Erick Rincon : #FutureTribalEP


Erick’s found a little time to take a short break from his trail-blazing world dominance of 3ball with MTY and drop this awesome free EP!

This EP has enabled him to express more of a personal/individual take on Tribal Guarachero/3ball and give us all of hint of where he sees it going in the future.

It’s pretty understated and glides along in almost minimal/tech mode and you could def imagine this causing some serious damage in the clubs in Berlin! He even takes in a bit of Munchi and DJ Blass on “Sandunguero” which is the stand out for me.

ERICK RINCON (3BALL MTY) : Danza de los muertos


Nice to know homies remember you even after they make it pretty big, just like Erick Rincon, being 1/3 of one of the biggest dance acts in Mexico, 3ball MTY.

He hit me up with this track that he made for DAY OF THE DEAD in Mexico and what else can you expect from a 3Ball/Tribal master, PERFECTION!

It’s free too!!! Thank you Erick!

End of Summer Special III: 3Ball Edition (Mega Roundup)


Now I decided to start an End of Summer series anyway, a 3ball edition was the first thing on the list, especially with all the great music that has been released and that some of you may have missed. 3ball is my first-love global bass genre and for as long as I’ll be active in music, it can count on my support!


When it comes to future talents, the innovative duo Los Innsurgentes, keep being my absolute number 1 favourites! This september they’ll be back with a mouthwatering new EP named ‘La Maldad’ (‘Evil’).. we’ll keep you updated!

Alan Rosales‘ ‘Tu-Ku-T-Tu-Ku EP’ is a project that you have probably seen around already. It is a collaboration between some of the most important names in Mexico-City based branch of the the scene like Ghetto Kids, Dj Mouse and El Catorce as well as 3Ball-MTY‘s Dj Otto and the Guadalajara based duo Los Master Plus. Enjoy 7 excellent quality tracks, perfect for every global bass, or eclectic latin set!

Dj Skarley is another producer who makes great, accessible 3ball that can directly played for almost any kind of mainstream dancefloor. He cleaned up his soundcloud account and bundled all his tunes together in one huge pack, which you can download here!

Single releases:

Among the new 3ball that has come out are absolute jewels but no track blew my mind more than this new production from the king of 3ball Erick Rincon himself, in collaboration with the NAAFI-signed experimentalist Siete Catorce released two weeks ago as an exclusive for the independent, forward looking music & culture platform This fantastic, subtly dark edged deep-prog influenced track shows that, next to future cumbia and future tarraxo, future 3ball is a reality now and it’s there to stay!

Like to download!

When I heard this track, it directly reminded me of the visionary dark flavoured minimal future 3ball/ruidosón experiment that my friend Antae released some months back. This has probably gone largely unnoticed in the Mexican 3ball scene but if you dig Erick Rincon’s track, you will absolutely love this one too!

Next to their upcoming EP, Los Innsurgentes have been releasing many fantastic productions over the last months. For in case you missed them, I selected my 4 favourites!

Dj Giovanni Rios is another all time favourite 3ball producer whose music keeps impressing me every time he releases something new.

Like this banging tribal evolution reflip of Skrillex’ 2011 hit First of the Year!

This previous original production brings excellent deep-uplifting vibes!

While this huge, dark edged snippet releases some serious explosive energy!

And he also appeared on Rafael Aragon‘s ‘Llego la hora LP’ with a slow-guarachero remix of a moombahton original. Unfortunately we failed to blog the full album when it came out on Latino Resiste, in case you missed it, grab it here!

Recently I saw that Sergio Lugo also embraced Giovanni Rios’ tribal evolution movement with a deliciously bassful rework of an older track!

And even Clap Freckles, one of the scene’s OG’s, released an absolutely fantastic dark-psychedelic remix of a early hardstyle classic!

This is the first time I shamelessly promote myself. Last year, Walmer Convenience organised a remix contest of David Heartbreak‘s foundational moombahcore classic ‘King Kong‘. I took part in it, under my soundcloud name Ojo Torrado, but missed the deadline. This is what I have so far and a couple of weeks ago, I put the demo on public to show it to the Facebook group ‘Jungle Terror’. So why not share it here too..

