Great new EP released on the brilliant Intechill by Liquid Stranger. This showcasing more of his down-tempo side with 5 tracks of cosmic hallucinogenic bliss.

Kind of like Pink Floyd for the Progressive Electronic Generation [P.E.G.] – this really is the embodiment of Space Bass.

Go and grab it over at Bandcamp, put on your SpaceSuit and get in your SpaceShip and begin your journey into Space Bass!




Our relationship with Liquid Stranger goes back to the beginning days of this blog but he’s actually been making music since the 90’s.

He had a remix featured on our innovative and futuristic Dubstep compilation “Generation Bass Presents Transnational Dubstep”, which still sounds years ahead of its time, even today.

He first came to my attention in 2009 via the Six Degrees Label and his remix of Bombay Dub Orchestra’s “Journey”, which kicked off my infamous “India Calling” Mixtape.  That track blew my mind because it was taking Dubstep to another dimension that was little known at that time, the Transnational Dimension!

Then I heard his second album for the Interchill label “The Intergalactic Slapstick” and that confirmed to me that we had encountered a very special and unique but unassuming and shy talent.  If you have not checked out that album, I would encourage you to do so because it is a “Masterpiece”.  It displays all the intricacies of a real album made by a real musician and not just a producer tinkering with some music making software.

His Dubstep remixes brought him to the attention of “the” label at that time, “Rottun” where he joined the ranks of some of the most influential Dubstep producers on that side of that pond, Datsik, Excision, Downlink and many more.  His sound became a lot more ferocious as a result but he became a huge figurehead within that scene.

However, he never forgot those who he worked with prior to his sudden but deserved rise in the Dubstep scene and he continued to make ambient albums for Intechill to keep his musical & emotive side alive.

To this very day he continues to be at the cutting and leading edge of the Bass music scene.  I have no doubt that a new chapter in his musical career is about to unfold following his mega “Infusion” mix which he dropped a few days ago .  On that mix he displayed his new Multi-Genre approach where Trap, Dubstep, Dancehall, Hip Hop and everything else nestles side by side and he covered a multitude of artists from Rihanna, Kraftwerk, The Police through to one of my faves, The Cocteau Twins all edited or remixed in that Liquid Stranger stylee.

It’s  a huge honour for us to have him back on these hallowed pages twice this week and this time he’s back with his Top 10 tracks.

This list will provide many of you with a sterling education into music, it is a fantastic list containing so many innovative artists and hidden gems inlcuding some of my faves (Bladerunner).

List & commentary by Liquid Stranger.

Tangerine Dream – The Dream is always the Same

Early inspiration from the analogue masters.

Aphex Twin – Flim

Amazing melodies from the Don of electronica.

DJ Shadow – Six Days

One of my absolute favorite DJs / producers of all time – super diverse master of sonics.

Data – Fallout

Kraftwerk on steroids!

Future Sound of London – Cascade

FSOL were so far ahead of their time. Their album Lifeforms was revolutionary when it came out and still remains fresh to this day.

Vangelis – Rachel’s Song

Harmonic perfection. Vangelis music has an uncanny ability to pierce straight into my heart without interference from any intellectual filters.

Johnny Cash – Redemption Day

Originally a Cheryl Crow tune, and Cash turned it into a haunting masterpiece.

Squarepusher – Bleep Street

Masterful combo of electronica, jazz and d&b.

Dimitri from Paris – Une Very Stylish Fille

Original and unmatched.

Rob Hubbard – C64 Computer Game Music

Every electronic musician will name drop Afrika Bambaataa, and Jarre as the originators of electronic dance music – but the music from the early video games is definitely my number 1 inspiration.






I said this before, a few weeks ago and I’m gonna say it again!!!

This new Liquid Stranger album is DA BOMB!

One of the best things I’ve heard all year, thus far.

It’s on the Interchill label and so it’s his more musical offering as opposed to the festival slayer material that he does for Rottun.

I have NOT stopped playing this album and my absolute fave track is TOTEM, glorious arabian vybz, total bliss!

