#Future Tarraxo


Here’s a mix I did paying tribute to a great new sound that I’ve been falling in love with for the past few years, #FutureTarraxo.

The term “Future Tarraxo” first came to my attention via a track so named by Bison on his Wave of Tarraxinha EP that we released a while back.

As soon as I heard Bison’s sound, I was just head over heels in love with it. In forging this sound, he borrowed a lot of inspiration from the great DJ Znobia but he took it to the next level. Hence why his first EP was called “The Wave of Tarraxinha” suggesting a New Wave had hit our shores and indeed, it had.

This was a new sound albeit it was born and built upon the sounds of before from Angola – Tarraxinha, Kizomba, Zouk & Tarraxo.

Bison formed a partnership with Portugal’s Squareffekt where they both nurtured this sound to include a European Club vibe. They released 2 EP’s which defined this sound “Odyssey of the Mind”.

Others came along taking this sound as an inspiration and they did their own take on it such as Photo Romance. Whilst, another, Tilha was doing something similar but took it an altogether different and much darker, gothic direction.

Then the most famous name of all in this micro-scene, Arca (who has produced both Bjork and Kanye West) dropped some #FutureTarraxo from out of nowhere with a devastating impact.

Arca didn’t call it #FutureTarraxo and none of the numerous publications who covered it on-line (given his Bjork & Kanye fame) knew what it was or what to call it.

We knew what it was, we knew what to call it. There is no denying that this was #FutureTarraxo 100%! Having checked Arca’s soundcloud page around that time, I could see that he had been checking out some of the producers in the Portuguese Bass Underground and so this further confirmed to me that “Thievery” was a deliberate take on #FutureTarraxo!

To me, it is an evolving sound, nothing else sounds quite like it and I’m really interested to hear where its evolution will take it to in the coming years.

This mix is made up of mostly Bison and Bison & Squareffekt tracks with a few by Tilha and one each by Arca & Photo Romance. It is underpinned by the spirit of DJ Znobia, as it could be argued that this sound might not even exist were it not for him.

Space Age Beats from Africa, born in Angola, nurtured in Portugal and presented to the world.



#FutureTarraxo (Sept 2015) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

A New, Mutant strain of African Diaspora soundtracked to the Future by:

1. Bison & Squareffekt – On it’s way to Orbit [Generation Bass]
2. Bison & Squareffekt – Voyager [Enchufada]
3. Bison & Squareffekt – Lightning on Jupiter [Generation Bass]
4. Arca – Thievery [Mute]
5. Bison & Squareffekt – Saturno [Generation Bass]
6. Bison & Squareffekt – Praia Morena [Enchufada]
7. Bison – Ghetto Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
8. Bison – Dangerous Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
9. Tilha – Nada Importa [White]
10.Tilha – Hole [White]
11.Antae – Alma (Photo Romance Remix) [Regional]
12.Bison & Squareffekt – Night Crawlers[Generation Bass]
13.Bison & Squareffekt – Futura [Generation Bass]
14.Bison & Squareffekt – Solaris [Generation Bass]
15.Bison & Squareffekt – Magnetism [Generation Bass]
16.Bison – O Demonio Do Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
17.Tilha – Tarraxo N’Zouk [Generation Bass]
18.Tilha – Esta Noite [Generation Bass]
19.Bison & Squareffekt – Passengers [Rimas & Batidas]
20.Bison & Squareffekt – Neon Lights [Rimas & Batidas]
21.19.Bison & Squareffekt – TGYP [Generation Bass]
22.Bison – Future Tarraxo [Generation Bass]
23.Bison & Squareffekt – Odyssey of the Mind [Generation Bass]









Go over to the site and read what Okayafrica  have to say about the mix.

Download here:

Africa in your Earbuds – African Apocalypse

Here’s what I have to say:

Okayafrica asked me for an Africa in Your Earbuds Mix at least 2 years ago. It’s taken me this long to get around to it because I always wanted to do something extra, extra special for this mixtape series and for this site. It’s a site and series that I really love. And it’s taken me over 2 years to get into this extra special mood to lay down this mix for them.

As usual, recorded live on CDJ’s with manual mixing, basically, a live DJ mix, like all my mixes are.