Every time Erick Jaimez releases a new track I’m happy to see he’s still in the game. He did some amazing cumbia-twerk experiments lately that will receive massive support in my next cumbia roundup, but he is also doing more 3ball these days. Just check out these most recent examples!

From the same city, Dallas Texas, is the absolute king of the Texan 3ball scene, Dj Tamalero. For a while he didn’t release 3ball anymore to focus on some other experiments including trap, cumbia and moombahton. But last months he was back with this absolutely magnificent banger such as only he can do.. This blows my mind so hard I can’t even express it in words!

And not much later appeared this classical-texan flavoured 3ball stomper!

Dj Gecko keeps pushing the movement two fresh big tunes in his ever-characteristic style!

This was the track where he announced to return to 3ball last month. The combination of norteño sounds, a pumping 3ball beat and rap is just the perfect club formula!

Here another classical Gecko-style tune, from too weeks back!

And this huge Sega-inspired demo, which sounds like combining the styles of Tamalero, Giovanni Rios and himself, came out just last week.. I’m convinced that more will follow soon and we’ll let you know here!

DJ Chunti has got a lot more bangers in store for us and he actually asks his followers to add him on facebook and share ideas for new tracks and remixes!

This tune shows how bass-music inspired synths and bleeps are finding their way into a generation of 3ball tunes!

Here another great demo!

And this absolutely slapping demo he produced in collaboration with DeeJay Lazer .. if you want him to release it, comment!

FLV$H is an allround producer who makes 3ball next to trap & hiphop beats and even crossbreeds between these styles. Check out his newest banger!

Let’s finish the post with prehispanico-grooves. They keep evolving these days and keep being one of the most unique micro-styles in global bass music that I know.. let’s check this out and join me on a wonderful pyramid trail!

Dj Jabo MTY made this mystically flavoured tune with a delicious flute sound!

And, well preserved for the end.. my three favourite new releases from the unchallenged king of tribal prehispanico: Alfonso Luna! All three the tracks are not only of excellent quality but also highly innovative and creative, really pushing the sound forward into new territory. Especially ‘El Rencuentro’, which experiments with a much lower BPM, generates an entirely unique vibe that lies inbetween cumbia, tribal, moombahton and even tarraxo!





Roundup Thursdays 2


Roundup Thursdays goes on its second time. As i’ve stated before, one time per week you get a huge roundup of the latest tracks on Soundcloud I find worthy to share. This time i’ve opted to leave no description.



So we’re gonna be trawling through our archives to find what we consider to be some of our classic posts, which should highlight just how influential we might have been in the past 4 years!!

I think the first time ever the 3ball MTY dudes appeared on the net/blogosphere.  Of course Toy Selelctah was the dude behind introducing the 3ball sound to peeps like Mad Decent and to our goodselves.

Of course they have now been signed to a major in South America, Universal and apparently Diplo says he s gonna use 3ball as source of inspiration for a Beyonce track he is working on!

See the original post HERE

Generation Bass Classic Post: 9th August 2010

This just came in right now from my good brother Toy Selectah and so I just had to get it up right nowww, know what I’m sayin’!

Plus, it’s only Generation Bass and Mad Decent who have got the exclusive to this and each with a different free track to give-away 🙂

Here’s what Toy has to say:

We are releasing today the first proper 3Ball MTY Free EP! Also we got an Exclusive Track for Generation Bass!

• 3 Ball MTY Crew:

The Tribal Guarachero Crew from Monterrey Mexico is  Erick Rincón (16 ), Sheeqo Beat (18) and Dj Otto (18).

This is their first proper release.  They have tons of music out there but this is the first time they put together something as an official release.

These Kids have been working on Official Remixes for some important labels such as Mad Decent, Man Recordings, Pollinate Records and Sones del Mexside.

They are working now on some new music and a Live Act as “3BALL MTY”.

I have not heard the EP yet but I am familiar with the dudes behind 3Ball MTy and of course Toy is behind it and so it reeeeks of QUALITY!



Plus grab this free tune Xclusive to Generation Bass.  Man I almost cringed when I saw this was a Daft Punk remix.  How many more do we…

BUT I almost passed out when I heard it cause it sounds so fresh, original and is awesome and so all is forgiven 🙂

Get on da Tribal Technologic Guarachero, u Daft Punk!


