So we’re gonna be trawling through our archives to find what we consider to be some of our classic posts, which should highlight just how influential we might have been in the past 4 years without actually gaining critical recognition for it.  Critical recognition doesn’t really bother us because some of the best things in the world go largely unnoticed.

The first of such posts is this one that we did back in March 2010.  The classic aspect of this post is not the music but what we had the foresight/observation to predict that would happen to Dubstep/Brostep in the future!  No mean feat but nobody else was saying this at around that time!

Dubstep/Brostep in America has kinda become what we were observing back then and so it’s pretty pertinent and important.

Dubstep has become a ROCK CONCERT, it’s far removed from the traditional image of a sweaty dancefloor in a club where people go for a great workout, dancing till they drop.

Instead, you have a sea of people throwing their fists in the air, swaying back & forth and headbanging as if they were at a Rock gig.

We predicted these similarities and that Dubstep would go on to echo many features of a traditional Rock or Metal gig.

This was also latterly picked up 1 and half years later by esteemed music journalist Simon Reynolds who is mentioned in the following as quoted in Wiki:

Brostep and American developments

In 2011, dubstep gained significant traction in the US market by way of a post-dubstep style known as brostep with the American producer Skrillex becoming something of a figurehead for the scene. In September 2011 a Spin Magazine EDM special referred to brostep as a “lurching and aggressive” variant of dubstep that has proven commercially successful in the United States.[97] Unlike traditional dubstep production styles, that emphasize sub-bass content, brostep accentuates the middle register and features “robotic fluctuations and metal-esque aggression”. According to Simon Reynolds, as dubstep gained larger audiences and moved from smaller club-based venues to larger outdoor events, sub-sonic content was gradually replaced by distorted bass riffs that function roughly in the same register as the electric guitar in heavy metal.[98]

  1. ^ Beats & Bass: The Producer’s Guide Simon Reynolds, The Art of the Groove, in Computer Music, Computer Music Specials (p. 9), Wed 26 Oct 2011, Future Publishing Limited

You even have rock musicians from bands like Pendulum forming Dubstep acts like Knife Party and leaving their established bands and legends like Ray Manzarek from the Doors working with dudes like Skrillex.  Even we’re working with some rock legends that we have to keep under wraps for now.  Dudes like Bassnectar are selling out 10,000 capacity arena’s in a matter of hours, just like the Metal  bands!

So there you have it, Dubstep is the New Heavy Metal!

And here below is what we said back in March 2010 and if you want to go to the original post too, CLICK HERE:



Don’t know about you lot but for me, Dubstep takes me back to my teens.  There is a correlation between it and Heavy Metal music in more ways than one such as these:

It has a mainly hardcore male following.

Gurrls are also involved, an analogy could be drawn between Dubstep gurrls and Rock chicks.

The Bass Wobble is like the new Guitar Solo, some if it is really self-indulgent too.  It has inspired a whole swathe of youngsters to get in on it.

There’s lots of headbanging at Dubstep gigs!

The xcitement of seeing one of your Dubstep heroes and looking forward to a show is for me very reminscent of some of the early rock gigs I use to go to..Sabbath, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Dio etc etc etc.


Many of you will not view the same similarities but that’s what it is to me.

Anyway, today we have:


2. Dstruct.O

3. B Riddim

4. NoduZ

5. Freddy Todd

6. Thierry Le DJ

7. Esquire

8. Grawlix

9. StylustBeats

10. Dannravv

11. Xxxclusive Jeuce Mixtape for Generation Bass



One of my favourite Dubstep dudes, the KING of Dubstep in Greece, FLeCK, who you should ALL be familiar with by now.

I’m going to have the pleasure and honour of playing with him in a few weeks time and he just dropped this MEGA-MONSTER of a track on SC.  So I changed the whole schedule of this post to get it in cause it’s BIG and man it’s FREE!

Not Dubstep, more kinda DnB and just listen out for the DROP!!!


AND here’s some of his Dubstep stuff:


FLeCK – September by FLeCK

A new upload by him that you can stream too:



Dstruct.O – ROBOSTEP!!!


Anybody up for ROBOSTEP?

These tunes are industrial, hott & heavvy…another Canadian producer heavily influenced by DATSIK!

Ctrl.alt.del Dstruct.O RMX by Dstruct.O

DstructO-War Of The Worlds.320mp3 by Dstruct.O



Based in Madrid, Spain, B.Riddim aka Bellatur G-Ward is a Portuguese producer and MC born in the city of Guarda in 1987.

I love what this guy is doing with Dubstep, very inventive, original and unique, take a listen and discover something new.

Party Dub NEW TRACK by B.Riddim (Bellaturgward)

(Des)Compression NEW TRACK by B.Riddim (Bellaturgward)

Wake Up Dude! NEW TRACK by B.Riddim (Bellaturgward)



Icelandic Dubstep…!!!!

Man, really, really feeling what this guy is doing…a combination of “Spaced out Popstep”.  Perfect, just my cuppa.

Watch out for his tracks on Popstep Vol III.

G-Olafs – My Baby (NoduZ remix) by NoduZ

Noduz – The Mayans by NoduZ



From Detroit in the States, I love what this guy is doing.  Not strictly Dubstep but more like Thugstep or Lazer Glitch but nevertheless really great stuff.

Pick up a free J Dilla refix and also a free EP!

J Dilla – Two Can Win (Freddy Todd Remix) by FreddyTodd



Been a while since we had this guy on here.  Based in Australia but originally from Mauritius, he’s still banging away at it in his own unique style.

Here’s a couple of fresh ones for ya!

Thierry Le Dj – Confused by Thierry Le Dj

Thierry Le Dj – Surrounded By Demons by Thierry Le Dj



From Sheffield, UK a pretty good Popstep number from this young bwoy!

Esquire – Flavour RMX by Esquire Dubstep



From Grawlix:

Born and raised in the east corner of North America, in the state of Vermont.  Found a love for Dubstep, and working hard to lay down my own style of the genre and to be known as a Dubstep producer and not just a kid with a computer and lots of free time. I would love to hear my current and future tracks in anyones mixes, or hear any feedback on the tunes. Comments, compliments and the will to never give up are my only fuel for making myself known in this genre, so please big me ups whenever you can. -Peace

Liquid Dubstep….sounds luurvely!

Catch A Tiger by Grawlix



From Vancouver, Canada, StlustBeats makes me wanna love this track!




Dannravv is an Irish DJ producer and he takes samples from an infamous British Child Safety Campaign from the 70’s made famous by the Prodigy in the 90’s, I think, and gives it his own BreaksTep flexxx!

