Seriously Hot Mix here from our boy Streamer taking in all of his recent remixes, edits and originals.

This mix travels from Africa to the Middle East and goes to some weird and interesting places in between. It also takes in some tracks from the recent “Walking with Camels Remixed” EP. Covers Voodoo, Gqom, Footwork, Afro House, Samba, Dubstep, Neurofunk and Arab Bass. So much quality in this.

Whilst you’re at it download some of the tracks that feature in the mix:

J(ay).A.D. gives a first glimpse of his new EP with this gripping emotional bass scorcher !


The Amsterdam based Surinamese experimentalist Jay Raymann, a.k.a. J(ay).A.D. is a sophisticated producer who has been around for fifteen years now and was already pushing vibes like UK bass and baile funk even before we did – in both the Netherlands and Suriname. Since 2011, his musical wanderings have crystallised into the direction taken under the moniker J(ay).A.D., focusing on energetic, uptempo beats & bass with a very personal flavour.

His previous EP ‘Asema‘, leaned heavily on the ethereal grime & avant garde club sound but built on a solid list of previous EPs as well as single releases and edits that encompass the entire spectrum of influences including juke, footwork, grime, jungle DnB, ambient and more.

With ‘Send Off’, teaser for his impending Keti Koti EP, released via music magazine Complex UK, Jay pushes his personalised sound even further into unique territory. The rhytmical groove reminds of jungle or oldschool dubstep, but combined with the futuristic synths, industrial reverb and minimalistic beat-filling it breathes the similar dystopian atmosphere as Rizzla’s ‘Iron Cages EP‘ except in a more desolate way. Listening to ‘Send Off’ feels like being lost in the maze of an abandoned cyberpunk city, just after an apocalyptic event.

>> Keti Koti EP will be out and for sale on the 29th of April <<


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10 Steps : A Sarantis Tribute


A well deserved tribute mix here to Sarantis during his Dubstep hey day. I agree with the author of the mix that Sarantis was and still is a highly underrated producer. He was one of my faves during the Dubstep era and he’s still one of my faves with some of his recent output including the freebie “Karami” EP’s that we’ve released/worked in conjunction with him on focusing on the Arabic sound.

This mix takes in all the classic Sarantis material, most of which was released on London’s Senseless Records.

This mix is part of a wider aim as the dude who did the mix is trying to achieve what he calls the 780 Project:

“Well, I am planning on putting out a ton of mixes this year so that I can feature 780 different tracks by the end of 2016, or 15 tracks for each of the 52 weeks of the year.”

Read more about it HERE.

Best of luck mate and giving some dues to artists like Sarantis is certainly a step in the right direction and so you get our vote.


01. Sarantis – More Than Money ft Warrior Queen (Senseless)
02. Sarantis – Low Riddim (Senseless)
03. Sarantis – Focus (Instrumental) (Senseless)
04. Sarantis – Fetish (Senseless)
05. Sarantis – Badman Dub (Senseless)
06. Sarantis – Spark (Senseless)
07. Sarantis – Vendetta (Special Branch)
08. Sarantis – Eclipse (Subsonik)
09. Sarantis – Outlaw Dub (Subsonik)
10. Sarantis – Nitroglycerine ft Asher Don & Dialect (Terminal Dusk)

E.Reflexion – Dama Doff [Free Album]

dama dofffffffffffffffffff

French Beatmaker E.Reflexion’s music is a mix of different styles from Electronic, Ambient, Dubstep, IDM, Grime, Breaks, Jungle, 2step to Breackcore.

He drops his first Free album on Generation Bass Digital called “DAMA DOFF”. It’s an album of collages and sketches, akin to an audio travel report, of his journey to North & West Africa (Morocco/ Mauritania /Senegal/Gambia). He skilfully blends the traditional music of these countries with experimental Electronica.

The first half of the album focuses on North Africa and the rest on West Africa.

