ABUELA – SAPA [Transnational Psychedelica]


What would you get if you crossed The Beatles with The Flaming Lips and Peruvian Pan Flutes, well you’d kinda like get this deep, weird, psychedelic greatness.

ABUELA is the collaborative project from E. Vax (Ratatat, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi, Despot) and Agustin White (White Flight, White Ark, White Wizard) Music recorded and video shot in Peru’s Sacred Valley.

Debut single “True Colors” to be released February 4th, 2014
Full length to follow.

Tip O’ Hat 2 Anna K!

Nicolas Jaar – Our World [John Lennon Tribute Mix]


33 years ago John Lennon was murdered.  I’ll never forget the day, actually, it counts as one of the saddest days of my life.

We have a strong love and connection to The Beatles on this blog and this mix is so welcome on these pages and the fact that it’s by one of our favourite current producers, Nico Jaar, just fills us with awe.

It’s a beautiful and a fitting tribute, pure genius.  One of the best mixes of 2013!



Neki is one bad ass producer, one of the finest and most underrated producers in the Transnational Bass scene. If Transnational Bass was massive like Trap or Twerk or any other of the big fad genres, he would righfully be pretty massive, selling out Madison Square Gardens with his take on Silenton amongst other genres.

I first came across him when I was working on my Global Elektro mixtape back in 2006 and I was searching for Elektro tracks with a Balkan twist and I came across Shazalakazoo on My Space. We kind of got talking and kept in touch through the years.

He’ so good and prolific that it’s really hard to keep up with all his stuff, he’s a one man mad machine and every track he drops slays the dancefloors. Be It Balkan, Baile Funk, Moombahton or Zouk Bass and any number of hybrids in between.

He is one of my faves, period!

He should be one of yours too!



Here he shares an awesome selection of tracks that he says influenced him as human being. Some real beauty here.

Let the chronilogical countdown begin:


Little kids watch cartoons. And I was no exception. These were my favourite tunes from the toons when I was a kid in early 80`s. Hail the Norwegian guy, he was pure pure genious.


This was my very 1st encounter with instruments and music of India. I was 6 years old then and haven`t heard about psychedelic drugs whatsoever. But I was stunned anyway. I played it again and again on my cassette player.


In the age of 10 I discovered this English band. I had a lot of favourite tunes from them in different periods of life, but all in all – this is the top one.


And later on I discovered jazz. All kinds of it, but jazz in 6/4 beat was my favourite for some reason. And this American saxophonist, too


Later I discovered early music. I still love it and play on woodwinds. This one is peaceful human rights propaganda song from 13th century that kindly invites the aristocracy to join the 5th Crusade.


In the same period I discovered that my own tribe also had some Middle Ages. This one is a festive juggler`s tune, played in nice 9/8 beat. I even remixed it within ShazaLaKazoo.


And then I discovered Bach. When it comes to Baroque – nobody beats this German guy. I know that he has far better tracks than this one, but I still like to sing this when I`m drunk.


This is the Monastic Choir of Simonopetra of the Holy Mount of Athos. Brilliant. They can`t fuck because they`re monks, but hey, they can sing like angels. Full respect for them.


Later on I discovered folk music. And I`m still into it. I gotta be, i`m an anthropologist. This is from the mountains of North West Greece.


The thing I like to find the most is crossover between folk songs and electronic rhythm not made by DJ`s or producers but by folk musicians themselves. This one is the best example.  It`s from the Šar Mountains of the Balkan Peninsula. Gorani people, Slavic Muslim ethnic group of Serbian descent.

Transnational Dance/Bass : The Next Big Thing Soon!

Lead singer Thom Yorke performs

You know western Rockstars getting into Transnational sounds ain’t a new thing.

The Beatles were doing it in the 60’s with Indian sounds, Led Zeppelin were also experimenting with it in the 70’s with Arabic sounds.  The Clash were mixing up Rock with Reggae in the late 70’s.  Peter Gabriel and Paul Simon started their experimentations with African sounds in the 80’s as did Byrne and Eno with Arabic sounds.  Erik B & Rakim were sampling Ofra Haza in the 80’s too.

The 90’s opened up Rai to the world and  a wealth of new Transnational Roots music plus some of the first Transnational Bass bands like Transglobal Underground and Afro Celt Soundsystem and the Asian Underground in the UK was in full flow with DnB.