Daft Punk – Technologic (Sheeqo Beat remix)

Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – The Truth Learned







“Let me tell you the truth. The truth is what is, and what should be is a fantasy. A terrible, terrible lie that someone gave to the people long ago.” – Lenny Bruce

As my hero above profoundly and deeply stated, what is is the truth and what should be simply doesn’t matter because it isn’t. I can go on and on about what this means with many examples (and have many times) but I’d rather add to it instead. I wish to add the truth about seeking what COULD be instead of wasting time in depression over what should be. What could be can be addressed at any moment in time when we are dissatisfied with what is. It can be a positive decision to make things closer to the way we want them in our lives, it can be a motivational plan or thought of how we wish to expand on an idea or even business, or it can be a positive/negative thought about how things could be worse and how lucky we truly are to be what we are and where we are.

I wish to expand on the motivational approach to what could be. Without wasting anymore time drowning in the what should be I’d rather focus on where we are and where we can go. I’ve had several conversations this week dealing with what could be. Dealing with immigration, economics, but most closely to this blog and what I want to address most here, getting people exposed to and interested in nu cumbia and all the other underground future sounds. As I’ve mentioned in a recent post, I among others have been desperately trying to make a scene for nu cumbia and the like here in Phoenix. And it is a continuing struggle. The people want top 40. We (my friends and I) have made a strong standing decision to never put ourselves back in the top 40 world and instead wish to focus on the music we feel passionate about. In the states believe it or not we really aren’t that open to new ideas. Just south and north of the border there are parties we wish we could have here. It’s odd that the “New World” and “Land of the Free” is so opposed to new things. It might be our corporate mentality. Who knows? But we keep struggling and keep fighting because I see a future where the music can truly bring the world’s cultures together breaking down walls while keeping respectful to the traditions. I know it can happen here because I see it coming from all over the world. Matthew Mansfield of Piper St. Sound in Atlanta, Georgia knows what I mean as he pushes for this ideology in the south east at the same time as me in the south west. Basically I’m saying we’re fighting to make this scene bigger for the US so when all of you from other countries wish to come here to tour you will be greatly accepted. I’m also saying I’m proud of the rest of you around the world who read this blog. I’m proud of what you all accomplish and hope the US will join you soon.

What could be? A world of respect and love for all the music the many diverse cultures offer.

Take this week to think of what else COULD be and find the motivation to turn what could be into what is.

DJ Javier Estrada and Mama Testa (Adrian Mendez) are prime examples of musical pioneers. Coming both from Mexico with deep respect for the roots (especially Javier as we’ve seen so much of in the past) they both push forward with innovations that both move me and excite my senses. This is a deep one from them consisting of a sound I hope to hear more of in the future.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Always deep and smooth is the sound that comes from producer Dany F another innovator of nu cumbia with his minimalist style

[soundcloud url=”″]

Black Mandingo appears again this week under the Sub Klub label. Sub Klub releases some great tunes from many artists as well as keeps up with an informative blog. This is a true nu cumbia with strong emphasis on the word “nu.”

[soundcloud url=”″]

Erick Rincon has been dropping tons of 3ball as you all most likely know. This week a new video featuring Erick and Los Primos de Durango was released. This is great this is what I hope to see more of in the future.

Steve Tellco came out with this smooth jam recently. Yet another innovative nu cumbia with new comer to the cumbia world Sam the Eagle.

[soundcloud url=”″]


Remixes and edits this week are really diverse. First off I’ve the new track from DJ Pika with his Daft Punk (Nintendo) cumbia remix.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Remixes of Manu Chao almost seem to be expected. With that being said I’ve yet to be disappointed. Here is a good new example from Orale Style. I like this remix more than the original to be honest with you.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Chico Sonido dropped this instrumental edit of Los Daddys. I’m not sure why it took me this long to hear it and post it here but I’m glad I did.

[soundcloud url=”″]

A big tune this week came from the three dj collective La Typica Sound System in Bogota. Well titled My Style Cumbiero is a remix by member Luigi Sound Selectah.