Artwork – Underdog
Beat Laden – Mastering

Don’t book for me for gigs, book one or more of these guys below and enjoy the mix:

Dj Znobia
Dj Paparazzi
Bison & Squareffekt
Deejay Anderson
Dj Liu K
Mambos Da Casa
Nigga Fox
Dj Marfox
King Kong
Lx Monkey Beatz
Dj Marshall
Beat Laden
Dj Doraemon
Dj BeBeDeRa
Dotorado Pro
Dj Lilocox
Dj Finicox
Dj Zulox
DZC Crew
Dj N.K
Nidia Minaj
Diamond Bass
Dj Satelite
Dj UmbFox
TxiGa Pro
DJ PutOo Helder
Blacksea Não Maya
Deejay KarFoX
Babaz Fox
Power Music Beatz
And the list goes on…….

Black(s) to the Future : Mixtape #1 by MC-C IMPERATRIZ


Cool summer mixtape here from the MC-C Imperatriz for the Black(s) to the Future project which is described as the following:


Black(s) to the Future is a project which develops an Afrofuturistic imagery upgrading our outlook on what’s up in Africa and among its diaspora. It is conceived as a transmedia platform and leans upon broadcasting a new format, a hybrid medium associating visuals and articles around the theme AFRICA + FUTURE.

01 – Rocky Marsiano – Kassula (feat. Sagaz) – Portugal
02 – DJ Lilocox – La Party – Portugal
03 – Freddy Da Stupid – Ta Xuxuado – Mozambique
04 – Staff Paulo – Sapeleme (feat. Gaia Beat & DJ Ricardo Orange) – Angola
05 – O.C Los Bradas – Mokwatzoto (Angola)
06 – DJ Ganyani – Xigubu (feat. FB) – South Africa
07 – Tilla – Alamdullilah – Cameroon
08 – Jovi – Et P8 koi – Cameroon
09 – Kiff No Beat – Tu es dans pain – Ivory Coast
10 – Amenem – Thobghe Si – Gabon
11 – Tour 2 Garde – Pistolet Moutouba – Ivory Coast
12 – Tweezy – Pata Pata – South Africa
13 – Alma Negra – Kuduro da Alma – Netherlands
14 – Gazza – Shuna (feat. Uhuru & DJ Buckz) – Namibia
15 – Max Le Daron – Gulder Riddim – Belgium/Ghana
16 – Owiny Sigoma Band – Changa Attack – UK/Kenya
17 – Batida – Bazuka – Portugal
18 – Kaba Blon – Moriba Yassa (Daniel Haaksman Edit) – Mali
19 – Dr.Dragon – Sonny – Gabon
20 – DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn Meet Tshetsha Boys – US/South Africa
21 – Yola – To Mbora Brinca – Angola
22 – Os Nove Beijos – Dança Mexe Mexe (feat. Puto Cossa) – Angola

Techno Arabe Volume 2

TA VOL2purple1

Techno Arabe is a dark, dystopian Techno journey into the heart of the Middle East.

Whereas, Arabtronix is about Bass & Electronic sounds incorporating Middle Eastern elements and Arabtek is more about House, Tech House, Minimal, Techno, Electronic and a variety of other Middle Eastern sounding stuff, Techno Arabe is what it says on the tin. Heavy Techno influenced dance music with tinges of Middle Eastern sounds.

It’s a journey and it’s the kind of stuff you could play at a “rave” (preferably outdoor) anywhere in the world in front of an audience who appreciate dark, industrial sounding dance music. It’s sure to get a crowd rocking hard.

As usual, recorded live on CDJ’s with manual mixing and with no pre or post production work. Basically, a live DJ mix, like all my mixes are!

Download Volume 2 now:

TECHNO ARABE VOLUME 2 [May 2015] by Dj Umb on Mixcloud


287677bf0850c64eb985fb6244ce815a multi

Desert Wave is an Arabic/Eastern themed concept which is both ambient and rave in equal measure.

It conceptualizes a hallucinogenic & psychedelic vibe where you can trip’ the **** out either in mellow mood at the Sand Dunes (dreaming your dreams) or more upbeat at the Light Fantastic, raving till dawn.

Part 1 – Trippin’ at the Sand Dunes:

A collage of cinematic, ambient & club sounds draw from music made by emerging artists from the Middle East, artists from the past, western artists with an interest in the Middle East, movie soundtracks, the deeply spiritual, video game composers and much, much more. Nestled amongst all of this is one of the world’s greatest ever rock bands but in this collection they are made to sound just as anonymous as many of the other artists they feel comfortable to sit with in the mix, truly hUMBled 🙂

DesertWave – Part 1 Trippin’ at the Sand Dunes (March 2015) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

Part 2 – Trippin’ the Light Fantastic:

The higher octane side embraces psychedelic club sounds that take you on a shamanic journey that lilts you into a deep trance and draws from music on the leftfield of the dance world. Here you get the latest underground merging with some classic and relatively unknown material of the past and some real curveballs thrown in to add that unique experience from 60’s drone merchants, 70’s & 80’s Electronic pioneers, one of the 90’s biggest Electronic acts and also North African infused Krautrock and finishing with musicians in North Africa paying homage to a Rolling Stone.