Fog & Dan – Charly by Dannravv



We had these guys on last week with some Popstep beauties and so I asked for a mixtape and they delivered an exclusive one just for us and for you.

It’s a great PopStep mixtape, check it out!

Jeuce Joyrider – Generation Bass Mix


The XX – Crystallised (Dark Sky Remix)

Joy Orbison – So Derobe

Kito Ft Reija Lee – L.F.O

Toast – Daft Step

Joker – Purple City

Robot Disaster – Boy (Jeuce Rework)

Zombies For Money – Numbra One (Foamo Remix)

L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (MJ Cole Remix)

Jacob Plant – Basslines In (Jeuce Rework)

Kid Cola – Kappa (Last Japan Remix)

Hostage – Valhalla

N-type & The Others – Technophobe

Toast – Capsules

The Boogaloo Crew – Days Go By

Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets (Jeuce Rework)

Crookers Ft Miike Snow – Remedy (Jeuce Rework)

Jeuce / Get Hype Collective Phone: +44 (0) 7731437052 / +44 (0) 7792251490



Aim: jeucejoyriders

Twitter: jeucejoyrider


Blue Skull

[Thanks 2 whomever I liberated the above pic from on FB, can’t remember who it was!]

Ok me iz back!


1. No Mad Records

2. M-Theory

3. Farley & Corin

4. Digital Farm Animals

5. Enigma Dubz

6. Dhillon Francis

7. Something Legitimate

8. The Cataracs

9. D-Skillz

10. H3 (We are Mutants)

11. Knob Jockeys

12. Papuga

13. Secret Lemon Project

14. Grime Syndicate

15. FJH



My favourite Italian Dubstep label’s new forthcoming sounds gorgeous, will be checking out the full EP in due course but for now check this out:

UNSTABLE COMPOUND – NEBULA Four years of ears, not mouth, not sound, to ripen five tracks composing this work. NoMad Records presents the new EP by Unstable Compound, Nebula. 
An entirety made of transversal emotions, different from one other but with a common thread joining them in a unique and well defined artistic path. Syncopated rythms, nocturnal suggestions, asymmetrical voices from the fast city. A project melting soul inner selves, dubstep influences and garage ambience.



Lovin’ what these dudes are doin’

Grab it here

M-Theory – I’ve Got [!!!FREE DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION!!!] by M-Theory



These are my dudes from Australia but they’re usually know more for their House tunes but here they come up with their first Dubstep tune and what a curiosity it is too.

A mix between hip hop, rock and pop, all stepped, brilliant!

PNC ft. The Checks – Let Your Lover Know (Farley & Corin ‘PIRATE’ Remix) by DanielFarley



Really noice deep dubstep numba!

Digital Farm Animals – Jerusalem by Digital Farm Animals



My fellow brummy comes up with a delicious numba with a garagey flava!

ENIGMA – Searching by EnigmaDubz



Some wikkid tunage here from Mr Dillon Francis!

He had some tracks up on his soundcloud until a few days ago but they are not there now!!!

Grab his tracks here:

Bingo Players – When I Dip (Dillon Francis Airhorn remix)

Dr Hollywood – We Run The Club (Dillon Francis Remix)



Couple of cool as a cucumber numba’s here from Minneapolis’ Dustin Howard aka Something Legitimate!

Game Time by SomethingLegitimate

Doin’ It Live by SomethingLegitimate



Bass Down Low (feat. Dev) (Proper Villains Remix)

Download this song

The Cataracs and Dev probably had a vice grip on your brain in 2010 with their Far East Movement collab, “Like A G6”. To add to their catalogue of hooky booty bangers is “Bass Down Low”, another anthemic get down. But for a song that demands quick sonic stylings with deep bass, it’s better suited for a night sippin’ syrup. If the beat needs to be fast and the bass needs to be low, then Proper Villains‘ grime wave wash over the track is the perfect recipe for a refit. Crack a Red Bull, let dubstep do what it does and prepare for another tight squeeze on your music memory sensors.



A pretty good atmospheric remix here of the EBTG classic!

Download limit has reached its maximum! You can get it via HERE

Everything But The Girl – Missing (D-Skillz Dubstep remix) by D-Skillz



Love Malaysian dubstep and I love brostep too and this incorporates the best of both and a stonking mix too!

H3 – Shebang (Original Mix) by H3 (We Are Mutants)

H3’s ‘Enter The Bassline’ Mixtape by H3 (We Are Mutants)

H3’s Enter The Bassline Mixtape OUT!!!!


H3 – Mutant Dub 101 (ft Jin Hackman)
Ms Dynamite – Fire
Joker & TC – It Ain’t Got No Name
Zeds Dead – White Satin
Borgore – Favourite Tingz
Feed Me – Cloudburn (ft. Tasha Baxter)
16bit – FRZR9000
Noisia – Alpha Centauri (Datsik & Excision Remix)
Ajapai – Get Down Lay Down
Stagga – Genik Riddim (ft Skamma & Joe Blown)
Magnetic Man – The Bug
Kutz & Benga – I’ll Kut Ya
Katy B – On a Mission
Magnetic Man – MAD
Flux Pavillion – Lines in Wax (ft Foreign Beggars)
Doctor P – Big Boss (H3 Re-Fix)
Lil John & Diplo – U Don’t Like Me (Datsik Remix)
H3 – Shebang (ft Sh.T)
Benny Benassi – Cinema (Skrillex Remix)
The Prototypes – Cascade (Cutline Remix)
Camo & Krooked – Shoreless
Nero – Electron
Drumsound & Bassline Smith – R U Ready
Terravita – Up In Da Club



I’m a big fan of Japanese drummers, Kodo, but not sure this is a fair representation of them dubstep-wise but worth checking out!

Japanese/Jamaican dubstep – a fusion of Kodo drumming, ragga vocals and a heavy, energetic bass-line.

Build *Free Download* by KJs (aka Knob Jockeys)



Papuga is also one member of M-Theory above and I just love what he does, I’m hoping to release an EP by him later this year.

Here’s something you’ve never heard before, a dubstep remix of a Lithuanian pop legend:

Original song is from famous lithuanian artist “Stasys Povilaitis – Zalioj Stoteleje”.

Download it here!

Papuga – Ne Vien Stoteles Zhalios (At The Green Bus Stop) !!!FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by Papuga aka Wet paper



Yep this track has been done to death and makes me feel a lil’ sickly whenever I hear it now but this is refreshing take on it from these Welsh dudes!

Sent my way by Harish from Wales who’s gonna show me his Moobs one day!