In the noughties, Transnational sounds almost entered into the mainstream with massive successes like The Buena Vista Social Club project and Manu Chao.  A clutch of fusion styles started emerging and the great Buddha Bar franchise opened up the tastebuds of millions of people via their enormously popular chill and lounge compilations which have in turn sold millions of copies.  The likes of Johnny Depp bigging up the Balkan Gypsy sound and labels like Sublime Frequencies & Soundway Records, amongst others, finding their way into the record collections of white indie rock kids.  These kids are then inspired to set up bands like Vampire Weekend and others, making the inclusion of African guitar riffs and other Transnational sounds a growing custom.  Of course there was also M.I.A. doing Baile Funk!

In the Teens, Transnational Sounds are spreading like wildfire, Bjork doing a track with Omar Souleyman, The Strokes taking on Tecnobrega and producers like Diplo and others threatening to make a bunch of Transnational dance tracks with top stars like Beyonce.

So it’s really no surprise that more and more people will be incorporating Transnational dance sounds into their listening habits, music collections and also into their DJ sets/mixes.  Transnational dance is gonna be the NEXT BIG thing someday soon and blogs like ours are right on the crest of that wave.

So it’s great to hear Thom York reinforce this and to say the following in a recent Guardian interview.  This is alone worthy of doing this post because it also reinforces why we do what we do.  Someday soon a lot  more people will get it and hopefully it’ll bring us all a lot closer too!

“When I’m DJing I always put an afrobeat tune in between dance tracks of the same speed because it suddenly loosens everything up. Because it’s more human… ” 

Read the full interview HERE!





Indian sitar maestro Ravi Shankar has died in a hospital in the US, aged 92.

His family said he had been admitted to the Scripps Memorial Hospital in San Diego last week, but had failed to recover fully from surgery.

Shankar gained widespread international recognition through his association with The Beatles.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh described him as a “national treasure and global ambassador of India’s cultural heritage”.

In a statement quoted by Reuters, Shankar’s wife Sukanya and daughter Anoushka said he had recently undergone surgery which would have “potentially given him a new lease of life”.

“Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of the surgeons and doctors taking care of him, his body was not able to withstand the strain of the surgery,” they said.

“We were at his side when he passed away.

“Although it is a time for sorrow and sadness, it is also a time for all of us to give thanks and to be grateful that we were able to have him as a part of our lives. He will live forever in our hearts and in his music.”

Anoushka Shankar is herself a sitar player. Shankar’s other daughter is Grammy award winning singer Norah Jones.

‘Respect for music’

George Harrison of the Beatles once called Shankar “the godfather of world music”.

He played at Woodstock and the 1967 Monterey Pop festival, and also collaborated with violinist Yehudi Menuhin and jazz saxophonist John Coltrane.

Shankar also composed a number of film scores – notably Satyajit Ray’s celebrated Apu trilogy (1951-55) and Richard Attenborough’s Gandhi (1982) – and collaborated with US composer Philip Glass in Passages in 1990.

Talking in later life about his experiences at the influential Monterey Pop festival, Ravi Shankar said he was “shocked to see people dressing so flamboyantly”.

He told Rolling Stone magazine that he was horrified when Jimi Hendrix set his guitar on fire on stage.

“That was too much for me. In our culture, we have such respect for musical instruments, they are like part of God,” he said.

In 1999, Shankar was awarded the highest civilian citation in India – the Bharat Ratna, or Jewel of India.

Born into a Bengali family in the ancient Indian city of Varanasi, Ravi Shankar was originally a dancer with his brother’s troupe.

He gave up dancing to study the sitar at the age of 18.

For seven years Shankar studied under Baba Allauddin Khan, founder of the Maihar Gharana style of Hindustani classical music, and became well-known in India for his virtuoso sitar playing.

For the last years of his life, Ravi Shankar lived in Encinitas, California, with his wife.



Our buddy Starfire  is back with another great new single.

This time he goes for more of a Glitch Hop feel and I’m really feelin’ this different direction he has taken , especially with the recruitment of Mc iCatching who sounds pretty dope!  It’s got a kinda 80’s feel about the melody with an underlying sexxxy bass grooviness and I luv that.

Stream the Single here with some cool remixes:

Now Available Exclusively Through Beatport. 

To View, Click Here. Available Everywhere July 24th.


