Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#5! S X M B R A

It’s been a while, but we’re back.

With alot going on behind the scenes at Generation Bass, I managed to re-launch the mixtape concept. With many names still to come, we look at one of our own members again, this time the pioneer S X M B R A made his addition to the series.



One of the main things that keeps fascinating me is the blurring line between science-fiction and reality. The rapid technological changes taking place in today’s world as well as the extreme, pre-collapse, manifestations of capitalism and growing inequality mirror the dystopian visions of the cyberpunk movement of the 1980s.
The 1980s inspired a wave of all kinds of dark music which contrasted with the sounds from the previous decades. Now, in a similar way, after the innocent optimistic 90s and the hyper-hedonistic 00s, a new dark era is taking shape around us, but this one is truly digital and the internet is changing everything around is that has existed before by continuous destruction and reconstruction of existing concepts and realities. Underground movements like cyberpunk, hiphop, goth and club culture are at the same time completely dead and completely alive online in the most absurd hybrid forms.
At the same time, the hyperreal experiences that we can have online and in movies and games, blurs the line between real and unreal, reducing ideas like rebellion to mere aesthetics that can be consumed from a safe distance. This is also my problem with traditional notions of dystopia and apocalypse. In many cases these are fantasies of the privileged afraid to loose their privilege. We constantly need to remind ourselves that for many other people in this world, people of color in particular, these visions have already been totally real for many generations.
The final trigger was a quote I came accross on Tumblr that says: “Ferguson Police Department exists to remind us all we are actually in the sci fi dystopian movies we used to watch on tv as children and comforted ourselves by thinking we were 100 year away from.”

This mixtape, combining music from scenes as far apart as the upcoming trax club avant-garde, chicago drill, vaporwave and alternative hardcore is the musical expression of that message..
Mixtape produced by S X M B R A in collaboration with Gideon.


Michael McCann ft. Louis Farrakhan – Deus Ex Mankind Divided Trailer Soundtrack + Chicago Militarization speech (Sxmbra mashup)
OnlyNow – Dante
Dj LyCox – Não Brinques Comigo
Siete Catorce X Bison & Squareffekt – Bantungo
Nazar – 10 000 Africans
S x m b r a – Entiende (World Domination VIP)
Kamixlo – Mata Lo
Maffalda – Diversidade Putaristica
DODBB – Planetary Riot
Dahrk Wheb – 遅いブレード
Yung Internet – Herman Bredeh
King Louie – Throw Yo Sets Up
Maramza – Dogs N Robbers
Ekman – The Tresspasser
Mystification – Contaminated Soul
Monotronique – Voodoo
Volkanos – Lwas Collected…
Gameface X Bruno Alison – Prophecy
Dj LyCox – É So Aviso
Ragnarok X Synaptic Memories – Groundwalkers
2 8 1 4 – 真実の恋
Elysia Crampton – Axacan

Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#4! Tribilín Sound

Next edition has landed: April Mixtape mixed and compiled by Tribilín Sound!


01 Qapac- Solar
02 Babylon Fall feat. JMan (Silly Tang Remix)
03 Lascivio Bohemia – La Cumbia de Los Viajeros
04 El Tunche Soundsystem – Cumbia Insurgente
05 El Barba Dub – Tenga Pa Que Se Entretenga
06 Lascivio Bohemia – Saboralia
07 Los Ribereños – Silbando (Tribilin Sound Treatment)
08 Dj Neber – Cumbia inzolente
09 Pa Kongal – Guayaba
10 Black Mandingo & Relo – Trippin
11 La Luna – Ther Mind
12 Tribilin Sound – Faquer
13 Chulkiboi – Eat Me

Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#3! RSS BOYS

March Mixtape by RSS Boys!

We’re in april so it’s time to take a look back in March: RSS Boys have something for us!

[mixcloud width=660 height=208 color=3f00ff hide_tracklist=1]


00:00 W R RSS B0YS
01:04 PYTYK 1 *
07:59 00T0P
14:07 B0YS ***
17:10 TSAR P0L0Z – MAMB0 (RSS B0YS G0 M00MB0H RMX)
24:31 PYTYK 2 *
31:51 SKR00 *
33:32 MANYANDA (CEWA) **
36:40 YYST WYYST ***
39:02 PYTYK 3 *
58:05 MUNGABE (CEWA) **

*** – FR0M HDDN YLB00M (MIK MUSIK / BDTA 2015)

Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#2!

February Mixtape!


Last month I told you everything about the developments that take place in the global bass scene and that we keep track of them. We have launched a monthyl mixtape concept and now it’s time review Febraury!

This edition was compiled and mixed by Sonido Del Principe from the Generation Bass Soundsystem! A solid state of the art mix!

Listen to the mixtape below and see what happened!

[mixcloud width=660 height=388 color=0b00ff]


1. Charger#0 by Drvg Culture
2. Eco by Chancha Via Circuito
3. Altar De Muertos by Don Chon El Enterrador

4. Tarracho Nervoso by Dj Nervoso
5. Amadora Zouk by Drvg Cvltvre
6. Soy El Diablo by Stark
7. Cock & Bull by Jet Airess
8. Monadnock by JSTJR
9. Estilo by Neto8a
10 .Asesino by Bad Panda Y Rafa Caivano
11. Klajnak by Frikstailers
12. Mañana by Monarka
13. Batucada Das 04h by Leo beatz
14. Zulu Carnival by Tony Quattro
15. Bubbah Meck by Banginclude

Generation Bass presents: GBMIX#1!


Lost track?

In the Global Bass scene, it’s all about new developements, movements and new mixtures. It’s always progressing: new tunes appear from all over the globe, new fresh productions from young kids. Keeping up with these creations is what we do. We spread them. But over time it gets hard to see through what actually happened. Before we aware of it we’re already weeks into digging into something knew.

Generation Bass Mixtapes?

Alot can happen in a month. So we came up with the idea to summarize events that took place in a month into a mixtape! Not only recapping all releases, but also introducing new names and genre’s that emerged that month. Giving us and the world an understanding what actually took place in a few weeks time! And looking back at these mixtapes over months gives us a better clear image of the highlights that time.


The first edition will be performed by me, for the upcoming ones, you’ll have to wait. Occasionally, we’ll have guests create the mixes! Giving their view on the recent music developements.


Like I just mentioned, these mixtape will introduce not only hot new productions by the trend setters but also bring new names into the game. As for this edition, names such as Mr. E, Bazooka Sound and many many more with amazing tracks. All mixed into one mixtape.

As hereby starts January, let’s see what happened! Enjoy!

[mixcloud width=660 height=388 color=6b00ff]