DesertWave Part 2 – Trippin’ the Light Fantastic (March 2015) by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

Here’s some of the Artists on the mixes, which might come as a bit of a surprise to some of you:



Regarded as one of the greatest ever Krautrock albums, this debut release by German band Agitation Free saw them taking in the Middle Eastern vibes as far back as in 1972.   Heavily inspired by Egypt and full of “dueling guitars, spacy synth work, desert rhythms and taped sounds of dusky cities… adding depth and spice to the otherwise smooth, Teutonic grooves.”

This is one of the greatest ever albums in any genre and I would strongly reccommend that you buy the whole album.

The vibe of the track I used just fitted this whole concept in feel and atmosphere and it’s relative anonymity just added to its allure!



Another act from the 60’s who were hugely influential in both the Krautrock and Electronic worlds.  In 1983 though they released an album called “Hyperborea”.

“‘No Man’s Land’ was a tour de force of conception full of spirited North African pipe and drum inflections. Its oriental flavour was increased by the use of exceptionally crafted electronic sitar and tabla sounds. With its hazy Moroccan dance feel and use of additive and cyclical melodies ‘No Man’s Land’ was an entrancing nine minutes of luminous Dream music.”

The track I used just sets off the second ambient passage of Part 2 perfectly!



The sustained oriental drones in this epic track had to be included.

The track in the mix beautifully concludes the second ambient passage in Part 2 before the mix really starts to rise up a few gears with more dance oriented material.



Led Zeppelin are well known for their forays into Middle Eastern music with their world conquering “Kashmir” track and they have hinted at the Middle East in other tracks like “Friends”.  From the same album as Kashmir, I used a track that has all the eerie, transcendental atmospherics of the kind of vibe I wanted to create for the first mix  and I think it is snuck in there (in edited form) in completely mysterious and anonymous fashion.  If you didn’t know Led Zeppelin material, you couldn’t be blamed for not recognizing it was a tune from one of the world’s greatest ever rock bands.



No, it’s not “Galvanize”, a track that was based on “Just Tell Me the Truth” by Morocco’s Najaat Aatabou.  It was originally a big hit in Morocco in or about 1993 and was sampled by the Chemical Brothers in their worldwide hit “Galvanize” in 2005 which sold over one million singles.

I was lucky enough to be 1 of only 2 people ever to be granted permission to license this track for a compilation, my Experience Morocco comp.  The other being, PAUL BOWLES!!!!  Indeed the track on my & Paul Bowles’ compilations is only an MP3.  A WAV version does not exist.  Najaat had agreed to re-record the track for me at the time of my compilation but it didn’t happen in the end cause she suddenly wasn’t in the mood for it!!!!

The Chemical Brothers track that I have used in Part 2 came much later than Galvanize and it’s a heavy, Big Beat Floor Stomper of a Middle Eastern tinged track that has been grossly overlooked.  I hope more people find it now or pay more attention because of its inclusion in this mix.



Amongst all the big ass dudes in the mix, who are in the minority, there’s some equally enthralling little known guys like The Blue Lily Commission aka Steve Palmer from my neck of the woods.  He makes global music that also fuses synthesisers into the swirly mix and some of his tracks are an intoxicating brew like the one I used which is probably one of my favourite tracks over the 2 mixes.

Please check out his material, some of it is pretty mega:



What can you say about this man and that hasn’t been said before…..BLADERUNNER……!!!

I have used a few tracks, one from that soundtrack and a few from other albums and one that is not him but which might be mistaken for him.

He is the master at evoking future sounds and when those sounds have a Middle Eastern tinge, it’s better than sex!


Yellow One Second

Yello were one of the first Electronic acts that intrigued me and I’ve been a huge follower of them since they hooked me in. There’s a great Snake Charmer-esque track by them that I’ve included in this mix, it’s brilliant.

The Master Musicians of Jajouka


We were lucky enough to include a transcendental track by these legendary dudes on our Transnational Dubstep Compilation when they teamed up with Dub Gabriel and ex-Bauhaus & Love & Rockets bassist, David J.

“The Master Musicians of Joujouka are Jbala Sufi trance musicians most famous for their connections with the Beat Generation and the Rolling Stones founder Brian Jones.”