Here’s a preview:

Liquid Stranger – The Arcane Terrain Mashup by interchill

Grab a free track:

Liquid Stranger – Bombaclaad Star by interchill


The legendary Demotivational Dubstep Jesus contest, synced with Harold Camping’s inaccurate prediction of the Rapture.

Best entry wins signed CD copies of my 3 albums on Interchill.

Create a demotivational poster using the ‘Dubstep jesus’ picture.

Post your submission as a photo on my wall.

You can make the poster here:


May 28, 2011


Now here’s some PR:

Album Information

Liquid Stranger returns to Interchill loaded with two heavy hitting albums for 2011. The Arcane Terrain, unleashed in May, obliterates the boundaries separating dubstep, grime, dub, breaks, hip hop and outernational crunkadelica. The Renegade Crusade, out in September, takes aim at DJ’s and lovers of bass music with stripped down mixes, instrumentals and significantly more dirt and grime than its predecessor.

Stylistically, The Arcane Terrain picks up the thread from the Stranger’s recent releases on Interchill – The Intergalactic Slapstick and The Steel Trap EP – and continues down the meandering path of bass laden revelry. With collaborative input from Heavyweight Dub Champion on 2 tracks, this album features impeccable vocal contributions from Sterolion, A.P.O.S.T.L.E, Killah Priest and the legendary hip hop mastermind KRS One.  MC Zulu also steps up to the mic to throw down his own brand of lyrical science on the finely toasted growler “Timeless” and on the laid back riddim of “Vigilante”. To round it out there are several organic elements and layers of evocative atmospheres scattered throughout, which give the LP the distinctive Interchill flavour that fans have come to love since the first Liquid Stranger album, The Invisible Conquest. And if that isn’t enough to whet the appetite for low end yearnings, the final touches to The Arcane Terrain come courtesy of Tipper who lent his well-tuned ears to the mastering process.

The Arcane Terrain forges new ground in the unfolding odyssey of a wandering bass mystic. With plenty of impact and groove to slay any dancefloor, it also works well as an everyday listening album. Turning it up a notch, the soon-to-follow companion album, The Renegade Crusade, promises to deliver a healthy taste of the Liquid Stranger live sound and will quickly find its rightful place in the secret stash pocket of the most discerning of DJ’s. Taken together, this double-barreled dose of protean sonic mayhem drops bass in your face like Galileo dropped the orange. Keep an open mind and let gravity do the rest.

Liquid Stranger embarks on the Renegade Crusade Tour this summer in support of the new albums.  Watch for a stop at a sound system near you.

Artist Profile

Traveling the uncharted terrains of sound, Liquid Stranger’s creative output spans a wide range of electronic music in all of its colours and shades. Always pushing the sonic boundaries and merging genres, he consistently creates an ever-evolving blend of unique atmospheres and cutting edge grooves.

The Liquid Stranger has been working professionally with music since 1996 and has released over 50 titles under various pseudonyms in that time. He used to DJ for Breaks FM in London and has worked with numerous record labels including; Dragonfly, Botchit & Scarper, Six Degrees, Hope Recordings, Ministry of Sound, Spirit Zone, Muti Music, Rottun Recordings and Interchill.

With 4 highly acclaimed full-length albums under his Liquid Stranger moniker, this multi-talented producer has established himself as the epitome of trans-national dubstep, covering everything from Latin, Asian, Eastern European and Jamaican Dancehall dubs. His first two albums, ‘The Invisible Conquest’ and ‘The Intergalactic Slapstick’ (Interchill 2007 & 2009), generated a substantial buzz with DJs and listeners alike while his next two albums, ‘The Private Riot’ and ‘Mechanoid Meltdown’ (Rottun Recordings 2010) made a firm imprint in the dubstep community worldwide, topping the download charts for over a month. With several additional remixes bearing his signature touch, the Liquid Stranger sound is in high demand as it continues to reach increasingly wider audiences.