Sierra Le-Owned by The Secret Lemon Project



My WSB, Boogie Dave [MR DROP BEATS NOT BOMBS] introduced me to this re-edit of a Datsik classic and of course Datsik is one of my fave producers.

We were checking out this venue with a Funktion 1 for my Transnational Dubstep launch in Birmingham and he put this track on and man it just sounded UNREAL!

Downloadable Re-edits by Grime Syndicate



You know we’ve been covering FJH on this blog for a while now and he’s one of those really hard-working guys on Soundcloud who goes around messaging everybody asking them to check out his tracks.

Most often than not, I tend to ignore such messages, as most often than not, such messages usually lead to not terribly good music but there are some major exceptions and FJH is one of them.

His stuff is always quality and always well worth checking out, like this brilliant new track he did recently!

FJH – Prik Nam Pla (Preview) — unsigned by FJH


U back again for another Monsta’ Mammoth Seshhhhh.

It’s almost the end of the year and next year Dubstep Monday is going to start to become even more wider and varied as I bring on more and more guest contributors.

The thing I love about Dubstep is that it has an ability to effortlessly mutate and thus it is only right that we ought to try to cover this wide and varied mutation, hence the guest contributors.

Anyway, back to today:











11. RUOK?

12. 2DEEP




Engine Earz have certainly kept this one in the shadows.  It was uploaded on their soundcloud page a year ago.  It’s another taster to their forthcoming debut album that I can’t wait to hear.

Shadow People – Engine-EarZ Experiment by Engine-EarZ Experiment


Great mash here from this Italian producer!

Gerruzz Vs. Redman – dos443 ( FREE DOWNLOAD ) by Gerruzz


Really awesome flava’s here, like a cross between Datsik & Barbarix!

Includes a great Indie Dubstep track, second track below!

ALLOi! by Hot_Mess

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (Hot Mess Remix) by Hot_Mess : Finally gave it a bit of a volume boost and upped this bad boy to medaifire for all who missed out on the first round of downloads!!!


Suppose it brings new meaning to sit on my

These bitches reckon they hail from Vietnam but I’m not so sure they do and I think they are really South American or maybe even Spanish .

Anywayz, they’ve done some geat tunage here including a GipsySteP remix of a famous Dunklebunt track.

FIERA – Drogas (Psychobitches RMX) by PSYCHOBITCHES

WORD GAME WILSON – Arcul de triumf (premix) by PSYCHOBITCHES


Really feeling this, chilled vybz!

Freemasons – Uninvited (Dubstep Remix) by Reuben Seetal (Dstep/D&B)


This is the debut full-length album from Clay Bacon.

Download in entirety at ( )

Really interesting, atmospheric vybz.  Lots of different and very musical things happening all over this album and not  a conventional one-track pony dubstep album, not by a long shot.

I like it a lot!

Maintaining Spontaneity (Full Length) by ClayBacon


Really delicious track is this, a post-dubstep classic I’d say!

Ive had loads of requests recently for a downloadable version of this so here it is…Enjoy it. Respect to all those who are spreading my work, I’ve got alot of new tracks coming your way and a mastered version of this will also soon be available.


Digital Farm Animalz- I Wanna Go Home by Digital Farm Animals


This guy comes from the Purple One’s neck of the woods and that’s all I know about him and that this track below is awesome!

Poltergeist (Album Version) by Torus


Another new release on the excellent Italian label, No Mad Records.  Great stuff, check it out and includes a remix by Italian Dubstep Don, Nhertz!

DROPFELLAS – Like It – EP by Dropfellas

Also the release features a VideoArt made by Massimiliano della Ferrera inspired by our “Bass Robots”.

Like It EP Teaser:


This is a remix collaboration with ChaseMonkey of Redlight’s ‘What You Talking About’ feat. Ms Dynamite. I know it’s a huge contrast from my usual stuff but the response i’ve received from this track has been good so far, so i thought i’d share it with you guys!

ChaseMonkey hopes to be releasing more tunes in the future so keep your eyes and ears peeled! Subscribe to ChaseMonkey’s Channel here: Tell him MurdokDubstep sent you 😉

What You Talking About – Redlight (Murdok Dubstep Remix) by MurdokDubstep


RuOK is Boychuk & Subset (RuOK?)

Mission: spreading BASS
Method: madness
Likely outcome: total global domination… or a trip to Dairy Queen. Mmm.. ice cream

Like That (Original Mix) by RuOK?


We all know that the best remix of Datsik’s Firepower is the Moombahcore version by our Munchi.

However, this is also a very cool dubstep version!

Datsik – Firepower (REMIX) by 2DEEP


Anybody who beats up their wife is a pussy as far as I’m concerned and deserves a bloody good beating themselves.  I think the wife beater on this track is getting some terrific wallops & wobbles!

Demon – Wife beater (Master) Forthcoming // 2011 // 6fbs recordings by demonmacabreunit6fbs


Have to confess, was NEVER into Deadmau5 even when he was Electro House King, just thought his stuff was always a little lightweight!

Millions would disagree cause he’s like one of the biggest dj’s in the world but then again, so is Tiesto,…suppose that says a lot!

But anyway, I gotta take my hat off to him cause obviously he saw the writing on the wall for all things Electro (I still love some Deep Progressive) House related and has taken the very WISE decision to start making some dubstep beats.

Call him a traitor, Judas, knob jockey or glory supporter or whatever BUT a producer who doesn’t mutate is a dead one as far as I’m concerned.

So a BIG UP 2 Deadmau5 and welcome to the fam!



As many of you will (or ought to) know by now, Led Zeppelin are MY band!

I did a brief one day retrospective on them early last year, check it again HERE (note that is the first of 5 on that day)


One of my LEAST favourite songs, but perhaps their most famous song, in their whole back catalogue, is that overblown monstrosity called “Stairway To Heaven”.

Apparently it’s one of the most requested songs in the history of radio but I think I’ve heard it maybe once or twice on the radio.

Anyway, I’m not a big fan of the track at all and I’m not really liking this remix either but I thought I’d stick it up anyway.


Led Zeppelin – Stairway To Heaven (Grimejah London Tube Remix) by Grimejah



What’s a “moodstinger” ?….. No, I don’t know


1. Fel, Mojo & Psyman


3. Rustie

4. Starkey

5. Love & Light

6. Liquid Stranger & Dub Gabriel

7. Dstruct.O

8. 12th Canvas

9. Dubtrash

10. Riskotheque & Matt U

“You’re only given a little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it.”

Fel, Mojo & Psyman

Loving this track, perfect PopSTeP!

Fel, Mojo & Psyman – This Time by Psyman Music



This dude is from the Purple neck of the woods, Minneapolis (Prince), USA but his sound is not purple wow, BUT, it is wow!