I’ve taken a track from their Sub Rosa release which is in the praise of the last coming of Brian Jones and it’s dead trippy – “brahim jones joujouka very stoned”!!



Stephane is a French composer of video game music and his Dune soundtrack is legendary.

The tracks here on Part 1 are renditions of the Dune soundtrack played through dunemidi.exe in DOSBox.



Another French Composer best known for working with Luc Besson.  He’s done some great soundtracks, many of which include arabic inspired sounds.

Other Artists

If you’re into the Arabic Undeground, you’ll know some of the other stuff by dudes like Professor Genius, Crackboy, Legowelt, Acid Arab, El Mahdy Jr and our Generation Bass dude C-Productions!



The brilliant DJ N.K. of the Portuguese New Wave crams 19 hot Kuduro tracks into a blistering 7 minute mix. Awesome!


His brilliant EP is still available on Generation Bass:

Arabtronix Volume 4 [Arabic Synth-Pop/Italo/Electronica/Trip Hop/Skweee]


This is the latest instalment of my Arabtronix mixtape series.

Arabtronix is a mix series focusing upon Western Club & Bass sounds inspired by the Middle East, North Africa & including some Turkish, Hebrew & Persian sounds thrown in for good measure too. It is purely electronic in its roots! A lot of the artists who feature are indigenous to or who originate from the Middle East, North Africa, Persia & Turkey.

It draws upon recently released music & also from music that I’ve been collecting for some years. As A DJ I use to specialise in this kind of music & so I’ve collected some great stuff throughout the preceding years.

Arabtronix 4’s main focus is on Synth-Pop & Electronica. It’s a mix that showcases the latest electronic Arabic incarnations & also it goes back in time to the 80’s too.

I wanted to do a mix purely of Arabic material which evoked the spirit of 80’s New Wave but this proved to be quite a difficult task to accomplish as there just isn’t enough of that kind of vibe around that was given the Arabic sugar-coating. So I had to ditch that idea and instead went through some of the Arabic music I had collected from various decades, all of which were imbued with a western electronic influence.

This mix starts off with some awesome 80’s influenced New/Cold Wave by artists based in the Middle East & North Africa. It then goes into some Electronica & Trip Hop from the 2000’s period taking in some Arabic & Turkish vibes. It pauses for breath with some vintage Lebanese Pop from the 80’s before taking in some tasty Hebrew Electronica. It then takes a stop at Skweee junction with some incredible Skweee influenced by Arabic sounds & scales. This is followed by some Italo Disco from the early 80’s including Arabic covers of some big (& some cheesy) tracks from the 80’s & 90’s including an Arabic version of ‘Tom’s Diner”! Penultimately, the mix soaks in some B-Boy 80’s influence with a Middle Eastern tinge before it finishes off with some new sounds fusing Egyptian Electro Chaabi with Indie Rock (think, Arabian Stone Roses!).

This is another unique mix encompassing a lot of material that a majority of people will not be familiar with and would not have heard of before.

Think of it as a cinematic trip to the Middle East with a predominant Western aesthetic.

Download it now:

ArabTronix Volume 4 [Feb 2015] by Dj Umb on Mixcloud

Grab all 4 whilst you’re at it:

Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#2!

February Mixtape!


Last month I told you everything about the developments that take place in the global bass scene and that we keep track of them. We have launched a monthyl mixtape concept and now it’s time review Febraury!

This edition was compiled and mixed by Sonido Del Principe from the Generation Bass Soundsystem! A solid state of the art mix!

Listen to the mixtape below and see what happened!

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/GenerationBass1/gbmix2/ width=660 height=388 color=0b00ff]


1. Charger#0 by Drvg Culture
2. Eco by Chancha Via Circuito
3. Altar De Muertos by Don Chon El Enterrador

4. Tarracho Nervoso by Dj Nervoso
5. Amadora Zouk by Drvg Cvltvre
6. Soy El Diablo by Stark
7. Cock & Bull by Jet Airess
8. Monadnock by JSTJR
9. Estilo by Neto8a
10 .Asesino by Bad Panda Y Rafa Caivano
11. Klajnak by Frikstailers
12. Mañana by Monarka
13. Batucada Das 04h by Leo beatz
14. Zulu Carnival by Tony Quattro
15. Bubbah Meck by Banginclude

Lebanese Love Songs from the 80's [Free Download]

Leb Luv Camels

This is the sound of <3 Break! This is the sound of Lebanese Love Songs from the 80’s!