David Starfire returns with a catchy new, “glitch hop” anthem, “Jumpin Off”, featuring infectious MC work from iCatching and production assistance from Koian. The new “Jumpin Off” EP also includes stellar remix work from Beats Antique’s Sidecar Tommy and glitch favorite, Samples. Now available exclusively on Beatport, the new tracks & remixes should be heating up dance-floors around the world throughout the summer.

David Starfire is a producer/DJ and multi- instrumentalist who has performed at Coachella, Burning Man, Shambhala, Love Parade, Winter Music Conference, Symbiosis and other A-list festivals. As a songwriter he has collaborated with the likes of FreQ Nasty, Ooah (Glitch Mob), Afrika Bambaata, MC 900 Ft Jesus, Wire Train, and American Music Club. His music has been licensed and featured on NBC, Fox, ESPN2, Fox Sports, MTV, and HBO. His latest full length CD, Bollyhood Bass was released in 2010 and was followed by two remix EPs on Six Degrees Records. He is currently completing his new album.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

David Starfire
Sat 5/26/12 75th Anniversary Of Golden Gate Bridge @ Fisherman’s Wharf
San Francisco, CA
Sun 5/27/12 75th Anniversary Of Golden Gate Bridge @ Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco, CA
Fri 6/1/12 Raindance Campout Saratoga Springs, Upper Lake, CA
Fri 6/8/12 Ra’Hjve Festival
Santa Fe, NM
Sat 6/29/02 Enchanted Forest Festival @ Masonite – Navarro BSA Camp Navarro, CA
Wed 7/18/12 Mystic Garden Gathering Selma, OR
Fri 7/27/12 River Beats Festival @ State Bridge River Ampitheatre Bond, CO
Fri 8/3/12 The Gaia Festival

Beatles Freebie:

Beatles always make me cry…..

LaZerDeLicA – We r floating in space!


LazerDeLicA = LaZeRs+Psychedelica+Bass

This is a story about a couple who are on a double high:
1 – They r in <3
2 – They r floating in space



1st cut / Live Recording on Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKII & Pioneer DJM 600

LaZerDeLiCa (We r floating in Space) (March 2011) by djumb

1. We r floating in space – Spiritualized
2. Painted Sky (Grillo rmx) – Seba
3. Because (Across Universe version) – Beatles
4. Because (GoldRush rmx) – Beatles
5. Come In Number 51 Your Time Is Up – Pink Floyd
6. Planet Caravan – Black Sabbath
7. Creep (DFA rmx) – Radiohead
8. Moonshine – Wizard (Gen Bass)
9. Grit Shifer – Nit Grit
10. I got what you want Boy – MartyParty
11. Los Angeles – MartyParty
12. Out Here – NastyNasty
13. Luv U – +verb
14. Dreams – Love & Light
15. New York Legs – NastyNasty
16. TruPlaya – GoldRush
17. SuperSymmetry – GoldRush
18. You – Gold Panda
19. Find Me – GoldRush
20. W o r d – Star Slinger
21. A Day in the Life (edit) – Beatles
22. He’s Simple, He’s Dumb, He’s The Pilot (edit) – Grandaddy
23. Tell Me if you like it (rmx ?) – Matt!Damon! w/ Cassie

Inspired by gorgeous, thought provoking collages such as this:


We all have at least ONE gig that stays long in the memory and Roskilde might end up being mine!

Just like Zeppelin had their Madison Square Gardens in 73 or Knebworth in 79.  U2 had their Red Rocks in 83.  The Beatles had their Shea Stadium moment in whenever that was 🙂

Yep, they’re all bona fide rock stars..lol..which distinguishes them from me in a MASSIVE way, cause I ain’t even a famous DJ, but man, I had my moment too.  In my mind, it goes up there with what they had.

Yeah, I promise this is the last time, of my own volition, that I write about it, “anywhere”..lol..

So please allow me to have this one final ocassion to share it with you and to bury it once and for all..lol…

It was a gig, where within 10 minutes, I’d built up a crowd from around a 1000 to over 6000 kids, going nutz to dubstep!

So I finally found some time to get around to recording the mix, and thanks to my photographic memory (that got me through Law school), it pretty much duplicates what happened at that infamous gig on Friday 2nd July 2010 in Denmark.

You can read all about it in FULL HERE and you can also grab the tracklisting from the same place!

It’s all thanks to Mikael Planer that I have a tiny bit of the memory encapsulated on celluloid.