[soundcloud url=”″]

I’m happy to post another remix here by my friend Rafael Aragon. He brought his unique sound that I can always recognize as his to WEPA members Will Eede and Self Evident’s track. Rafael always shows the artist he remixes tremendous respect with his incredible style and approach.

[soundcloud url=”″]

That’s it this week and I leave you with some homework. Ponder about what could be so we can make this world even more awesome.

Anyone who wants to talk to me about the Lenny Bruce quote please feel free as I love to talk deeply about the truth.

Best regards cumbieros!

MS7: Timberism goes 3ball + Much more 3ball!!

ismo 7

Barcelona’s keen Dj.. EL TIMBE is BACK!!!!

He drops his TIMBERISM again!!

This time folcore’s dee jay moves from Barcelona to Mexico…Wiping everything in between… specially sweet sixteen girls who are in love with Javier Estrada, Sheeqo, Erick, and all these guys who are in this amazing Timberism!!

Timberism – Ismo nº7 (3Ball Session) by eltimbe

1- intro
2 – Yelram Selectah – Tribabylon
3 – Victor Magan & Francesc Sentis – Makumbaue (Sheeqo Beat Remix)
4 – Tapon – Esto Es Con Feeling (Sheeqo Beat & Erick Rincon Remix)
5 – Schlachthofbronx – Mad Instrument (Erick Rincon 3ball Mty Remix)
6 – LMFAO – Miami Bitch (Sheeqo Beat Remix)
7 – Jason Rivas – Black Moon (Sheeqo Beat Remix)
8 – Dj Otto – Al Ritmo De 1-2-3-4
9 – Dj Otto – Cadereando remix 3.o
10 – Dj Otto – Cumbia Orisaoco (original mix 09)
11 – Erick Rincon – Loituma (3ball Experimented)
12 – Erick Rincon & Sheeqo Beat – Kink
13 – Dj Mouse – El Saxofon (Rework Mix)
14 – DJ MacS – El Sonido Costeño
15 – Dj Javier Estrada – Samba Mi Negra
16 – Dj Javier Estrada – Nixochime
17 – Dj Javier Estrada – Acordeon Prehispanico
18 – Dj Daazteer – Malianteotribal
19 – Julius Sylvest – ¡Caramba!
20 – Erick Rincon – Todos A Bailar (Original Mix)
21 – Yelram Selectah – Bam Bam (Tribal Refix)
22 – Dj Roy – La Flor De Los Principes Prehispanicos
23 – Dj Otto Feat. Dj Tetris – Flow 212 (Exclusivo 3Ball Monterrey)
24 – Outro

Epic Release!! case you want more 3ball tunes..

These are the only two FREE left on Javier Estrada soundcloud.. so GRAB THEM before there are none!!

This guy is on fire!!
Dj Javier Estrada Feat The Knight Cats – Que Mala Luz by djjavierestrada

Dj Javier Estrada – Guaracha Full by djjavierestrada

Yelram selectah drops these beauties!!
Scary monsters and nice sprites (monstruo guarachero EDIT REFIX) by yelram selectah

one more banger from G6
Like a g6 (raverstep refix) by yelram selectah

WTF is 3Ball huarachero? we asked Erick, Sheeqo, and Javier Estrada!!

Wazzup putos!!! (as you would be called in Texas)!!! Here’s a post about 3ball!!!

3Ball’s perception is very different all over the planet, more clubs and radio stations are getting attention from the tribal huarachero, but there’s a difference from the perception of producers from Monterrey, Mexico DF, Austin, Dallas and some other places in Texas AND European or North American (gringos) tribal huarachero producers.

If you Google Ricardo Reyna, DJ MOUSE, Chelito Mix, DJ T3S, DJ Tetris, ALAN ROSALES, Dj antena you’ll find some examples of the roots of Tribal huarachero, and if you see how their music has evolved from the beginning of Tribal (with flutes, heavy drums, guaracha, maracas, and tons of dance, techno, goa beats) to a more electronic, less pre hispanic sounds!!

So here’s what used to be dropped at first!!

Dj Mouse

And Here’s a late 2010 Ricardo Reyna rmx..