Earlier this year, he released one of my favourite Dubstep EP’s of the year so far, “World On Fire”, which is in part, Transnational in flava.  It is awesome.

You can pick up a great PopSteP remix of a Britney Spears track and then download his awesome new mix too!


3 – Vaski Remix by Vaski

Vaski – The Gateway Mix by Vaski


–Warp Gate intro–
Vaski – Hurricane
Orbatak – Machete
Liquid Stranger – Robot Rox
Vaski – Godzilla
Vaski – Terror dome
Vaski – Game Face
Flux Pavilion – Voscillate (Vaski Remix)
Giant – Drumstick
Downlink – Ghost (Total Recall Remix)
Vaski – Robot Sounds
Orbatak – Pure Evil
Number Nin6 – Ribs
Vaski – Murder
Excision and Datsik – Invaders
Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better (Vaski Remix)
Trolley Snatcha – We Rock the Forest
Vaski – Safe or Sorry
SPL and Triage – Valhalla
Muse – Knights of Cedonia (Nostalgia Remix)
Noisia – Split the Atom (Bar 9 Remix)
Nero – This Way
Caspa – Marmite (Doctor P Remix)
Dreadzone – Gangster (Trolley Snatcha Remix)
Britney Spears – 3 (Vaski Remix)
Vaski – Resonate
Vaski – Zombie Apocalypse
Vaski Ft. Nik1 – Ferocious
Excision and Downlink Ft. Messinian – Heavy Artillery
Medison – Harry (Bare Noize Remix)
Diesel – Slippery Nipple
Vaski – Get Down VIP
Vaski – Lost My Mind
Nero – Innocence
Datsik – Want Some More
Boy Crisis – Dressed to Digress (Nero Remix)



Over the course of a crucial handful of solo releases, a split single with Joker and remixes for the likes of Modeselektor, Zomby and The Big Pink, Glasgow’s Rustie has reached the point where posting a new track on his MySpace page is enough to cause a clamor from fans around the world. The elusive young artist’s appearances at Sonar, Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder and our own Warp20 celebrations have been nothing short of revelatory.

As Rustie’s most expansive piece of work to date, Sunburst EP is pretty self-explanatory, a bright and brilliant sensory shock. Taking the rarely-linked sonics of hyper-digital video game music and bombastic, audacious prog-rock Rustie folds them into his melted plastic confection of crunk, classic electro and techno. His Warp debut starts off in epic fashion with the sci-fi stadium rock of ‘Neko’ and the masterful low-riding speaker smasher ‘Dragonfly’.

It’s the melodic waves of ‘Beast Nite’ and the mangled synths and minimal percussion of ‘Chew’ that start to reveal Rustie’s sound away from the dancefloor and looks towards how he’ll evolve towards next year’s full-length, before the rousing finale of ‘Hyperthrust’. It can feel gone in a flash, but that just means it’s time to start the record again.

Rustie – Sunburst EP Minimix (out 4/5 October on Warp Records) by Warp Records



Yep I know it’s not Starsky but  I couldn’t…

Grab his free ep below which was on the Amon Tobin site!

Man it sounds like Vangelis – Bladerunner!




Really loving what these boyz are doing and so they make yet another welcome return with a PopSTeP classic and an original!


The Police – Roxanne – (Marty Party/Love and Light Remixx) by Love and Light

Emotionz – Say It Then by Love and Light



Still can’t quite believe this was a freebie and so wanted to include it again.  From the new Dub Gabriel EP.

You can stream the EP HERE

Get this player from!



Been a while since we had a our RoboSteP bro’ on here but he’s back with 2 great new tracks for free, grab em’ quick b4 they disappear!

A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies like Sheep (Dstruct.O) RMX by Dstruct.O

Nox Arcana-Memento Mori (Dstruct.O) RMX by Dstruct.O

12th Canvas


A Kanye West remix & an original, cool stuff!

Kanye West – Love Lockdown (12th Canvas Lovewhore Remix)**DL link in track info!!** by 12th Canvas

TDK – WARNING by 12th Canvas



This is Dubtrash aka Rob Egan, a 23 year old Producer from Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.

The first track “Trompeta Mexicano” really grabbed my attention, LOVE IT!

A dubstep tune that samples Delinquent Habits ‘Return of the Tres’. Turn the subs up and enjoy 😉  Also, see if you can hear me beatboxing in the background…. 🙂


Dubtrash – Trompeta Mexicano by Dubtrash

Take a listen and download some of his other stuff too, chilled – reggae style tunes, cos that’s the direction he’s heading in.

Let’s start with a ridculously BRILLIANT Marley remix.


Bob Marley – Is This Love (Dubtrash Remix) by Dubtrash
Dubtrash – Rasta Brass by Dubtrash

Dubtrash – Champion Sound by Dubtrash

Dubtrash – Riddim A.M by Dubtrash


Let’s finish with some Transnational Post Apocalyptic Dubstep courtesy of this awesome track, man I can’t wait till it drops!

DubSTeP MonDaY MeSCaLinE


[Thanks 2 my FB buddy Der Englaender for sending me the above image]


1. Bar9 & Sky Ferreira

2. Fish Finger

3. Love & Light

4. Okulus Anomali

5. FJH

6. Skellum

7. Exotope

8. Eggchan

9. Magnetic Man



Bar9 Remixes America’s nu Teen-Pop sensation Sky Ferreira and I reckon this could just be the track that is gonna break Bar9 & DubSTeP in the states in a big, big way.  We’ll just have to wait and see!



Love what this dude does, a constant feature here on these hallowed pages.

It’s all good and well sticking up bangers every week but that’s not what we do here.  I’m interested in dubstep that makes me think as well as move and that has some musical element to it that may last beyond the latest dubstep fad.

Fish Finger is an artist who embraces music and that is always demonstrated through his work.  Going on from strength to strength, hence why I’m always happy to feature him whenever he has something new cause it’s always gonna be quality.

Grab A free download:

Fish Finger – Good For Everything by Fish Finger

Grab a free mix which contains some of his other stuff:

Fish Finger – 31 Minute’s [Deep Dubstep Promo Mix] *Download* by Fish Finger

1. Fish Finger – Whoa [Unreleased DUB]
2. Experiment1 – Angel Fall [CRSRDSEP008] (Forthcoming Crossroads Records August 1st)
3. Legend4ry – Forbidden Fruit [CRSRDSEP002
4. Fish Finger & Hardplace – Rise (Stressor Remix) [Unreleased DUB]
5. Occult Science – Enlightenment [Unreleased DUB]
6. Fish Finger – Sick In My Heart [Unreleased DUB]
7. Occult Science – Zion [Unreleased DUB]
8. Fish Finger – Sunday FREE DL Fish Finger
9. Legend4ry – The Past [CRSRDSEP002]

Stream a new track:

Fish Finger – The Life by Fish Finger



You all know about Love & Light aka Probiotik And 4centers but you might not know about Stephan Jacobs.  Well, I didn’t until I heard this via Love & Light.

