexe o Bumbum” [Cairo Liberation Front Remix]