Now.. Like what happened with the earliest stage of reaggetton; Tribal used to have a very repetitive pattern, usually a 4/4 and beats btw 120 and 130 bpm..

til the new kings arrived….Erick, and Javier Estrada worked together in 2006, but then Sheeqo came into the scene obviously having their own background and influences which altered and polarized the tribal scene, not only in MX but also it made it more accessible for global bass ears, although at the same time, it sent a HUGE portion of tribal even more underground.

And these guys who can not make it to the big blogs also had their own influences..and the public they play too..

So I asked Erick Rincon:

How did you guys started in tribal?

Erick Rincon: Before 3ball gurchero, Sheeqo Beat and I produced electro-house and latin-House.

Do you guys think you have a certain “style” different than the other 3ball Dj’s?

Erick: Well. I can not say we have a signature, as we all have very different styles, 3ball MTY is a crew, not just 3 dj’s, and Otto, Sheeqo, and Erick have different styles

Sheeqo loves Latin stuff, specially latin house.

Otto loves Dutch-house and Minimal house.

I am more of an Electro and cumbianchero (cumbia lover).

How did you started doing 3ball?

Erick: Sheeqo and I, were not doing so well with electro-house, besides it was impossible not to dig 3ball..every time we went to some friend’s party 3ball was there!!

So when we arrived home we came with tons of 3ball ideas, we did keep the synth and loops, just that we wanted to have a different base, more cumbiambera, heavier basslines, tropical congas, guarachas and shakers!!!

So here’s an example of their early stuff:

And now here’s an example of Sheeqo’s evolution..this mega banger is my personal favorite 3ball tune, so far.
Ghetto Funk Baby (Sheeqo Beat VS High Rankin Mix) – Rico Tubbs by Sheeqo Beat

So 3ball obviously has a different perception from the public in Europe, North America and Mexico.

GB: What is the Mexican perception about tribal guarachero?

Sheeqo Beat: Tribal guarachero here in my town, is “suited” by certain people, it is for lower class people or kids, although most of the people still find it disgusting!

However, people are different everywhere, last time I went to Mexico Federal District to a place called Rhodesia Social Club in an event called NAAFI, people who were there loved 3BALL ! and they were all adults!!

One of the things I like most is that we have always handled the 3ball for people who are underage, they are between 12 to 16 years old, but this genre is slowly getting more respected from older crowds and that’s what excites me!, I think gradually Guarachero and 3ball will be more enjoyable for people who think that it is a genre that should have never existed.

So to contextualize what kind of public

Here’s a video!!! El que no brinque es puto!!

And to show you how different are the backgrounds of underground 3ball dj’s here’s..
I am going to do a versus…

DJ Manchas ( a more classic approach of 3ball..repetitive..)

Vs 3ball MTY

So finally.. we have a guy who gets in btw these two worlds!!!

He keeps the real tribal pre hispanic roots and pushes to the 3ball mty global bass boundarie!!

Generation Bass new signing, Javier Estrada!!

Doing some of his Prehispanic feat Dj Cobra

Dj Javier Estrada Ft Dj Cobra- Ritmos Prehispanicos (Original) by djjavierestrada

also North American sounds

Dj Javier Estrada – Crazy Indian by djjavierestrada

to moombahcore!!

Demooo Dj Javier Estrada – Fucked Up Cobra (finish )check minute .50 by djjavierestrada

So I finally asked Javier

GB: what is your definition of huarachero?

Javier Estrada:

Huarache is a type of shoe that campesinos used to wear..

Somehow it is also a term to the sound flip flops do when you walk, so this music, huarachero, is the music that makes you “huarachear”.. to jump, to move your feet, to feel part of the roots, but also to be in the present, part of a community.

Puta’s Javier new video

Musica Donum Dei (Caballo’s highlights Tribalism 2010)

Musica Donum Dei is a series of posts that I (Caballo) do every December and the result are my highlights for 2010.
One of the greatest genres we covered entirely was the 3ball revival!!! so this post is TRIBALISM!!!
Moombahton and Mambo violento are getting stronger and more accepted in the “radio” so i decided to do the Donum Dei more 3ball oriented, but for sure there are tracks in where you can feel the influence of both, or even more genres.
As i always say it is not a “the best of” necessarily; because it’ll be totally unfair with hundreds of producers, djs and artists who dropped amazing tracks during 2010..

