Sexxy Saturday Cumbia – El Guero’s Gay Moment

If you’re like me when you find yourself driving very long distances (like 15+ hours) with no one to talk to, you end up going insane looking into your life. For me that was scary, I don’t want to come face to face with myself. For those who don’t know what it is like, imagine living in the past, Read more [...]


So we’re gonna be trawling through our archives to find what we consider to be some of our classic posts, which should highlight just how influential we might have been in the past 4 years!!I think the first time ever the 3ball MTY dudes appeared on the net/blogosphere.  Of course Toy Selelctah Read more [...]


[Thanks 2 my Italian sis' Monica-ca-ca-ca for the image]MonStePPers!1. AlexisK2. Co-Captain3. Paranoise Collission4. Defemate5. Th0r Music6. Toro 437. Titch Beats8. Steve Glen9. Madeline Puckette10. Maribou State11. Blunt Instrument12. Snafu13. Sheeqo Beat14. Unity HiFi15. Read more [...]


Latest release from Coco Bass Records and includes great remixes by a host of our favourite underground producers including Sheeqo Beat who drops some 3ball madness.About time we had some Spanish on here and so get out your google Translate:1987 - El 14 de Marzo, en la cuidad de Chula Vista, nace Read more [...]

Like a G6!!

I had forgotten how much i liked that song!!! but pretty much i love much more the remixes!!! reading Generationbass i saw that UMB posted it here on Dubstep monday a song from my friends from LA, The Rockstars , they showed to me a while ago..and it was a BANGER!! but i never posted it.. Now i came Read more [...]

GB Exclusive: SHEEQO BEAT (interview + Tracks)

Yes!!! FREE TUNES and a dope interview with one of the most explosive and young producers from 3ball!Early this year we covered all that 3ball under scene that was cooking in Mexico, which it is still very ghetto in some way in the Aztec country, but super popular outside of it!!Outsiders can feel Read more [...]


This is why Dubstep is so great, because of it's ability to effortlessly mutate and fuse with most other genres/sub-genres!Here's the brilliant Sheeqo Beat taking Tribal Guarachero to the NEXT LEVEL...please more.........!!!!Ghetto Funk Baby (Sheeqo Beat VS High Rankin Mix) - Rico Tubbs by Sheeqo Read more [...]


Here's some new blood that I (Caballo) feels will make an impact on the scene:Xanda: This kid is Dope!! i will be adding this kid to my Dubstep Favs..Hasta Luego!! ¡hasta luego by XandaDubstep AJ-1f Dubstep AJ-1f (as yet unnamed) by XandaReggae-Step!!! Jam Band Caravan - Holy Land (Xanda Read more [...]

Free Tribal Guarachero EP by 3Ball MTY!

This just came in right now from my good brother Toy Selectah and so I just had to get it up right nowww, know what I'm sayin'!Plus, it's only Generation Bass and Mad Decent who have got the exclusive to this and each with a different free track to give-away 🙂Here's what Toy has to say:We are Read more [...]