Here’s what he says about himself:

Stephan Jacobs understands how to make people dance! It takes great songs and the skill to take the audience on an exciting journey through body moving music! Equally talented as a multi-genre producer (West Coast Crunk / Uptempo Dubstep/ Glitch House) and as a massive crowd rocker, Stephan has appeared at some of the world’s most prominent music festivals (Coachella) alongside a slew of genre defining artists. He has also released a strong collection of original material and remixes!

When he’s not forging a personal stake hold in the electronic dance music community, he also works on the collaborative project Kether, pushing his list of accomplishments into the forefront of the industry. 2010 brings the release of more original material which Stephan will use to keep the dance floors packed and jumping!

2 Xcellent free tracks here, can’t go wrong!

Love and Light & Stephan Jacobs – Sound A Da Bass (feat Naada) by Stephan Jacobs

The Glitch Mob – Drive It Like You Stole It (Stephan Jacobs Remix) by Stephan Jacobs



Our bro’ Okulus did a guest Dubstep Monday post a few weeks back and he’s back this week with a terrific mix of Transnational dubstep fused with PopSTeP and straightforward dubstep, all the things we love here 🙂

Really been enjoying this mix and its the best mix he’s done to date  and here’s what he says:

Much gratitude goes out to GenerationBass for the Dubstep Mondays blog (and source of a few tracks on this mix)…as well as Partnerz N Grime, Pyro Fusion Entertainment &The Positive Vibe Movement for the support and continued inspiration.

Natural Selection – A Dubstep Dj Mix By Okulus Anomali by Okulus Anomali on Mixcloud

The mix is also available for Download here:

1) Tonolec vs Kromestar – Villa Diamante
2) Ford Fiesta – 16 Bit
3) Dhaaru Pee Ke – Specialist & Tru Skool (Liquid Stranger Remix)
4) California Dreaming – Mamas And The Papas (STYTE RMX)
5) No Sunshine – Distance
6) Freight Dub – Stagga
7) Big Up – Babylon System
8) Blipstream – Buraka Som Sistema & Skream
9) Rub A Dub – The Bassist & Roommate (Droid Sector Remix)
10)Something Else – Nero
11)Nurse Joy – Kitsune Soundsystem
13)Exile – Modestep
14)Bad Boy Bass – Gaudi (Liquid Stranger Tactical Reload)
15)September – Fleck
16)Creepers Crawlers – Liquid Stranger
17)These Sounds – Antiserum, Audio Angel, D-Program (Antiserum RMX)
18)Kamikaze – Antiserum & No Thing
19)Don’t Do That – Culprate
20)One – Liquid Stranger & Excision
21)Eye Sting U (Dubstep Alchemix) – Okulus Anomali



FJH practically lives here

He’s back with 2 great new tracks:

Something different…Big ups to Charles Francois Gounod!
Old bastard knew how to make tune back in a day!

FJH – CryStep VIP by FJH

1undread – Sometimes It’s Not Easy (FJH Dubstep Remix) — Unofficial Video Inside by FJH



This dude from Salt Lake City in the states is making some amazzing beats man, check these out, very original and quirky, just my cuppa.

The Soldier Ants track is just rocking my world at the minute..gloriousssss!

King Prawn by SKELLUM


Pop The Glock (skellum rmx) (FREE DOWNLOAD) by SKELLUM



Ok onto some down right naaaartsynesss!

Hey guys I haven’t really got to much to say….I’ve been producing for about 3 years now.  These are the songs I make….They often vary in genre due to my short attention span, one week I’ll uploaded a few chilled out dubby garage tracks, the next week its face smashing electro.

The first track is ULTRA-DOPE!

Exotope – Doom Union (Juvenile Scum Records) by EXOTOPE

Exotope – Out come the bats by EXOTOPE

Exotope – Mr.Finch by EXOTOPE



Ok, now for some FluffSTeP 🙂

Eggchan from Perth, Australia.

Catch Ya – Eggchan by Eggchan

The Cold Part – ModestMouse (Eggchan remix) by Eggchan



The first DubSTeP SuperGrouP, I think.

No doubt somebody will correct me if this is not the case but fellas don’t forget your manners..ehehehhe!

Extremely catchy but really a lot more PopSTeP than straight-forward DuBSTeP but I love it!

How do you think this compares to the SuperGrouPs of the 60’s/70’s like CREAM?

My opinion for what it’s worth, I think Cream “still” sound more underground than…



“Why kill yourself? Life will do it for you.”

DuBSTeP Suiciders:

1. Engine Earz

2. High Rankin

3. The Doctor

4. Suangi

5. OmegaDubstep

6. Robokop

7. Jeuce

8. Celt Islam

9. P-Era

10. Dj UMB

11. Dirty South Joe & Flufftronix



Amazing Dreadzone remix by one of our faves, Engine Earz.

Available August 1st with a Warrior One remix on the flip.

Dreadzone – Yeah Man (Engine Earz rmx) VIDEO!



This track is like marmite!

It hit no.1 in the UK and we were one of the first blogs to cover Yolanda Be Cool last year HERE.

High Rankin has just decimated the track with a GREAT Dubstep Remix and here’s what he says:

Bored of a morning i decided to ask Twitter what i should do a cheeky bootleg of to give away for chuckles. Turns out they wanted a mix of No Speak Americano so I only went and bloody did one. Some people didnt quite get the joke but as I do so like to say, fuck um if they can’t take a joke. Here it is, enjoy 🙂




Last week we had DJ Malicious from the BotherHood Of Filth reppin’ BrumStep & ScratchSTeP and this week we have his filthy bruv, The Doctor!



The Doctor’s new project alongside DJ Switch & Malicious DJ: The Brotherhood of Filth, turntablism’s answer to dubstep, and one of the freshest new acts to hit the scene.

Consisting of twice world DMC Champion DJ Switch, Malicious DJ & The Doctor, the Brotherhood come armed with 4 turntables, 2 mixers, live FX, as well as bass-crushing rhythms and unrivalled technical skills. They push the boundaries of live mixing unlike any other artist, delivering scratched-up, soul-bleaching, mayhem-energised, bass-driven turntablist filth. No tune is left alone, no breathing space will be conceded.