Performing live, the Stranger has a passion for the unexpected and hits the stage with a stash bag full of devastating dance-floor monsters. Using custom built analogue gear to remix his tunes in real-time, he delivers an energetic and infectious performance unique to every show. Major gigs to date include such world renowned festivals like; Voov Experience, Boom Festival, Roskilde, Samothraki, Vortex and Club Boom to name a few. At the moment, he is one of the most sought-after US-based dubstep producers and is in constant demand from coast to coast.


05/27 – Hollywood, CA – The Music Box

06/04 – San Francisco, CA – The Factory

06/10 – Boston, MA – Boat Party in Boston Harbor

06/25 – Kansas City, MO – Midland Theater

06/26 – Las Vegas, NV – Electric Daisy Carnival


dimmSummer presents: SUBcontinental BASS!

The next step in Transnational Dubstep vibes come from High Chai Recordings with ‘dimmSummer presents: SUBcontinental BASS’.

dimmSummer says this: “I wanted to steer this mothership full-throttle ahead with like-minded producers and bass-Jedis on board. The comp had to find that perfect balance between grit and melody, whether in my earbuds or dropped in a set. Producers from around the planet brought their signature sound, complimenting each other as a whole, while pushing bass music boundaries forward.”

And I sum it like this: A dense fusion of global bass culture sounds & sensibilities where drums and arrangements are so cohesive it feels like one producer partnering with a guest for each track. Definitely a sign that this compilation is the messenger of a movement.

If you’re visually biased then a good intro is this promo video

dimmSummer presents: SUBcontinentalBASS from sankar sury on Vimeo.

But video or any mess of words you put to it don’t do it proper service… just listen to it!

dimmsummer presents: SUBcontinentalBASS by highchai

It Takes a nation of 2 Million To Hold us Back Volume II


[Artwork: (]

So back for Day 2, Volume II of the great Generation Bass Swindle.  We hope you enjoyed Day 1, Volume 1.

So yesterday we had xclusives from George Lenton, FLeCK, Diamond Bass, B.O.B and Boyfriend and a whole bunch of other stuff traversing the genres like a grasshopper suffering with ADHD!

Today, we got xclusives from Sabbo, Process Rebel, Flore, Broad Rush, SDP, Doma Tornados, Rafa from Frikstailers and Okulus’s NPO. Plus loads of other great tracks donated to us for this compilation by  a bunch of people who we totally <3!

Listen to some tracks here:

Raw (Flore MoombahRAWn remix) by Flore

Onyenze – Onwa Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix) by schlachthofbronx


Conceptualized, Compiled and Realized by Generation Bass – Vince & Umb.

Sequencing and Mastering by Vincent Koreman.

DOWNLOAD GB – It takes A Nation part II





It Takes a nation of 2 Million To Hold us Back

[a generation bass compilation, part II]

1. Onwa Nna Na Nwa (Schlachthofbronx Remix)

2. Sabbo – Change Riddim

3. Tatu – Not Gonna Get Us (Liquid Stranger Remix)

4. Celt Islam – Pressure

5. Bad Boy Bass (Process Rebel remix)

6. Flore – Raw (MoombahRAWn Remix)

7. Neki Stranac & Caballo – Punkass (this is some heavy shit)

8. Broad Rush – Morphine

9. Sidecar Tommy (Beats Antique) – Bangin Beauty

10. Puzzle – Cavtch

11. SDP vs Mr Sakitumi – Pacmanimals Cumbia

12. 3re & Pirate Pillager & Cabs – Rebelde(Rebellious Riddim)

13. Toten – Retina It (Doma Tornados Version)

14. Pan Agnostix Okulus Anomali & Herakles – Non Prophet Organization

15. Dj Rafa Caivano – the Salmon Cumbia

artwork credit: (

all tracks distributed FREE by

all tracks courtesy of the artists, support them!


The first DrumST3P Friday of this year. I think we’re going to see this genre grow and grow this year.