Let’s start with NY’s wicked producer DJ REAGANOMICS and a song from ALGERIA!!

Electro-cumbia d’algiere (AF) by dj reaganomics
10 Tribabylon (threeball REMIX!) by Yelram Selectah
Tribabylon (threeball REMIX!) by yelram selectah
09 Canadian- NYrican Uproot Andy drops El Puchi Lockoff (5to Elemento vs Chimpo)
El Puchi Lockoff (5to Elemento vs Chimpo) by Uproot Andy
08 !Caramba! was one of the songs UMB posted that blew my mind!!!!
¡caramba! by Julius Sylvest
07 Our own Canalh!!! before writing about cumbia for generationbass was dropping amazing tribalmerenguecumbia
Ciclon del Caribe – Afrodita Vs G Flux (Canalh RMX) by Canalh [kanaj]
06 This one is perhaps one of the best releases in 2010!!!
BICHO DE LUZ by Frikstailers

Bicho de Luz (Version Tucu Tucu) by FRIKSTAILERS
05 Erick Rincon made his apparence on this countdown..straight to number 5!!
Amantes Guaracheros (Original Mix) – Erick Rincon by Remezcla
04 Sabbo!!! what can we add, that hasn’t been said about one of the best in every single genre.. you name it.. he’s done and killed it!!!
Me Tarzan You Jane by Sabbo
03 One that UMB posted and made me realize how wicked tribal can be!!
Garra de Jaguar
Dj Javier Estrada – Garra de Jaguar (Mexico Prehispanico) by djjavierestrada
02 I had the privilege of getting an Exclusive interview with this kid!!! and he gave us his 3 most banger tunes for FREE
Sheeqo Beat!!
Macumba (Sheeqo Beat Remix) – Hinojosa & Zambrano Ft. David Quijada by Sheeqo Beat
01 who else!!! but Dominican prodigy boy!!
Munchi!! let’s say: he Dropped THE TUNE!!!
Datsik – Firepower (Munchi Moombahcore Rmx) by Munchi

AND also sickest 3ball of 2010!!
Munchi – Skrillex Es Un Montro by Munchi

Ghetto Bassquake debut:FRAUDIAN SLIP!!

fraudian slip
Great News for us!! and I mean the Global Bass community!!

Ghetto Bassquake label releases a debut KILLAH!!!

MAN!! this is absolutely AMAZING!!! Each one of them is a B A N G E R!!!!

Best part is they are giving one tune for FREE!!!



Full Digital release on itunes etc.. 24th Sept. Limited Edition 7″ Vinyl to follow.
Official Release Promo
The Hackney Empire are taking over the world with the unique Afro-pop sound of The New Electric High-Life. Led by A.J. Holmes, this 6 piece are the ultimate Afro party disco machine. They leave no ass unshaken, and regularly incite frantic chaos on the dancefloor. The band have played support to David Byrne, and regularly collaborate with some of London’s finest African musicians from Palm Wine legend Abdul Tee-Jay, to Nigerian grime star Afrikan Boy.

‘Fraudian Slip’, produced by Radioclit (M.I.A., The Very Best, Amadou & Mariam) is the debut release on Ghetto Bassquake. The single is a raucous energetic track featuring vocals from Secousse’s resident MC, the Congolese Mic terror, Kastro.

Remixes come from Chief Boima, Uproot Andy, Moroka & DJ Erick Rincon.
Here are some initial DJ reactions:

‘The Erick Rincon rmx is a freaking bomb’ – DJ Tron (Radioclit)

‘Awesome’ – Poirier

‘A Grade-A Feelgood BANGER’ – The Fader

‘I fucking love it!! wow and a hot remix package too’ – Sinden

‘Really digging this!’ – Valeo (Maslacism)

‘This music is superb!’ DJ Orion (Peligrosa)

‘Love the whole release’ – Isa GT


Fraudian Slip feat. Kastro – long mix
Fraudian Slip feat. Kastro – 7″ Mix
Fraudian Slip feat. Kastro – Erick Rincon Tribal Guarachero Remix
Fraudian Slip feat. Kastro – Chief Boima Remix
Fraudian Slip feat. Kastro – Uproot Andy Remix
Fraudian Slip feat. Kastro – Moroka Babash Remix