Grab a new great free track & mix:

The Allseeing I & I by The Doctor (UK)

Prime & The Doctor Live on Chronos Records July 2010 by The Doctor (UK)



This is a really weird track but I really like its weirdness & quirky rainforest come SoulStep feel!

Planete Sauvage by Suangi



One of my favourite MelodicSTeppers.

Released by: Dubanimals

Omega – Ultima Ratio Regum (Mastered – Available Now on Addictech) by OmegaDubstep#

Here’s another 2 great freebies:

Booka Shade – Regenerate (Omega Remix) Full Version, Free 320 by OmegaDubstep

Breakage – Justified (Dublic Edit – Omega Rework) by OmegaDubstep

ROBOKOP remixes Orange Grove


A remix from an awesome reggea band from holland ORANGE GROVE! from their album fingerprint

Robokop – Orange Grove – You Decide it REMIX FREE DOWNLOAD! by Robokop



New one from the Jeuce boyz plus a new mix below!

The Mr.Fogg single is due out on the 23rd of august and the label have kindly said they can give out the remix below

Stung (Jeuce remix) by Jeuce

Also, they have been in the studio last week putting together a new summer mixtape. Its packed full of new releases, new Jeuce remixes and also some older releases to keep everyone happy.


Two Part Jeuce by Jeuce on Mixcloud

Finally they are giving out an old bootleg they did of the classic daft punk tune ‘Make Love’.

Daft Punk – Make Love (Jeuce Rework)



New Celt Islam EP Al Mizan out today 9th August 2010

Tracks include Al Jihad feat Dawoud Kringle and Law of the Jungle

You can download the album here on Urban Sedated records :

Grab a freebie:

LAUGHING LIONZ by CeLt IsLaM feat InDeR GoLdFiNgEr and BrUcE ThE OcCiLaToR by Celt Islam



London based producer making his DubSteP MondaY & Generation Bass debut.

Some xcellent work here, check it out, dark and naarstyish!

If you want 320’s just mail him over at SoundCloud and if he likes you, he might oblige.  If you’re female, he’ll defintley

P-Era & FJH – Doin Dirt by P-Era

Wally – The Grind (P-Era & FJH competition rmx) by P-Era

P-Era & FJH – Flying Guillotine by P-ERA

PopSTeP DuB SymPHoNy Revival!


“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight “pop” and everybody goes “Awww!” – Jack Kerouac

This is part of the PopSTeP DuB SymPHoNy series but I’ve called this one “VoXSTeP” esp. for Prashant Mistry of Engine-Earz 🙂

There’s so much GREAT PopSTeP that I decided to continue the series and so volume III has been unfinalized and here’s Volume Four!!!

Big Thanx 2 Engine Earz, Sabbo, AlexisK, Majiika & 4 Centers for providing me with UNRELEASED tracks, much appreciated man, mwah 2 u all 🙂

As usual Lil’ rough round the edges…1cut & First Take LIVE..Pioneer CDJ 1000 MKII & DJM 600 & UNMASTERED 🙁

01 VoXSTeP DuB SymPHoNY by djumb

Get this player from Fairtilizer!

More Pop Quotes:

“what was interesting about what the Who did is that we took things which were happening in the pop genre and represent them to people so that they see them in a new way. I think the best example is Andy Warhol’s work, the image of Marilyn Monroe or the Campbell’s soup can….” Pete Townshend (The Who)

“”By definition pop is extremely catchy, whether you like it or not,” Cobain says. “There are some pop songs I hate but I can’t get them out of my head. Our songs also have the standard pop format: Verse, chorus, verse, chorus, solo, bad solo. All in all, I think we sound like The Knack and the Bay City Rollers being molested by Black Flag and Black Sabbath.”” – Kurt Cobain

And 4 what it’s worth my own take on this too:

“I don’t wanna be elitist, specialist or only audible to the select few AND I don’t wanna be Susan Boyle, X Factor nor Rihanna either BUT I think I do wanna be PoP!” – DJ UMB- Generation Bass


1. Metric – Gold Guns Girls ( Philthy B & Metaphase Remix )
2. AlexisK – Absolution
3. M J Coole – Sincere (Nero Remix)
4. Engine Earz Feat, Lena Cullen – Reach You
5. Massive Attack – Teardrop remix (?)
6. Majika vs Rob Sparx feat Collie Buddz – Avoiding the Issue
7. Radiohead – Street Spirit (Blunt Instrument remix)
8. Agent K & Bella – Sierra Leone (AlexisK Remix)
9. Sigur Ros – Sæglópur (Enigma Remix)
10. Papuga – Comes Love (Papuga’s Bootleg Edit)
11. Kelis – 4th Of July (Fireworks) (Rusko Remix)
12. Destinys Child – Say My Name ( Nit Grit & NastyNasty Remix)
13. Capleton – Longest Time Ever (FJH Remix)
14. Blondie – Call Me (The Messiah Remix)
15. Beatles – Eleanor Rigby (4 CENTERS REMIXXXXX)
16. Rusko – Hold On (feat. Amber Coffman) (Sub Focus Remix)
17. Blame, Ruff Sqwad – On My Own (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix)
18. Soft Cell – Tainted Love ( Sabbo Remix)



Have 2 agree with my friend Sunshine Rays, yep she’s real hippy at heart, least I think she is.  Call it LuvSTep, PopSTep , VoXSTeP or whatever else.  All I gotta say is that I love this kind of DubSTep and it looks like I’m not alone.

These guys from Mad Decent released their first LuvSTep mix in February of this year, Valentines Day, noice one too.  This is their second live follow up and it’s noice too 🙂 but not sure about the Professor Green track.

My PopSTep DuB SymPHonY mixxtapes are all about an “emotional symphony” and introduce fairly unknown producers alongside established ones.  Whereas LuvSTeP is all about a “love-in” and relies on the BIG, established names, therein lies the difference.

However, PopSTeP predates LuvSTeP by a few months and came out first and so who’s the daddy..lmao 🙂

Perhaps we could have a PopSTep versus LuvSTeP mixxtape one day soon?

Get this player from Fairtilizer!

There are only four questions of value in life…What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same: only luv.

Friday, July 31st marked the 3rd annual edition of the Mad Decent Block Party in Philadelphia, and the universal premier of LUVSTEP LIVE.





We’re very pleased to introduce another great guest to Dubstep Monday.