1. Liquid Stranger

2. WondaWulf

3. Figure

4. Stun Gun

5. Hot Mess

6. Rankdank Records

7. El Nomada

8. Atomic Dubstep

9. StatiQ Production

10. DrumST3P Competition


So let’s kick off with some DrumST3P by our mate Mr Liquid Stranger!


Hungary’s Wondawulf did that GREAT Fitzgerald/Funtcase remix last year, which was one of my fave Drumstep tracks of 2010.

He is is gonna let this one loose as a free download very soon and it’s another KILLA mega-monsta!.

Watch out for it!

12th Planet & Juakali – Reasons (Doctor P Remix) (Wondawulf Drumstep Boot) by Wondawulf


This dude is just the shiiit man!  I think he’s gonna be huge in 2011!

Figure – Have You Fucked Up (Punks Get Jumped) Free track courtesy of Bass Hound Records!

Support from Far Too Loud , Kanji Kinetic , Deathface , Kissy Sell Out , and Your Dirty Habit.

instrumental version coming soon along with a 130 edit

Figure – Have You Fucked Up (Punks Get Jumped) by Figure


I have no idea what relationship Lennon plays to this track cause he’s not in it.  Maybe he’s the psychadelic reference point for it!

Anyway good track man, grab it!

Stun Gun – LSD (FREE 320 IN DESCRIPTION) by Stun Gun


We didn’t win. We don’t f’n care. Bang this shit HARD!!!

That’s the spirit lads, too damn right!

Download here

Vaski – Jelly (Hot Mess Remix) [DL Link in Info] by Hot_Mess


Awesome track here by Mr Lorenz, check it out and here’s what his label say:

Rankadank Presents to you a new single by Steven Lorenz and to celebrate the release, the founder of Rankadank ‘ConRank’ is giving away his
banging bootleg remix of the dancefloor anthem Reset!

Released on 19th December this dark blend of searing percussion and
booming bass is sure to keep everyone moving!

Inspired by his brother, Lorenz started working on tunes from the age of 14. This was a range that spanned from minimal techno, all the way to electro and dubstep.  By the age of 18 he had found himself playing in the biggest clubs across Asia and things escalated from there.

His latest release ‘Bottle Bong’ will take dubsteppers to a whole new
world, his blend of dark soundscapes meets perfectly with an incredible
percussion element, reminiscent of early squarepusher or aphex twin but
only now in a modern and heavy dubstep element.

It is a song that can inspire both old electronic heads as well as modern
day dubsteppers and has been turning heads on dance floors all over the
far east.

With this release Steven Lorenz is now breaking out of Asia and showing
the world what he has got.

Rankadank Records aims to bring you the freshest sounds combing all the
best elements of urban culture from Shanghai to London.

Be prepared for more releases very soon!!

Steven Lorenz ft. Esia – Bottle Bong (OUT NOW! juno, itunes, amazon etc) by Rankadank Records

Grab the RESET track HERE!


Mudaphuking ghetto gansta shit

Makemsayuhhh by el nomada


Sounds like Liquid Stranger, Rottun Crew!

Atomic – Missile [WIP] by Atomic Dubstep

StatiQ Production

Watch out for this guy this year!

My name is Rick Mitchell, stage name: StatiQ Dj and I represent the dub step/ drum and bass and break beat world. My childhood was revolved around music, in almost every aspect. My father was a radio Dj with music knowledge that gave scholars a challenge.(Jordan Mitchell). My oldest brother has a band by the name ” Katagory V” and has been studying music/theory for over 2 decades, making him one of my personal favorite music writers.

Production has become an overwhelming hobby that has consumed my music soul. I produce dub-step/mid-tempo/drum and bass and anything with a broken beat. I have made multiple remixes not for club but to show respect to those artists that inspired me to put music at my for-front.

My new productions are unsigned and always breaking boundaries on what can be/should be or shouldn’t be used in electronic music. 

Last Dance with Mary-Jane (ReAmp mix) by StatiQ Production

Lets make Dirty Music ( Master)(unsigned) by StatiQ Production


Just a reminder, head over to DrumST3P Forum and Please go HERE 2 VOTE.