This mixtape premiered in the brilliant Middle Eastern & North African playlist in The Guardian, go and check out what they had to say.

Here’s what I have to say:

I find 80’s Lebanese music some of the most romantic I have ever heard and it appeals to my heart and mind and never ceases to astound me with its beauty!

80’s Lebanese music is still considered by many in the Arab world as part of The Golden Age of Lebanese Music! Indeed, in the 80’s many Lebanese artists duplicated the essence of their musical heritage from earlier decades but this time they imbued it with western inspiration and included western instruments like the electric guitar and electronic drums. It was an exciting time as the past fused with the present to showcase the future!

To me it still sounds so timeless and futuristic whilst at the same time sounding authentic, classical and (welcomingly) dated too!

This mix that I did contains many styles from classical styles through to western fusion. In a lot of the tracks you’ll hear early incantations of popular American R&B, lush orchestral ballads, torch songs, bellydance songs and tracks with shades of Reggaeton and even TechnoBrega of all things!

When you are growing up and getting into music and live in one part of the world, unfortunately it sometimes means that you do not get to hear the Ronettes, Frank Sinatra’s, George Michael’s and Shakira’s of the other part of the world. Lebanon has its own Ronettes, Sinatra’s, Michael’s and Shakira’s and most of us never knew that.

I mention the Ronettes as there’s some tracks on this mixtape by Lebanese girl groups that echo with hues of them, evoking the same spirit, subject matters and the same teen heartbreak!

Sinatra because there’s an awesome Lebanese cover of one of his most famous tracks and George Michael too because a couple of the tracks kind of remind me of his moods, most notably of the “Careless Whisper” variety.

I mention Shakira because she has a dual Colombian and Lebanese heritage, the latter via her father. You could probably have guessed that already from seeing her dance, we all know about her dancing, but you can hear it in her music too. Her biggest hit and one of the world’s biggest ever singles (and one of my personal faves) “Hips Don’t Lie” is often cited as containing a horn sample from a 1992 Spanish song “Amores Como el Nuestro” by Jerry Rivera.

However, to me, that same horn sample has always sounded strikingly Lebanese! The sample sounds very similar to one contained in a 1980’s Lebanese song, “Ta’a Ninsa Keef Ikberna”. You can hear it around the 41 minute mark in my mix. Btw, I have no idea who the artist is. It is possible that Shakira probably first heard it from amongst her paternal family’s music collection and it struck a familiar chord with her.

So you have more than just a hint of Lebanon via the roots of the artist in one of the world’s biggest hit songs. You also have the “actual sound” of 80’s Lebanon too!

I had over 1000 (one-thousand) tracks to choose from in my collection which I narrowed down to 20 for this mix. They’re some of the ones that appealed most to my sensibilities and personal tastes! I have not included a track list because I never usually do with any of my Arabic mixes because this music is extra special to me and I’m quite possessive over it. If you’re interested in this stuff, start digging, it’s not that hard to find and it’s what DJ’s/music lovers do!

You do not have to understand the Arabic language to fall in love with a lot of these tunes! Indeed, the Arabic Voice and its music is some of the most beautiful & heart-breaking in the whole world, it’s just that many of you don’t know it, just yet!

As usual, recorded live on CDJ’s with manual mixing and with no pre or post production work. Basically, a live DJ mix, like all my mixes are.

Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#1!


Lost track?

In the Global Bass scene, it’s all about new developements, movements and new mixtures. It’s always progressing: new tunes appear from all over the globe, new fresh productions from young kids. Keeping up with these creations is what we do. We spread them. But over time it gets hard to see through what actually happened. Before we aware of it we’re already weeks into digging into something knew.

Generation Bass Mixtapes?

Alot can happen in a month. So we came up with the idea to summarize events that took place in a month into a mixtape! Not only recapping all releases, but also introducing new names and genre’s that emerged that month. Giving us and the world an understanding what actually took place in a few weeks time! And looking back at these mixtapes over months gives us a better clear image of the highlights that time.


The first edition will be performed by me, for the upcoming ones, you’ll have to wait. Occasionally, we’ll have guests create the mixes! Giving their view on the recent music developements.


Like I just mentioned, these mixtape will introduce not only hot new productions by the trend setters but also bring new names into the game. As for this edition, names such as Mr. E, Bazooka Sound and many many more with amazing tracks. All mixed into one mixtape.

As hereby starts January, let’s see what happened! Enjoy!

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/GenerationBass1/gbmix1/ width=660 height=388 color=6b00ff]