However, as I said in my FULL STORY (which, btw, I sold as an exclusive to The Sun Newspaper via Max Clifford..lol) it went even crazier than what was captured here on camera.  So what you see on the vid is, I’d say, about 60% of the nutz factor, as it just got crazier and crazier.

Thanks to Mikkel Munch Mortensen for the photo’s and somebody else too who sent me some, but I can’t remember who it was..lol…

If it was not for these photo’s I’d have no photographic memory of it either (except in my mind of course) cause I NEVER video or photograph any of my gigs.

You can listen to/or download the whole thing, including the commentary and tracklisting HERE (same link as above).

DJ UMB LIVE @ ROSKILDE 2010 by djumb

Starts off with some Zeppelin and all I’m gonna say is that there’s some Muse, Beatles and other stuff in there inna dubstep styleee including Rock, LeD ZepSTeP, Dubstep, Bare DubStep, Transnational DubSTeP, MeTalSTeP & PopSTeP.

Recorded live & one take @ Home ..lol…Pioneer CDJ’s 1000 MKII & DJM 600 mixer & unmastered!

Flaws, warts & all, f**k it, I only usually record once and so it’s rough around the edges.



One of my personal faves, Love & Light will always hold a special place in my memory.

Been following their work for a lil’ while now and they’ve been featured here on this blog on numerous ocassions.

Now, it comes as no surprise that they’ve just been signed up by the xcellent Simplify label and released a killa “Must Have” Crunk Funk EP of epic proportions.

These boyz are going to go on to huge things I think.


Here’s what the Press Release says:

Six months ago, DJ/Producers Probiotik and 4centers teamed up to become Love & Light. Both reared in Reno, Nevada, the two were active participants/promoters of desert rave parties in the early 00’s and both were inspired by the vibrant festival culture of the West Coast. So this year the two joined forces and went about creating some serious noise online with their original productions and remixes.

Astonishingly, having only been up for 6 months, their Soundcloud page has received over 100,000 plays. Their bootlegs of Deadmau5’s Ghosts ‘N Stuff and The Beatles’ Eleanor Rigby caught the attention of the blogosphere, and collaborations with Marty Party and online sensation Stephen Jacobs will only further work to spread the notoriety of this outstanding production duo.

For their initial release for Simplify, Love & Light go galactic gangster with their signature brand of laser crunk. Each tune here’s unique, yet cohesive in feel and production value. All four of these tunes have that funky sunrise on the playa vibe that will have the feathers and leather crowd going crazy once they come back indoors this fall.

On Life, the duo crafts a funky stomper, incorporating crisp, layered handclaps, soaring synths, and just enough whomp to make it kick.

With Neon Whomp Sauce, the duo take a more subdued approach, focusing more on a fat-assed future hop bounce beat to keep the kids kicking up dust in the desert.

On Crunk Junkee, Light open with a playful 8-bit feel, incorporating vocal samples and a funky horn section as the tune builds. Once in full swing, rich production value is on showcase as thick bass and crisp, metallic drums lead a heavy funk outro.

Rounding out the four-pack is Squish City, a heavy funk hopper. Bangin’ kick drums and thick bass are lead along by a light piccolo synth, drawing the beat towards sunrise and beyond.


Crunk Junkee EP Teaser!

01 Life
02 Neon Thwomp Sauce
03 Squish City
04 Crunk Junkee

Love and Light – Crunk Junkee EP – MINI MIX by Simplify Recordings

Take a listen to some of their brilliant previous work/bootlegs too:

Stephan Jacobs & Love and Light – Sound A Da Bass (feat Naada) MORE 320’s IN SONG DESCRIPTION!!! by Love and Light

The Police – Roxanne – (Marty Party/Love and Light Remixx) by Love and Light

The Beatles-Eleanor Rigby (4centers Remixx)POSTING 320 link TONIGHT 10/6/10 by Love and Light







I rarely post MASH UPS nowadays UNLESS they are XCEPTIONAL and here is an amazzing mash by the Plump DJs’!

Plump DJs are London based production and DJ duo Lee Rous and Andy Gardner whose energetic, quirky productions and skilful, pounding DJ sets have acquired a loyal and admiring fan base the world over.

The Plump DJs sound is revered for its blurring of the boundries between electronic musical styles taking inBreakbeat, House and Techno.