Be quick cause voting ends on 16.01.2011!

Here are the FINALISTS. production contest entry 1 by drumstepforum production contest entry 2 by drumstepforum production contest entry 3 by drumstepforum


Excellent DUB release here from Urban World Records featuring an almighty Liquid Stranger Dubstep remix and also a killa Tropical remix by NYC’s DJ Sabo.

Take a listen and download 1 free track too:

LoveAvalanche ft Mc BenJammin – More Love, Less Corruption by UrbanWorld Records

Official Spiel:

Ya rasta man, more love to tha world, help the bad man make less corruption.

UrbanWorld goes dub with the new EP by LoveAvalanche ft Mc BenJammin, a word to the world to fend off corruption and make more love. There is a dub version for the headphones and an extended version for the dance-floor.

Dub these days are almost synonym with step, so we invited Liquid Stranger to treat it with wobble bass and snarling synths. And for the tropical dance floor we are happy to have Sabo giving the track an undiluted tropical house feeling.


Welcome back to part 2.

This is NOT  a best of but just a subjective Umb selection from 2010!



This actually came out in 2009 but I only “fully” discovered it in 2010 following my trip to South Africa.  So for me it’s one of the best albums of this year and one of my all time fave dance albums too!

Better late than never!


One of the best Dance albums of the year, if not THE BEST!

RAW – the Album by Flore


Next Level Shiit!


We celebrated reaching 1 MiLLION visitors and gave away this, one of the most UNIQUE Cumbia albums you’re ever gonna hear.

Our resident Cumbia artist, Sonido Del Principe, just invented “Transnational Cumbia”!


-all that she wants cumbia
-cumbia triste
-dabke cumbia
-daniel peixoto cumbia
-dear mamita (2pac remix)
-get hi cumbia edit
-hydro riddim refixx (stereotyp remix)
-inztrumentz cumbia dub
-islamabad cumbia
-la curura crushed cumbia
-luomo dub
-middle eastern cumbia
-uh dub


2 albums in 2010 and 2 mega Dubstep killers on Rottun!


Amazing, amazing, amazing!

Again might have been re-issued in 2009 but I don’t care it’s still great in 2010.


Def, one of the comp’s of the year, juicy dancefloor tunage!

AYOBANESS by OuthereRecords


Sublime and beautiful!  Like that “sunshine” in The Graduate!

Shrift – Yes I Love You by SixDegreesRecords


A terrific anniversary celebration!

Zombie Disco Squad – Dança Do Zumbi by MANRECORDINGS

‘Shangaan Electro: New Wave Dance Music From South Africa’



I’ve been bigging up our matey, Liquid Stranger, ever since Bob Duskis from Six Degrees introduced me to him, a while back.   We did countless features on him and then started seeing loads of other blogs catching on to him too!  I mean we’re even mentioned in Wikipedia as describing him as the “Epitome of Transnational Dubstep”!

I always wondered back then WHY was this dude not BIG because his production was slick and his ideas were unique and his dubstep even back then was quality, quality stuff, in fact, some of the best around.  However, he was not getting the sort of credit he richly deserved from the Dubstep community.

However, all of that seems now to have changed and that makes me a very happy man.  Ever since he signed to Rottun, Liquid Stranger’s reputation has just sky-rocketed and he’s all over the Beatport Top 10 Dubstep chart and getting loads of love from the hardcore dubstep merchants who usually specialize in FILTH!

You know it’s successes like this that drive me to continue blogging cause trust me on many occasions I have just wanted to give it all up and get back to my normal life lol!  But you know when you hold a belief about an artist and then you see it materialize, it makes it all worthwhile and continues to drive things forward!

So here’s to the continuing success of Liquid Stranger.

I don’t think he has even begun to show anything near the maximum of his capabilities yet, so just keep your eye on him!

Excision & Datsik vs Liquid Stranger – Swagga With My Grandma by liquid stranger

GRAB this unbelievable track HERE