Today, our good friend, Okulus Anomali is taking over the post.  I’ve known Okulus now for a little while having been introduced to him by our mutual friend and belly dancer Lillith 🙂

Okulus has been a vociferous follower of Dubstep Monday and he was kind enough to accept my invitation for him to do this post.  I gotta say, what a great post it is too man, with loads of new names we’ve never heard of and of course some we’re quite familiar with.  Take it away, maaan!

South Florida / Miami Dubstep:


Okulus Anomali (Partnerz N Grime / PVM Crew)

Hungarian-American Musician/Composer/DJ/Philosopher/Alchemist of the Arts  – ‘Okulus Anomali’ is known for combining his live World Music instrumentation w/electronic music, Dubstep being at the forefront.

His music & mixes evoke the full spectrum of the human emotional experience…from the Uplifting to Dark and his musical aesthetic is based on merging the Beauty with the Beast …attempting to achieve that ultimate balance in sound which lies deep within the human psyche. more info at &

This is a remix from a track on my ‘katharsis’ downtempo/glitch/dnb album…this evokes a feeling that lies somewhere in between gravestep, glitch hop and dubstep grime. Vocal and Instrumental mixes.

EyeStingU feat MicOptyx (Dubstep-Alchemix) by okulus

Pan Agnostix (Okulus Anomali & Herakles)


First Dubstep track by w/my Greek partner Herakles on the Ney Flutes, also contains my live performance on the ‘Cumbus’ (Turkish Banjo), Dumbek and Moroccan Zils. This track has that same beauty n’ the beast motif referred to earlier, this track picks sways between the full and half time beats for a proper journey in tempo, emotion and mystical experience. more info at &

“Non-Prophet Organization” by Pan Agnostix by okulus

Indovisual (Partnerz N Grime / PVM Crew)

DJ/Producer/Master of the Scratch/Motivator …hailing from a background including Breakbeats & Spiritual Downtempo, This ‘Burning Man’ enthusiast has a flair for earthy dubby vibes…keeping the Positive Vibes Moving. Check him out at:

The Dub Hoper by INDOVISUAL

For The Love Of Dub by Indovisual on Mixcloud

FTG (Partnerz N Grime / PVM Crew)

Cuban-American DJ/Producer/Visual and Graphic Artist Extraoridinaire – FTG comes from the Miami Bass / Electro background…which he infuses richly into his production and his mixes…his own unique blend of Miami Dubstep Bass. more info @

Original track ‘Bass Galactic’

Bass Galactic by FTG/Meta-Reticula

Part Deux DJ Mix

Doctor Jones (Partnerz N Grime / PVM Crew)

DJ/Philosopher/Producer.  Being of Brazilian ancestry, the blood of Doctor Jones pulsates to an indigenous rhythm of it’s own. Equal parts DJ, performer, & crafter of musical journeys, he originally drew influence from the South Florida trance, breaks, & techno scene, then later plunged deeply into dubstep and psychedelic dub inspired by Burning Man & related events. His favorite musical styles to perform are deep/melodic/world influenced dubstep, euphoric downtempo, and inspirational psychedelic dub that will light up your chakras and blow the top of your skull clean off. more mixes @

Doctor Jones – Step Only Where I Step by Doctor Jebus Jones

Somejerk (Digital Felon Recordings)

John W. Gregory II, better known as somejerk, has quickly made a name for himself in the dubstep and bass music communities. Originally a graphic designer and promoter, he found his DJ calling during the begining of Florida’s dubstep phenomenon, opening for international acts such as Skream, Mala, Hatcha, Joe Nice, Platician and countless others, all while producing and releasing original music. Currently he has seen a return to promoting and has his hand in a number of dubstep and drum & bass events in Florida. More info @:

‘Summer Skank’

somejerk – summa skank (mix 5) by somejerk

‘Somejerk Rock For Years’

Somejerk Rock For Years by somejerk

‘Summer 2010 Mix’

somejerk – Summer 2010 Mix by somejerk

Various International Dubstep:


This track has that glitchy West Coast dubstep feeling to it…quirky at it’s best.

Born In L.A,Ca.Raised in alot of places around the US, Grimblee was inspired to do alot of my art…Graffiti, Djing and Music production have been a huge part of my life. “Music is my girlfriend, my fuck buddy, my time of zen and the only thing that understands me….I AM A NERD!!”

‘Classical Death’

Classical Death by Grimblee


Whenever I hear ‘Terror Dome’ I have a vision of the man hanging from a rope…slowly expiring…the palpitations to the gorific editing of the mid-rangy bass tweaks…this track is siiiick. ‘Get Down’ was introduced to me by my ‘Partnerz N Grime’ groupmate ‘Doctor Jones’…it feels like Beethoven Dubstep.

DJ/Producer Vaski sent his demo to rottun manager Excision, he had no idea of the journey that he was beginning. With his first two tracks storming the beatport top ten charts

Koan Sound

Koan Sound is not for everyone, yet all would agree they have a signature sound…as myself, they are also about mixing the ‘beauty w/the beast’…a complimentary contrast that does well w/the Dubstep genre. Dubstep…where either extreme can lead us down the path of ‘too relaxed’ or ‘too noisy’…this combo tends to find the ‘balance’ of the road… not for the excapist dubstep listener.

With influences such as The Prodigy, Amon Tobin and especially Noisia, it’s not hard to see why KOAN Sound tracks are synonymous of dark gripping basslines that tear dance floors apart.

Blueberry Pie by KOAN Sound

Garden Of Buddha by KOAN Sound


LOVE this track!!!!

Rest assured you will be hearing much more from the ‘Culprate’. This track also follows the ‘beauty meets the beast’formula I so love. When adding rock elements such as a guitar solo to electronic music…it can easily get ivery ‘cheesy’ …but not this track, I couldn’t imagine doing it any more beautifully and melodically than on ‘Don’t Do That’…one of those trax you can listen to over and over and find new nuances…a dubstep masterpiece.

“Don’t Do That”
















Straight into some awesomeness courtesy of one of our good friends:



The production on this is huuuge.  Not quite Dubstep and more Glitch Hop but a great, great track man.

Check these crazy cats out, C-Mon & Kypski is a 4 piece dance rock band from Amsterdam. I’ve mashed almost 50 stems from their tune into one wild bass’d out west coast banger.

C-Mon & Kypski – Turn of Tides (Knowa Knowone Remix) by Knowa



A guy we’ve been championing since the start of Dubstep Monday and he’s a regular here.  That’s because each time he does something new, it’s always worthy to include here.

He just continues to roll out great number after great number and he’s one of my personal faves.  His music always connects with me and I always feel a Supreme Selecta feeling when I listen to him.