All compositions by E. Reflexion
Sample Hunting by TIWOM
Piano & Santour by Gui
Vox Samples – Claire/Agnes/George/Amidou/Mohamed/Aysatou/Le Ramasseur de Bounouk


French Beatmaker E.Reflexion began experiencing in free party & sound system on a rhythm box (Korg ,roland ext….). Later he started to work on MAO to make more experimental music and produce beat for different Mc’s.

He has collaborated on different projects such as:
-DUB GOES WILD (dirty room77)
-BASS THÉRAPIE (peep rec.)
-PEUR SUR LA VILLE (grime sin)
-DUBZ TAPE (asso kapblanc )
-INSIDE THE MIST (la crise prod)
-EXPECTATIVE LIFE (5050 records)
-STATIQUE (autoprod)
-PIZZA ep (Digital Birds Records)

contact : [email protected]
bandcamp :
soundcloud : @electronic-reflexion


Introducing : E.Reflexion

dama dofffffffffffffffffff

We’ll be dropping an exciting, fresh & innovative free album by this French beatmaker later this week (artwork above) on Generation Bass Digital. It’s an audio travelogue of collages and sketches of his journey to North & West Africa (Morocco/ Mauritania /Senegal/Gambia). He skilfully blends the traditional music of these countries with experimental Electronica.

Whilst you’re eagerly waiting for that to drop, check out some of the stuff on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp:

Dysphemic : Inter-G-Lactic EP


Vibing off the 80’s spacey sounds emanating from this new EP from Dysphemic which sees him collaborating with his brother Yiani on a tribute EP to their deceased father and awesome artist, Vernon Treweeke, widely acclaimed as the “Father of Psychedelic Art” in Australia.

Really worth exploring this whole EP and it’s also free!

Here’s the PR:

“Returning with his second release on Gravitas Music, Dysphemicperfectly melds glitch hop with 1980s sci-fi soundtrack vibes on “Inter-G-Lactic”. Julian, who is better known as Dysphemic, has co-created this cosmically minded EP alongside his brother Yiani as a tribute to their father, Vernon Treweeke, who passed alway last year. Well known for his visually psychedelic paintings, Vernon was a well respected figure within the Australian and international psychedelic community; his legacy lives on through his sons and their musical memorial to his achievements.

The freshman tune “Age Of Vern”kicks things off with conscious hip hop cut fueled by classy Spanish guitar and funky yet smooth bass lines. Things get a bit heavier with the title track; well-tuned synthesis plays beautifully alongside filtered, twangy guitar riffs. Called “a tour de force of Balkan and Middle Eastern string sounds” by The Untz, “Anatoli” dips deep into an exotic aesthetic while continuing the larger aesthetic of the album. “Decompression” brings up the rear with its intricately resampled reese basses and broken, pulsing drum beat.”

The EP “Heat” presents the idea of ‘production by reduction’



When I listened to EP Heat, from brazilian producer OMARIÔ, my first thought was about “UZ” sound, but at beginning. Both producers option to use less elements instead of excess, and this is a great formula for success.

With 4 tracks, “Heat” introduce remeber us there is a alternative to create music with less instead of follow the “way to sucess” from other producers, creating heavy drop and the same model of music. With just 19 years old, this is the first EP from OMARIÔ, few years ago he was a young rocker but after starting working in a instrumental store, discovered this universe of eletronic music, and jump over it.

Take a special attention to Creepy and Pasta and Heat, my two favorite track from this EP.

Take another special attention to Dirty Kidz Gang Recordings. This group started making party on São Paulo, then they travelled to 4 cities over Brazil. Recieved guest djs as Diplo, UZ, Borgore, Torro Torro and others. Now they are a label and want to show why they are so special. If you read GB with attention, they participated on Favela Terror EP and that was a bang EP (there will be a volume 2 soon).

Heat is for free Download Here. You can also support OMARIÔ at Soundcloud and Facebook.

Kahn, Commodo & Gantz : Heavy Artillery Mix For Japan [Transnational Dubstep]


One of the most interesting Dubstep releases in quite some time dropped from the heart of Mala, Deep Medi Musik by these 3 chaps.  They have followed that up with an awesome mix showcasing that release and including exclusive dubplates.

Their Album ‘Volume 1’ – is available in Japan via Pvine
Find it at all good record stores.

Disc Shop Zero:
Disk Union:
Tower Records:


Here’s what you missed at Lush Select’s 18th Sunday School >>


The virtual dance floor, screen cap from Shinji a.k.a. ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş

Has any of you Generation Bass readers ever wondered what it would be like not just to read the posts and listen to the music by yourself, but to be together, listen, share and talk simultaneously as if you were together in a club? That is exactly what happens at the interactive music sharing platform, successor of the popular after that initiative was effectively destroyed by the music industry. There is an active and growing number of netlabels using plug to strengthen the community of producers and fans online and to exchange new ideas in real time. You suddenly find yourself not only discovering and discussing amazing new music in a much more intense way than on Facebook, you´re at the same time surrounded by dancing and DJ’ing robots, pizza slices and jellyfish, which creates a totally surreal, addictive experience.

The international music collective Lush Selects is a pioneer in the use of online music sharing with regular, well visited Sunday School sessions in their own room which they have been organising for a year now. Active participants record a 20 minutes long mixtape, preferably a video-mix with animated visuals or a recording of the performance added, uploaded to Youtube or Soundcloud, to be showcased during the session. In between the mixtapes, there’s always some room for interactive ‘collective back-to-back’ music sharing.

The last, already 18th edition of Sunday School was two weeks ago. But since we at Generation Bass wanted to announce and attend it but missed, here a recap of what the artists have delivered and what we could have experienced.

Vlkvi & moistbreezy teamed up for an absulutely fantastic back-to-back set of apocalyptically flavoured avant-garde club, post-rap, post-witch house and ambien! Keep an eye on them because judged by their numbers of Soundcloud followers they’re heavily underrated!

Vord also made an edited visual recording of his set, focused on hypnagogic garage beats. This video in particular shows the power of editing video-performance in combination with music, drawing both the artist and the into a whole other universe that appears beyond from time and space!

Starfoxxx makes even more surreal, with a lo-fi webcam video from an intimate bedroom setting, blowing bubbles, wearing cloud and strawberry masks. Transmission issues between Mars and Earth have glitched the data into a psychedelic cloud-trip. Imagine this projected on the big screen above the virtual dance floor populated with ponies, robots and carnivorous plants and the absurdism is complete!

The French sound-wizzard Shinji, whose album Myst has been one of our most favourete releases this year, is mostly making music via his melancholic alter-ego ßęđŧīmĕ Šŧōŗĩėş lately. But for this session he unleashes the dark energy once more with a powerful witch house and metalstep mix, accompanied by distorted, suggestively sinister and horror visuals!

Logicoma is a multi-talented post-trap and futurebeats oriented dj-producer and visual artist based in Baltimore (US). As an affiliate of the VOIDSKUAD collective, he is part of the movement that bridges the gap between the sounds from the post-internet underground and the avant-garde of hiphop. His Sunday School video-mix is a perfect illustration of the characteristic sound pushed by this movement, combined with the equally characteristic, post-internet flavoured animations!

The last video-mix is from the French underground alrounder T0T0, featuring melodic, even psychedelic flavoured chill vibes from genres including futurebass, IDM, chillwave and more!

The two-headed cybernetic monster Frank & Stan deliver 20 minutes of high voltage electrostep and DnB!

Seudo from Columbus (US) leans more towards virtual angel-rave, nightcore and kawaii flavoured future bass!

Circuitree, from Lincoln (US), who describes the project as “celebration of the fusion of organic and synthetic elements in our lives,” present a powerful mix with cybernetically charged DnB, electrostep and moombahcore!

The last contribution is intr3pico from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He has been a faithful contributor to the Sunday School sessions and is also celebrating his own artistic anniversary with this mix. It’s a very diverse mix that sharply illustrates the opennes of the online music scene today. His inclusion of some baile funk and Brazilian folkloric bass elements also give a first insight in what it might sound like to have this sort of thing in a Generation Bass setting!


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