Quest- we are the people (Supreme Selecta’s 140bpm edit) by bmadeira7



Another artist we’ve broken all over blogosphere, there simply is NO STOPPING this express train called AlexisK.  With over 100 phenomenal tracks in the can of xceptional quality, many of the tracks have been signed to various labels including High Rankin’s recently launched Suicide Dub label.

If you have not checked her out then you really don’t know what you are missing.

Watch out for a special xclusive AlexisK release on the Gen Bass label later this year.


Linkin Park – What I’ve Done (Alexis K) FREE DOWNLOAD =D by AlexisK

The original track, by Agent K & Bella, had a really bad dubstep bootleg made of it which I felt totally degraded and undermined the beauty of the original track. Remixes (or Bootlegs) should a) credit the original artist, b) be a different musical interpretation of the original and/or c) be an improvement on the original. Hopefully this has achieved that. The original artist;

If you want to show your support, send him a message or leave a comment here and on his myspace, you’d be doing me a favour.

Much love,
Alice xX

Everything except the vocal was made from scratch. Vocal is taken direct from the 320 mp3 of the original.

Agent K & Bella – Sierra Leone (Alexis K) FREE DOWNLOAD by AlexisK

PunkSTep – NOVA



They created fast, hard-edged music, typically with short songs, stripped-down instrumentation, and often political, anti-establishmentDIY (do it yourself) ethic, with many bands self-producing their recordings and distributing them through informal channels. Punk embraces a DIY (do it yourself) ethic, with many bands self-producing their recordings and distributing them through informal channels.

An associated punk subculture emerged, expressing youthful rebellion and characterized by distinctive styles of clothing and adornment and a variety of anti-authoritarian ideologies.

If that is Punk, then this is def today’s Punk, this is so anti-establishment that I think the authorities are gonna be giving these young guys heap load of grief very soon.  They are the establishments’ anti-christs for trying to convey this kind of message.

WAKE UP! Never heard such a common sense message in these  very troubled times!

I still believe this band could be huge if they play their cards right.  They are like the modern day Sex Pistols as far as I’m concerned.

Jack Maltby, their lead vocalist and leader exhibits a true ROCKSTAR attitude, part cool, part wanker, part idiot, part genius, part stupid, part intellectual, very outspoken and controversial, like on this track and an enigma!

I love him and I love them, f*^% all the haters!

Sir Jack, I salute you, you got BALLS!



Woah man! Today looks like I’ve got lots of my favourite people on here man and when that happens, it always feels special.

Here is somebody VERY SPECIAL, what can I say about Majiika that I’ve not already said before, that is, she’s gonna be huge, she’s gonna be one of the leading ladies of the Dubstep scene and that she’ gonna be working with some very important people.

As the voice sample says on the first track Scuz Bucket (and man, what a F****** Killa track):

“Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard, but I think, FUCKK YOUUU!”

Witness this amazing talent, one streamer and one free download!

Majiika – Scuz Bucket by majiika

Majiika – Money Or My Mind? by majiika



Featured these last week for the first time, they’re back with a new one.

Glÿph – Nasal by Glÿph Dubstep



Grab this and 5 other free tracks in 320 glory by going to the High Rankin website below!

High Rankin – Suicide 2 Point Oh (Temper D Remix) Download for free @ by High Rankin



Now for something special.

This is a Transnational Dubstep track of unbelievable beauty.

Check it out and prepare for prayer!

barzakh-clack (free download) by HALP.



Bassador is back with some very deep, dark and atmospheric tunes.

Always hypnotic stuff!

Bassador – Deep Horizon Dub by BASSADOR

Bassador – Alter Zoll Dub by BASSADOR



Claw emerged in Houston, Texas in 1999, at the age of 15. He was well-received from the start, making contacts with the local rave DJ’s of the time. By the time he was 16, he was playing at some of Houston’s bigger underground parties and weekly events. After graduating high school, he moved to Florida to pursue music as a profession and began playing at weekly events. After finishing his music engineering studies at Fullsail in Orlando, Claw made his way across New York working at numerous studios with various engineers and producers. He then moved to Las Vegas to pursue his record label with Trillbass, which he co-founded. Claw also just did an official Dubstep remix for Wu-Tang that debuted at 7 on the ITunes Hip Hop chart, and is currently back living in NY to run his art gallery and record label ventures.

Claw – :unamused: by The CLAW

HULK DI.FM/Dubstep Guest Mix by The CLAW



This dude is from Tokyo, Japan and this is a noice track.

We don’t get much Tango dubstep and so this is very rare, don’t take it for granted!

My Brain is Gone by Fujiwara



The Fog is from Ireland and here he is with a remix of a DJ Shadow track which is rather pleasant chaps!

DJ Shadow – Buidling Steam With a Grain of Salt (Fog’s Flashback Remix) by Fog




Oh btw, this was us @ Roskilde Festival in Denmark last weekend.

Seriously, no joke, the crowd was just warming up before it went ballistic!

Over 6000 kids goin’ nutz to Transnational Dubstep vybz!!!!

Here’s a “lighter in the air” moment!  Sorry bout the really cheesy finger in da air,  God it makes me cringe!!!…



Man I’ve been busy this weekend @ Roskilde and so a lil’ one for you this week but this is still BIG in terms of the music on offer and loads of downloads.



‘Freestyle dancehall dub’ is what Boomski call their sound. Because it’s all the way live, strictly dancehall riddims and nothing but drums, bass and echoplates. So yeah.. freestyle dancehall dub, heavier than lead

DOWNLOAD: Boomski – The cult of the sine wave.rar

If you need hi res files check this

Boomski – The cult of the sine wave (Dubbhism release) by DUBBHISM



Sometimes we get e-mail like this:

Hi, I’ve been following your blog for over a year a now and i really enjoy it.

The reason im sending you this email is because in reddit we have a subreddit for dubstep (we called dubstepit) and yesterday we released our first compilation album with dubstep made by redditors (people who post in reddit).  A 9 track album with really good material.

And I was thinking if there was a chance you could post something about this in Generation Bass, if its not a problem of course.

Sometimes, we’ll check it out if we like the look and sound of it.

Sometimes, we’ll check it out if the sender is polite and does not insist that we must blog it but asks whether we’d like to and if we don’t he’s still cool with us.

Sometimes, we’ll check it out if the sender is not making any over-exaggerated claims, like, this production duo are the hottest ticket in town when maybe 5 people have heard of them OR that this stuff is the BEST shiiit since Led Zeppelin or something silly and unreal like that..cause who could ever be better than my Zeppelin…lol..

So I checked this out and although it’s not going to transform the world,  I do like some of the stuff on it and so check it out for yourselves and download it cause it’s free anyway.


You can download it free from here: